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8 Lesbian Bars in NYC That Are LGBTQ+ Friendly!

New York has forever been a beacon for an LGBTQ+ people group, with inviting bars driving the way and club evenings and wandering gatherings bringing the good times. Be that as it may, for some time now, it seemed like the city’s lesbian scene has been going terminated.

The lesbian bars in NYC are shutting down left and focused. While not many that are as yet standing are not keeping up with their way of life as lesbian bars, however as inviting places for all LGBTQ+ and straight individuals.

Below we explore the colossal cluster of occasions that have sprung up all over New York and the leftover lesbian bars in the 10 of the best lesbian bars in NYC!

8 Lesbian Bars In NYC To Get Drunk and Feel Proud!

1. Cubbyhole – Lesbian Bar in NYC

Cubbyhole – Lesbian Bar, New York

The bar currently known as Cubbyhole traces all the way back to 1987 when it was possessed and worked by Tanya Saunders and Debbie Fierro as a shelter for any and all individuals. It is situated in Manhattan’s West Town and is among the best lesbian bars NYC.

Initially, the bar was known as DT’s Big whig anyway in 1994 Saunders purchased the name Cubbyhole from the proprietor of a general shut lesbian bar, and the bar has worked under that name since. The former Cubbyhole was situated in what is presently Henrietta Hudson.

This revered, glad corner watering opening resembles being inside a piñata; the inside is bedecked with banners, streamers, beads, and diverse rushing. Likewise, observe that it’s cash-just here.

Cubbyhole Address: 281 W 12th St, New York, NY 10014, USA

2. Henrietta Hudson Bar and Girl – New York City

Henrietta Hudson Bar and Girl, New York

Henrietta Hudson Bar and Girl, initially known as Henrietta Hudson, is the longest-running lesbian bar in the nation and one of three leftover lesbian bars in NYC. It is situated in Manhattan’s West Town area, where the first cubbyhole once stood.

Lisa Cannistraci and bar proprietor Minnie Rivera opened Henrietta Hudson, in 1991 as a lesbian-driven bar. The bar was in a real sense worked by lesbians with gave blast boxes and work and materials. Lately, the spot has refreshed its language to recognize it as a ‘Strange Human Bar.’

While visiting Henrietta Hudson Bar and Girl, be ready for a line at the entryway and a pressed dance floor while focusing on nary a man.

Henrietta Hudson Bar and Girl Address: 438 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014, United States

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3. Misster At The Woods – NYC Lesbian Bar

Misster At The Woods – New York Lesbian Bar, New York

On most evenings, Misster at the Woods, situated at 48 S. Fourth St., Brooklyn, all things considered, is a straight bar. Nonetheless, every Wednesday night, the setting is gone over to the strange local area for Misster, an entire night lesbian dance party with sounds by DJ Amber Valentine, that makes it included on the list of best lesbian bars NYC.

DJ Amber Valentine is on until late; from that point forward, a visitor commonly takes over until extremely early times. Certainly, it’s a weeknight, however, this soirée is an incredible method for getting you to the end of the week.

Landhaus’ full menu is accessible at the indoor bar, yet it’s similarly simple to arrange a late-night nibble at the food counter out back.

Misster At The Woods Address: 48 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

4. Ginger’s Bar – LGBTQ-Friendly Bar NYC

Ginger’s Bar – LGBTQ-Friendly Bar, New York

There is no scarcity of lesbian clubs in new york that welcomes LGBTQ+ community will all love and pride! Ginger’s Bar otherwise called Sweet spot is the last lesbian bar in Brooklyn. It is possessed by Sheila Frayne and opened in 2000 when Park Slant was a lesbian mecca. This bar is viewed as both a lesbian bar and a lady-accommodating area bar.

This American lesbian bar offers Sunday Bingo with Delicious Lola, party time Monday to Friday from 5 to 8, as well as Friday dance gatherings to energetic keep this place.

Ginger’s Bar is cash, in particular, consequently, try to bring cash before you head over for a series of billiards and liquor-filled profound discussion on the patio. Excited about Ginger’s Bar, one of the best lesbian bars NYC?

Ginger’s Bar Address: 363 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States

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5. Union Pool – NYC

Union Pool, New York

J.D. Samson hosts made a strange month-to-month get-together “for anybody from anyplace wearing anything and cherishing who they need.” The party center around great vibes, great sound, and video projection by neighborhood video craftsmen and DJs that won’t hesitate to dive deep.

The month-to-month Thursday night party in Union Pool in Williamsburg is inviting to an imaginative horde of the two queers and straights, especially a carefree arrangement of stylish women. Union Pool’s enormous space considers DJs toward the front and back room.

Union Pool Address: 484 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

6. Boots and Saddle – NYC Lesbian Hot Spot

Boots and Saddle NYC Lesbian Hot Spot, New York

There are countless lesbian places in NYC, and couples love to catch up at the bars of theNew York City. This wandering dance party has been putting on executioner occasions beginning around 2011 and keeps on attracting an extensive variety of lesbian New Yorkers to their consistently planned evenings of revelry.

Boots and Saddle is an area in West Town. The setting takes into consideration a superb blend of ages and genders, from old-school Boots and Saddle regulars to NYU understudies to Nightfall Park dykes to Hot Hare lovers.

Hot Bunny commonly puts on 2-3 LGBTQIA+ occasions each month — one continuously being a committed woman’s party. Called “Hot Honey,” these month-to-month issues occur at Child’s Good and incorporate everything from moving to making mixed drinks, vaudeville exhibitions by Honey Vaudeville, and free tarot card readings.

Boots and Saddle Address: 100A 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014, United States

7. Littlefield – New York City

Littlefield, New York

Are you searching for lesbian bars NYC near me? Don’t worry, there are many for you! Littlefield is a free presentation and workmanship space in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Housed in a former print machine, its cutting-edge sound framework and flexible arrangement are intended to have comedy, music, workmanship, film, webcasts, dance, and private gatherings.

Be Cute is a month-to-month get-together tomfoolery dance night facilitated by drag performer Matty Horrorchata, who sprinkles her uplifting tones throughout the evening. Youthful cross-dressers like Tyler Ashley, Miz Jade, and Patti Spliff additionally engage the crowd with high-energy acts. This place is indeed one of the favorite lesbian spots in NYC.

Littlefield Address:  635 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

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8. Blue Star (Lesbian Club NYC)

Blue Star Lesbian Club, New York

Blue Star is a party that traces all the way back to 2010. The first mission for Blue Star was to give one more choice in the nightlife scene for girls who like girls.

The name Blue Star comes from the verifiable truth that some lesbians during the 1950s would tattoo a blue star on a piece of the body, ordinarily the arm, that could be covered during the day and uncovered around evening time in clubs.

Today, the crowd gatherings are each Thursday in Manhattan. Each party is currently a pledge drive and the place became one of the best lesbian spots NYC. There is actually no obvious explanation why having an incredible night out ought to be totally separated from your different advantages. Additionally, a good time for the well-being of tomfoolery checks out.

Blue Star Address: 59 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

Do you belong to the LGBTQ+ community and face discrimination when you go out to enjoy? Thanks to these lesbian bars in NYC that it is easy for you to feel pride and enjoy a couple of drinks with your loving partner. Head to these hot spots with your love and spread love.

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