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Voodoo Museum New Orleans: A Spooky Attraction To Experience!

New Orleans is well known for being mysterious and strange, and in a city of wide and varied tastes, the Voodoo Museum New Orleans will fit entirely on your list of must-dos in the event that you are wanting to investigate a few creepy spots in the city!

New Orleans historic voodoo museum is a little fascination, that welcomes its guests to encounter mysticism and the mysterious for almost 50 years. It was established in 1972 by Charles Massicot Gandolfo, a nearby artist enthusiastically for everything voodoo — his moniker could turn into “Voodoo Charlie.” Would you say you are Terrified?

Voodoo Museum New Orleans: Get Goosebumps!

Voodoo Museum New Orleans: Get Goosebumps

The Voodoo Museum New Orleans centers around what is ordinarily known as Louisiana Voodoo. The voodoo wizardry of New Orleans is a mixture of European and African impacts that mixed inside the social blend of the city. Initially got to the city in the mid-1700s through the African slave exchange, Louisiana Voodoo mixes together impacts from numerous cultures. It is one of the numerous manifestations of religions established in West African Vodun, with components of Louisiana’s Catholic and Francophone culture.

The belief of Louisiana Voodoo incorporates acknowledgment of one God, who doesn’t meddle in day-to-day existence, and otherworldly powers that do. These spirits can be caring or naughty, and supporters can interface with them through dance, music, and singing. Snakes are a typical theme in Louisiana Voodoo, as they address Legba, a profound course among paradise and earth.

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What To See At New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum?

What To See At New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

Plenty of interesting items and relics fill the Voodoo Museum New Orleans, including taxidermy, antique voodoo dolls, talismans, and the kneeling seat that once had a place with the popular Voodoo priestess Maria Laveau. As a voodoo priestess, her magical powers were unbelievable. Be that as it may, there might be one more clarification for her acclaim: She was reputed to run quite possibly of the most famous house of ill-repute in New Orleans.

Past its assortment, the New Orleans historic voodoo museum likewise makes things available for purchase, for example, snake skins, chicken feet, books, mixtures, and furthermore candles. Guests who need the full voodoo experience could have their fortune told by on-staff specialists.

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Voodoo Museum New Orleans Reviews

Voodoo Museum New Orleans Reviews

As per past visitors, the place is actually spooky and looks quite haunted. Some shared that they felt a kind of negative vibes around the area, while some said there is nothing like that at all! (We thought they are not weak-hearted).

Many visitors also suggested visiting the museum during the evening time to get a real spooky experience. Sunsets always contribute to a haunted/horror place, isn’t it?

Places Close to Voodoo Museum: Guests can likewise leave here for a visit through the St. Louis Cemetery.

Voodoo Museum New Orleans Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM (All days open)

Entry Fee: Children (age 12 & UNDER): $8, Adults (age 13 – 64): $10, High School/College Students: $8, Seniors (age 65+): $8, Military personnel: $8

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The voodoo museum in New Orleans is an interesting place to explore with your family and friends (if they are strong-hearted, hahaha). The place is nice to witness spooky objects, especially voodoo dolls. You better get ready for the nightmares after you come home! Do let us know in the comment section about how was your experience!

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