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5 Churches In Charleston With Iconic Architecture & History

Churches in Charleston are spiritual sanctuaries that empower one to turn off from the day-to-day cares of life and associate with the Supreme. More than 400 in number, the historic churches in Charleston SC are a devotee’s blessing from heaven. Interestingly and fascinating, each Church has a story to tell that glorifies its experience and struggle to date.

With most of them being restored, the Churches in Charleston stay consistent with their essence nevertheless. The churches in charleston SC have a spellbinding architecture which makes them worth a visit. Let’s learn below!

5 Churches In Charleston

1. Central Congregational Church

Central Congregational Church, Charleston

Central Congregational Church Charleston was before called the Round Church. This church in Charleston once upon a time used to be a free church yet in 1882, it joined the Congregational Association, The Unified Church of Christ, and the Unified Presbyterian church. The main church is a piece of two significant denominations. Since it is impacted by various groups, the architecture is the same.

It is a blend of Romanesque and Gothic designs with a cloverleaf-like structure. The church looks lofty with twin stairways, fashioned iron railings, and carvings on pillars. The church embodies a delightful serene personality and is a must-visit.

Central Congregational Church Address: 150 Meeting Street, Charleston, 29401, South Carolina, USA

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2. St Philip’s Church Charleston

St Philip’s Church, Charleston

St Philip’s Church is the oldest assemblage in the state and among the popular churches in Charleston. It was regarded with the designation of a National Historic Landmark in 1973. The Church is sophisticated, very much kept, and tastefully designed in subtle hues that vibe soothing. Constructed with stuccoed block alongside exquisite porticoes, the church looks strikingly majestic with steeples finished with classic clocks.

St Philip’s Church emphasizes interactions amongst all age groups. So, aside from the conventional study sessions, it holds meetings for men, youth groups, kids, and adult ensembles as well. They have separate activities for kids of various age groups on Sundays. Since so a lot is continuing constantly it is advised to see their month-to-month schedule ahead of time in the event that you wish to visit this church.

St Philip’s Church Address: 142 Church St, Charleston, SC 29401, US

3. Unitarian Church Charleston

Unitarian Church, Charleston

Previously known as the Unitarian Universalist church, this church is the oldest Unitarian church in Charleston. Standing by its own doing on a well-known bustling street, this Church believes in social justice and embraces diversity. This focal point of confidence has the city’s second oldest church building and the church was proclaimed a national historic landmark in 1976. Aside from the picturesque plant life, the Church has stunning interiors.

Reflecting ethereal design, Unitarian Church is an English Opposite Gothic Recovery wonder with a splendid fan-vaulted roof, nave, and chancel. The interiors of the Church are made with pecan and to add to its excellence, the fundamental window is made with stained glass that lists the old and new testaments that merit a read. The Church is currently open during the pandemic.

Unitarian Church Charleston Address: 4 Archdale St, Charleston, SC 29401, US

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4. First Baptist Church Of James Island

First Baptist Church Of James Island, Charleston

First Baptist Church of James Island is a historic Baptist church in Charleston, South Carolina. The gathering was established in 1682 under the leadership of William Screven. It is one of the oldest Baptist congregations in the American South. The church assemblage was initially coordinated in Kittery, Maine (then, at that point, part of Massachusetts) under the direction of the First Baptist Church of Boston. It is among the historic churches in Charleston SC.

In 1696 26 congregants followed Pastor Screven and moved to Charleston subsequent to being pressured by the New Britain Congregationalist authorities. First Baptist Church is at present associated with the Southern Baptist denomination. The ongoing Greek Recovery sanctuary was designed by Robert Mills and implicit 1820.

First Baptist Church Of James Island Address: 1110 Camp Rd, Charleston, SC 29412, US

5. St Michaels Church Charleston SC

St Michaels Church, Charleston SC

St. Michael’s Church (previously St. Michael’s Episcopal Church) is a historic church and the oldest surviving religious structure in Charleston, South Carolina. It is situated at Broad and Meeting streets on one of the Four Corners of Law and represents ecclesiastical law. It was worked during the 1750s by request of the South Carolina Assembly. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark.

St. Michael’s Church was worked somewhere in the range of 1751 and 1761 at the side of Broad and Meeting streets on the site of the first wooden church worked in 1681 by St. Philip’s Church. It is also the oldest church in Charleston SC.

St Michaels Church Charleston Address: 71 Broad St, Charleston, SC 29401, US

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If you are searching for a “Cathedral in Charleston SC”, then these are the churches you can visit to witness the great architecture. Offer prayer to Jesus, listen to Christmas carols on Christmas day or explore as a tourist to photograph it, the choice is yours!

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