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6 Haunted Places In LA: Scary Locations In Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is known to be the core of Hollywood. The elegant Hollywood Walk of Fame, the iconic signature Hollywood Sign, and Widespread Studios are only a warm greeting to those wishing to experience the existence of the rich and popular. But have you heard that there are many spooky and haunted places in Los Angeles?

In any case, charm and glamor are not by any means the only things that see as a home here. An obscure, yet interesting bit of trivia is that the City of Heavenly messengers is likewise a host to ghosts, fiends, and evil spirits. We’ve shortlisted 6 haunted places in LA that will literally give you goosebumps.

6 Haunted Places In LA With Real Ghost Stories

So here’s a rundown of 6 haunted places in LA that will pass a couple of chills down your spine. Look at these:

1. The Comedy Store (Haunted Places in LA)

The Comedy Store, Haunted Places, Los Angeles

The Sunset Strip is a limited region on Sunset Boulevard that interfaces Beverly Slopes to West Hollywood. Back in the late 1800s, this region didn’t go under the purview of the LAPD, changing it into a Bad habit City. It was home to illegal exchanges, whorehouses, clubs, strip clubs, and dance clubs that completed obscure exercises. In 1940, the eatery/club that unmistakably sparkled was Ciro’s. It was the center point where Hollywood’s rich and popular dropped into the party.

The place was likewise a middle for tasks of mafias and criminals, the most renowned among these being Mickey Cohen. Cohen was otherwise called the Lord of the sunset strip. The cellar of Ciro’s seen unspeakable repulsions and torment during the crowd battles of 1947 to state dominance over this land. With such a shocking history, it would just check out for this place to wind up becoming one of the scariest and most haunted places in LA.

By and by, the Comedy Store, the birth ground of a portion of the well-known entertainers, remains on the actual underpinnings of Ciro’s, but who has thought that this would be among the haunted places in Los Angeles in the future? When the stand-up exhibitions are finished and sunset, the ghosts put on an act. The usually seen spirit is that of a Second Great War Armed force veteran wearing a plane coat. He is regularly seen stowing away or squatting in the kitchen and the higher-up office of the Comedy Store. Another notable spirit is by all accounts ‘Gus’ who gives off an impression of being a contract killer and can be tracked down in the principal room.

Visitors and workers have both detailed hearing unnerving shouts, carnal growling, and in any event, groaning exuding from the unfilled storm cellar. Notwithstanding the commotions, imperceptible powers are supposed to push against the storm cellar latches, seats have been disjoined by otherworldly substances, and ashtrays were seen suspending prior to getting crushed against the wall – and this is only the start!

The Comedy Store Location: The Sunset Strip

2. The Municipal Pier at Santa Monica (Haunted Location in LA)

The Municipal Pier at Santa Monica, Haunted Location, Los Angeles

Built in 1876, the Santa Monica Municipal Pier keeps on being one of the most captivating haunted places in Los Angeles. This notable area has been a generally popular tourist attraction for quite a long time. Visitors have frequently discussed a dull and shadowy substance that torments the rooftop around evening time. It might likewise be seen taking a ride on the merry-go-round ponies.

The fresh insight about this figure has spread so generally that it almost bears the situation with a metropolitan legend. The merry-go-round along the pier once housed very much protected wooden pony dolls and a Wurlitzer organ that created the calliope music. Ultimately, the merry-go-round and close-by workplaces were replaced by a private complex where the LA elites remained. When their gatherings subsided, the stepping of feet may as yet be heard in any event, when no one was near.

Inhabitants frequently announced hearing unpleasant sounds. At different times, they would observers to the unpleasant tune of the calliope music. These condos were then burnt up in 1975 because of a fire and were renovated as Government workplaces.

The Municipal Pier Santa Monica Location: Santa Monica

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3. Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles (Haunted as Hell)

Hollywood Roosevelt, Haunted Hotel, Los Angeles

Talking about scary things to do in LA, haunted places, and locations are always fascinating to youngsters and storytellers. USA VIP tormenting is a genuine peculiarity here. Hollywood heartbreaker Marilyn Monroe inhabited Hollywood Roosevelt Inn during the underlying long periods of her prospering vocation. Clearly, Monroe hasn’t had the option to surrender her poolside Suite 1200 even right up until now. A standard mirror that was once a consistent installation in Monroe’s room was moved to the entryway after her troublesome downfall.

Visitors who might click a photo in the well-known mirror would get a brief look at Monroe’s appearance floating around them. Now and again she would be seen applying lipstick and at different times she is seen preparing and setting her hair. Because of the flourishing popularity of the ‘haunted reflect’ inn authorities needed to move it out of the entryway. Another superstar ghost that bears major areas of strength at the lodging is Montgomery Clift. The star lived in suite number 928 for an extensively long time of 90 days during the shooting of ‘From Here to Eternity.’

Visitors set up in the rooms close to suite 928 have complained about somebody rehearsing the cornet, as Clift would frequently do in anticipation of his job. Obviously, the suite would be empty! Notwithstanding the Superstars, there are different exercises that have been accounted for at the Hollywood Roosevelt Inn. Visitors have seen random kids going around and playing in the corridors, a piano player wearing dated clothing and shoes and playing the tunes at the mezzanine, and lodging visitors who are seen partaking in a dip even after pool hours.

 Hollywood Roosevelt Location: Hollywood Boulevard

4. The Pantages Theater (Scary Thing To Do In LA)

The Pantages Theater, Scary things to do, Los Angeles

Initiated on the fourth of June 1930, the Pantages Theater was a demonstration of Hollywood at its pinnacle of wonderfulness. Indeed, even after every one of the year, the area keeps on being one of the most lovely theaters ever. In any case, magnificence does not bear resistance to the extraordinary. In 1949, the multi-mogul Howard Hughes took responsibility for RKO Studios, which likewise landed him the Pantages Theater.

So paralyzed was he by the sheer magnificence of the Pantages Theater that he set up his office on the subsequent floor. The obsessive worker was in many cases seen in the gallery, where he would enjoy reprieves thinking in obscurity – a similar place where he has been located even right up ’til now. The ghost of youthful Hughes is likewise seen walking around the theater, particularly in the chief workplaces.

Notwithstanding Hughes’ spirit, a young lady, who passed on in 1932, likewise is by all accounts tormenting the Pantages Theater. Rumors from far and wide suggest that the hopeful drama artist was spectating the show on the mezzanine floor when her life was unfortunately stopped. The free voices of the lady can be heard singing in the assembly hall when it is dull and calm. Apparently, the spirit has beaten her modesty and started giving exhibitions at the Pantages Theater. Despite the fact that the stage is vacant, detectable voices have been gotten by the stage mouthpieces during the taping of live exhibitions.

The Pantages Theater Location: Hollywood Boulevard

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5. Colorado Street Bridge (LA Haunted Location)

Colorado Street Bridge, Haunted Bridge, Los Angeles

At the point when one considers haunted places in LA, it ought not to be amazing that a film area appears on the rundown. So don’t be tricked by the excellence of this area, it is considerably viler than the dazzling background of La Land. The Colorado Street Bridge has been monikered as the ‘Suicide Bridge’ and for good explanation. Six years after the consummation of the bridge, it saw its most memorable suicide casualty in 1919.

This occurrence just prompted a chain of suicides generally occurring in this setting. There have been more than 100 documented instances of suicide occurring on this bridge and these are only the authority numbers. Clearly, the genuine count would be a lot higher with the number actually climbing! The issue turned out to be grave to such an extent that walls must be built along the bridge to put the suicides down. Nonetheless, it hasn’t borne quite a bit of an impact.

Normally, a focal point for suicide is likewise a point of unfulfilled wishes and subsequently, hauntings. Many individuals have apparently seen a man leaping out of control. The people who could summon up the mental fortitude to stretch out to him have always been unable to track down him or his body. Then again, those driving in these regions have had restricted misses with a lady crossing the bridge, who disappears without a second to spare! The lights in the underpass will generally go off as visitors progress through the way until there is outright obscurity. Creepy! Above all, these spooky incidents here make it one of the soul-stirring and haunted locations in Los Angeles.

Colorado Street Bridge Location: Pasadena

6. Queen Mary in Los Angeles (Very Haunted Place)

Queen Mary Very Haunted Place, Los Angeles

Queen Mary is significantly more than a lodging that has the creepy “Dull Harbor” occasion around Halloween is indeed the most haunted place in Los Angeles. Flourishing with a long and exciting history, Queen Mary arises as one of the scary places in Los Angeles. She began her excursion as an extravagance cruise liner that carried huge names like Winston Churchill and Weave Desire to Southampton in England.

With the approach of The Second Great War, she was drafted to convey troops to the front line. Stripped off her style, the boat was renamed ‘Dark Ghost’ and painted into a dim camouflage. In 1967, the Queen auctions her off to a tour administrator who changed her into a drifting lodging at Long Beach. Numerous sightings have been accounted for by the visitors on the boat, the most unmistakable among these being Motor Room #13.

As a matter of fact, the door of #13 has even squashed a few clueless casualties to their demise! Ladies in 1930s bathing suits were seen relaxing on the decks of the top-of-the-line pool. According to the legend, a little kid who is said to have suffocated keeps on tormenting the inferior pool. Indeed, even the Queen’s Salon is a home for a meandering young lady who is wearing a night dress. Notwithstanding the sightings, weird exercises like the ringing of phones, running of water, and flashing lights have additionally been noticed. If you are looking for Los Angeles haunted attractions, then Queen Mary is one of them, that will give you chills in the summer!

Queen Mary Location: Long Beach

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We bet you are feeling scared after reading about these 10 scary places in LA. If you are having cardiovascular problems, or if you often get scared easily through small incidents, then we recommend you stay home and do not attempt to visit these locations. But if you dare to, you will get a “SCARY AS HELL” experience, indeed!

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