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Try These 15 Breathtaking Water Sports In Maldives

The Maldives is a stunning place to live the most memorable moments in life and has a variety of thrilling activities for visitors. One of them is water sports, which are loved by non-swimmers as well as swimmers. That’s why these sports attract adventurers in large numbers. If you’re a fan and you’re interested, it’s time to pack up your bags and head to the Maldives to take part in these thrilling and enjoyable water sports in the Maldives.

15 Surreal Water Sports In Maldives

Are you searching for the most exciting Maldives water sports? The beautiful island country has stunning beaches that offer thrilling water sports activities. Here’s a list of top water sports in the Maldives to experience during your trip to the gorgeous islands. Check out the list to learn more about each of the top ones!

1. Wakeboarding: To Satisfy Your Soul

Have you ever considered what the feeling of standing on a wave is like? Seriously did you ever imagine that? If you’ve thought about it, there’s good news! Wakeboarding is one of the activities which can help make it a reality. It’s among the most thrilling Maldives water sports that require being shackled to a rope as you stroll on the water. The thing that you require the most during the sport is to stay in a steady state. This is among the top water activities available in the Maldives.

The Best Time to Experience The Sport From April to October

Swimming: Highly recommended

Tip: Try to acquire an understanding of your center of gravity as well as how to maintain your balance.

Approximate Cost: USD 70 per person for starter lessons (30 minutes); USD 35 per person (for 10 minutes)

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2. Flyboarding: Water Sport Or Air Sport?

Discussing water sports in the Maldives without mentioning flyboarding is not possible. If you’re one of those willing to do something that everyone else is doing, and it isn’t risky (TBH), flyboarding is the right choice for you. It’s an extreme sport that was only invented recently. Flyboarding involves riding the flyboard, which is connected to a jet ski by a hose, and then sending it into the air. That’s the reason why it is one of the most sought-after water activities in the Maldives.

The Best Time to Experience The Sport The best time to experience the sport is from May to October

Swimming Is Not Required

Tips: If you’re an amateur, ensure that you’re wearing your safety gear and stay in a steady position since this is one of the riskiest Maldives adventure sports.

Estimated Cost: USD 150 to each person, for a beginner class (30 minutes) or USD 75 per ride for a professional tour (15 minutes)

3. Fun Tubing: Fun is in the Name Itself

Do we believe the name is enough to suggest something does it not? The very title of the sport has amusement and we don’t believe there is a need to enjoy the experience. Fun tubing is basically riding on an inflatable, non-powered tube that will take you across water at a rapid speed, unlike other water sports in the Maldives. The most exciting thing is that it’s a bumpy trip you can experience over the water. We guarantee this is worth the effort. It’s one of the most enjoyable Maldives water experiences.

The Best Time to Experience The Sport From April to October

Swimming is not required

Tip: Wear water shoes or your old shoes.

Cost Estimated: Around USD 130 for two people for 20 minutes

4. Parasailing: Fly High As Kite

One of the most enjoyable water sports in the Maldives which lets you escape the shackles and let your worries go for a time Parasailing provides you with an aerial view of the stunning country. As you’re in the air, you’ll be having the fun you’ve ever had. It is well-known that being suspended in the air using the aid of a parachute while secured and towed by a motorboat could be hazardous, but what’s life when you aren’t willing to take chances?

Best Time To Enjoy This Sport: The best time to enjoy this sport is from May to October

Swimming is not required

Tip: Check the weather beforehand and follow the instructions of your instructor with care as this is one of the most challenging water sports in the Maldives If not handled with care.

Cost Approximate: Around USD 90 per person for 10 minutes

5. Windsurfing: Go with the Wind

If you experience a water sport such as Windsurfing offers you the thrilling feeling of riding the cool breezes above the waves. You also can enjoy the ride through the waves. It’s true that windsurfing in the Maldives is likely to be the most enjoyable water sport on the island of Maldives when you reserve the particular resorts that offer the. If you don’t make a reservation through a resort, you’ll always be able to find your location if you inquire some more by talking with locals or hotel staff.

Best Time To Experience The Sport: May to October

Swimming Not required

Guidelines: If you’re a novice, it’s crucial to choose the best place in which you can be able to practice and learn in a safe manner.

The approximate cost is: NA

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6. Catamaran Sailing: A Delightful Adventure

This sport is sure to make you smile in the purest of ways and is considered to be one of the most enjoyable water sports that you can do in the Maldives. The blue water of Maldives will leave you in love again, more with nature. The beautiful ocean, and watching the stunning islands from afar with such peace are amazing in their own way.

The best time to Experience The sport: November to April

Swimming Not Required

Tip: Take a camera with you and don’t forget to capture those rare peaceful moments in your busy lives.

Cost Estimated: 70 – 90 USD per person

7. Kayaking: For A Fun Experience

Being able to enjoy doing this sport in the stunning water that is the turquoise ocean of Maldives provides a thrilling feeling to the soul. The experience of paddling your boat on your own and driving it through the middle of this huge ocean is a lot of fun. Therefore, look up the top places and purchase tickets and enjoy these water sports in the Maldives.

The best time to Experience The sport: April to October

swimming: Preferred

Tip: For two hours of kayaking on the ocean, you can take an at no cost. Ask about this with your instructor.

Estimated Cost: 30- 50 USD for each person

8. Snorkeling: Does It Really Need an Introduction?

Snorkeling Maldives is a sport that lets non-swimmers explore the secrets of the ocean. All you require are a snorkel and a mask. You will be able to see the true underwater depths as well as cover vast distances while swaying through the water. It is among the most enjoyable water activities to do in the Maldives.

The best time to Experience The sport: July to September

Swimming: Basics – floating and paddling.

Tip: You need not be an expert swimmer to go snorkeling. You can try floating in shallow waters if you’re afraid of swimming in the water.

The approximate cost is 75 USD/person for 2 hours

9. Kitesurfing for the Adrenaline Rush

Marazion, Cornwall, England

Imagine, how thrilling you be flying like kites over the skies and over the beautiful waters of Maldives. It surely brings great pleasure to those who love adventure and is an exciting water sport in the Maldives for adventurers.

The ideal time to Experience The sport: April to October

Swimming Not Required

Tip: Keep your eyes wide open and enjoy the rush.

Cost approximative: 60 – 90 USD per person for one hour

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10. Riding in Glass The Bottom Boats or Dinghies?

Have you ever considered that being on a boat in the vast ocean of deep blue and deep could be like walking across it? It is possible to observe stunning marine creatures and plants slithering across the water right beneath your feet! So, prepare for the ultimate experience while you cruise the glass-bottomed boat through Maldives waters.

The best time to Experience The sport: April to October

Swimming Not Required

Tip: Do not miss the beauty of any creature that is passing by beneath your boat.

Cost Estimated: It will cost about 30 USD.

11. Jet Skiing Speed The Thrills

The sport is regarded as one of the most sought-after sports in the Maldives due to the exhilarating experience and the incredible speed that it offers, as you glide across the ocean’s waters. It’ll provide you with an adrenaline rush and make you feel as if you’re speaking to the sky in a captivating manner. Therefore, you should try this sport!

Best time to be a participant: April to October

Swimming Not required

Guidelines: Life jackets are essential when getting prepared for the sport. It is possible to enjoy Jet Skiing with your spouse or a group of friends, but it is always recommended that you bring an instructor with you.

Approximate cost: Twenty minutes ride per person will cost you between 70 to 185 USD based on the type of water vehicle selected.

12. Scuba Diving: Popular & Popular, but worth it

Diving, particularly Scuba diving in the Maldives as well as wreck diving is one of the most enjoyable water sports that draws a large number of visitors to this place. A lot of resorts provide this as part of their packages because it’s among the top well-known water sports in the Maldives.

The best time to Experience The sport: January to April

Swimming Not Required

Tip: If you already are a certified diver inform your instructor about it. He can help you achieve the best experience. Whatever you do, make sure to pay attention to the instructor.

Estimated cost: 130 – 1000 USD per person, based on the diving program chosen by you.

13. The Big Game Fishing Industry: Exquisite or Extraordinary?

Fishing may sound like a normal pastime, but is it? but what do you think of the fishing game that could include a battle with some of the most unusual species such as Tuna, Sailfish, and other species? You can’t expect to have a relaxed fishing experience in a place such as the Maldives where there is a plethora of water sports. It’s one of the most exciting water sports available in the Maldives that you should not avoid!

The best time to experience sport: November to March

Swimming Not Required

Tip: Fish food is supplied to you by your sports staff, and you don’t have to bring anything with you.

Approximate cost: Per person cost is about 85 USD, and for six participants the cost is approximately 650 USD.

14. Banana Boat Rides: To Experience Exuberance & Enthusiasm

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A banana-shaped boat ride will definitely not give you the nutritional value of the fruit, but it will fill you with excitement and enthusiasm as you float on the blue and frothy seas of Maldives. It’s among the most exciting water activities you can do in the Maldives.

The best time to experience sport: April to October

Swimming Not Required

Tip: Get yourself harnessed properly and follow the guidelines of the guide.

Cost Approximate: This sport may cost 60-80 USD per participant from your wallet

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15. Underwater Walking: To Get the Fun Of It

There is water sports world of Maldives is vast and provides an array of unforgettable experiences which will make you fall in love with everything! Standing on the bottom of a deep and deep ocean, and watching each amazing marine creature close by is a thrilling experience you can enjoy by participating in this sport. It’s certainly one of the most thrilling water sports that you can do in the Maldives.

The best time to indulge in the sport: January to April

Swimming Not Required

Tip: Do fix your oxygen masks with care over your eyes.

The estimated Cost is around 150USD.

This is a short guide on how to make the most out of water sports within the Maldives. Now you are aware of the significance to water sports and you can plan your tour according to your preferences, isn’t it? Therefore, you can plan your own trip to the Maldives and enjoy the most thrilling adventure! Do you have something to share with your fellow travelers? Send your ideas in the comment section below.

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