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Zoo In Austin: Witness Natural Beauty With Your Family!

A zoo always holds a special place in the hearts of kids. No childhood is complete without visiting a park full of animals, birds, and flora. If you have a family, or if you are simply a nature lover, then this blog will help you know about Zoo in Austin, a very popular zoological park among locals and tourists. Here you will find a variety of beautiful animals that you can capture with your camera. Kids will surely gonna enjoy it here and learn a lot about animals.

Found southwest of the Barton Creek Habitat Preserve, the Austin Zoo is a family-accommodating experience. Open all year, the creature sanctuary and rescue houses like 300 animals of 100 unique species. Highlighting taking care of the region, a train ride, and normal instructive demonstrations, children and grown-ups the same will appreciate visiting the zoo near Austin TX.

Zoo In Austin: Explore Exotic Animals

Zoo In Austin: Explore Exotic Animals

Founded in 1999 as a goat farm and animal rescue, the Austin zoo works as a 501(c)(3) charitable in the slopes of west Austin. The zoo in Austin is a sanctuary giving consideration and rehab to exotic animals, resigned zoos, and exploration animals, and that’s just the beginning. Get to know a portion of the exotic species underneath:

  • Mammals: Meet different mammals who call Austin home, including three youthful wild bears who were rescued and rehabilitated by staff.
  • Big Cats: Get up near lions and tigers to get more familiar with their situations with jeopardized species.
  • Birds: Find exotic bird species and watch for the peacocks and chickens meandering the zoo grounds.
  • Primates: Watch monkeys, lemurs, and marmosets associate while attempting to identify every species!
  • Domestic Animals: The longhorn isn’t simply any variety of steers in Texas, it’s a wellspring of pride. Snap a photo of this notable creature while visiting the zoo.
  • Native Texas Wildlife: Get out your amplifying glass and look at the more modest life forms living at the zoo! From insects and reptiles to birds and butterflies, look carefully for these native Texas species.
  • Reptiles and Amphibians: Make certain to look at the Leucistic Texas Rodent Snakes, which are fundamentally found inside the Solitary Star State.

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Zoológico De Austin: Explore Nearby Attractions

Zoológico De Austin: Explore Nearby Attractions

With the exception of visiting a zoo in Austin, you can likewise anticipate a few energizing exercises nearby the zoo. We should find out about the attractions to appreciate with family:

Get A Train Ride

Bounce on a 20-minute train ride to take in the sights of the Texas Hill Country! The ride runs day to day, at normal spans from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tickets are $3 per person.

Get Ready For Picnicking Near Austin Zoo

Pack lunch and partake in the natural air during your visit. Outdoor tables are situated all over the Austin TX zoo grounds and a snack bar is accessible with snacks and shaved ice.

Visit The Austin Zoo Gift Shop

Attire and keepsakes are available to be purchased in the Austin Zoo Gift Shop! Visitors can buy Creature Nourishment for $3.00 to take care of animals (domestic).

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Austin Zoo Hours, Entry Fee, Parking, and More!

Austin Zoo Hours, Section Expense, Parking

The Austin Zoo hours (February 1 – October 31) are 9:30 am to 6 pm, every day (no permission after 5 pm). Throughout the colder time of year season (November 1 – January 31), the zoo shuts down at 5:30 p.m.

Discussing Austin zoo tickets, the general confirmation is $11.95 (grown-ups), $10.95 (students, military, and seniors 60+), $8.95 (youngsters), and $7.95 (part visitors). To buy Austin zoo tickets, either book in advance on the zoo website or in the gift shop upon arrival. You can likewise purchase an Austin zoo membership from that point!

Parking is totally free and you can park your vehicle on-site. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring your own bottle of water! Donations are valued here. Austin Zoo Address is 10808 Rawhide Trail, Austin, TX 78736, United States.

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You just learned about the zoo in Austin that features many species of animals. You also got to know about different amazing activities nearby. If you are crazy about capturing animals, just plan a trip here (or maybe with your family) and fall in love with nature!

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