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The Breathtaking ‘Colca Canyon’ In Peru Is For Adventure Seekers!

Have you at any point experienced a canyon? It’s dull canyons and loaded with mystery. Then, at that point, this year make an effort not to pass up the Colca Canyon of southern Peru. The place is arranged in the northwest piece of the Arequipa. This is the most visited place in Peru and has 120,000 visitors every year. The canyon has 3,270 meters of profundity and it’s an extremely bright Andean valley with its ancestral connection to the Incas.

These towns were established in Spanish frontier times, despite everything, there are Collagua and Cabana culture individuals living here. Individuals keep up with their ancestral qualities and customs, and this is something else that makes the Colca canyon a place of interest.

Colca Canyon: An Adventurous Experience

On the Colca canyon road trips you will get to see the Andean condor, these are the vultures and they fall into the overall preservation endeavors. You can observe these birds flying from short proximity as they go by the walls of the canyon. These condors live around 60 to 70 years and have their wingspan of around, 2.1 to 2.7 meters. The bird is ordinarily supposed to be the ‘Eternity bird’. As they carry on for quite a while. To see the best place on the Colca Canyon journey you can visit the ‘Cruz del Condor’ and here you will get to see the birds and the Colca canyon profundity which is 1,200 meters from here.

There are different sorts of birds that are found at this place, similar to monster hummingbirds, Andean goose, mountain Caracara, and Chilean Flamingo also. In the event that you love untamed life, you will track down creatures like a relative of the Chinchilla, the wild ancestors of Alpaca, deer, fox, Zorrino, and vizcacha.

There is a place at Chivay where you can visit the La Calera normal hot spring. This is the biggest town in Colca Canyon. You will track down the archeological destinations here like the caverns, the mummy of Section, vestiges of the prehispanic settlement of the valley thus numerous different things. The Colca region is loaded up with handcrafted things, for example, knittings from the child alpaca fiber and woven skirts that are called Polleras, vests, caps, and different things for everyday use.

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Best Time To Visit Colca Canyon

May month to September are the dry season in Peru consequently this is the time when the rush is there. To keep away from the rushed group, then you can constantly visit around December to February. This is the offseason to a great extent are fewer groups too. After reaching the Andean valley by means of a journey you can hike to the La Cruz del condor or you can bicycle through the hypnotizing valley. You can continuously enjoy river rafting on the Colca River as well.

7 Fantastic Things To Do In Colca Canyon

All bird darlings ought to visit Colca Canyon in Peru. Thus, plan your excursion, and remember to peruse this list of things to do in Colca Canyon. Investigate!

1. Condors

Stop by the Cruz del Condor perspective and watch the eminent birds flying along the edge of the canyon walls. The best time to watch them and snap a few significant pictures is breakfast time when they are on the chase. These birds are the largest American birds and encountering a similar will be an incredible memory for you.

2. La Calera Hot Spring

Partake in the lovely regular hot spring in Chivay you just need to pay $5 and you will get a section to the warm pool. You can burn through three to four hours there and partake in the hot water on the off chance that you are visiting in the chilly climate. Remember to add this one to your list of things to do.

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3. Planetarium and The Observatory Of Colca

Get an aide and go for a stroll towards the Colca planetarium and observatory. You must evaluate the planet watching through the telescope. You will constantly get an unmistakable sky at night and hence, you can partake in the distant stars from the place that is known as Peru. Individuals mostly don’t get the best view in the first part of the day time, however, towards night the sky starts to get clear and you will constantly have a grand perspective on the planets.

4. White River Raft

Have the adventure of river rafting on the Colca River. Assuming you choose to go on the raft you will encounter the canyon from the super base, and that will be an astonishing experience. White river rafting is a must to add to your list of must-dos without a doubt!

5. Mountain Biking


In the event that you pick this experience, you will bicycle through the third largest canyon on the planet! Consider the rush and the biking will ease you from strolling down the paths and your legs will be undeniably ready for the following day’s excursion.

6. Horse Riding

Book a horseback ride this time and your cash won’t go to waste. The riding is along the edges of the canyon and you will actually want to partake in the lovely landscape that encompasses you. It will require an investment of the day to visit the place however everything will work out just fine.

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7. Abra Patapampa

This is another significant perspective and you can shop from the nearby women too. The ground seems to be a lunar scene, and you can experience the distant mountains and the wells of lava from here. Because of the chilled air around, you ought to wear comfortable garments here.

How To Reach Colca Canyon?

The Colca canyon rise is 3,500 meters, and the nearby attraction for this place is around the Arequipa. Roadtrips from Arequipa will require 14 hours. At the point when you need to reach the city to Colca Canyon, you can take public transport to Chivay and it will reach the canyon without any problem. Chivay is the best decision as it has a characteristic hot spring, and in the event that you have additional time close by you can have the 3-day hike. You can continuously have the choice of reaching the canyon from Cusco, however, it will be a long excursion for you.

Last yet not least, your international excursion and particularly at this place, Colca Canyon will constantly be fragmented on the off chance that you visit without an aide with you. The full circle from Arequipa and the touring all should be possible impeccably with an assistance of an aide. If not, you can book a transport move administration to direct you through the tour. You can experience the wide range of various attractions like the fountain of liquid magma Hualca, and you can have the excursion by foot, bike, or on horseback. Different things you need to remember to bring, comfortable garments, and bathing suits as well. Likewise, one of the Colca Canyon realities is to ensure that you have spotlights with you in light of the fact that such countless hotels here don’t have power. Consequently, partake in your trip to Colca canyon this year.

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