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Cathedral of Junk Austin: A Complete Guide Before You Go!

At the point when individuals discuss how weird is the city of Austin, they’re likely not discussing the totally new elevated structures downtown, the intrusion of tech (and the imperative going with tech brothers), or, you know, early lunch. They’re discussing the absolute most irregular places like the Cathedral of Junk Austin TX and individuals like Vince Hanneman.

In this blog, you will learn everything about the Cathedral of Junk Austin, its interesting history, what to explore here, how to get there safely, etc. If you are a person who loves to explore weird and spooky places, then this place is for you. One has rarely expected a “Holy Cathedral” amid the JUNK, JUNK, JUNK! Excited? let’s know what this place really is!

Cathedral of Junk Austin: A Brief History

Cathedral of Junk Austin: A Brief History

Maker and guardian Vince Hanneman started fabricating the Cathedral of Junk Austin on his patio in 1989, simply as a purposeful venture. Today, it’s a consistently advancing local area figure of sorts, stuffed to the edge with lots of junk — more than 60 tons of it, as a matter of fact.

Old TVs, bikes, pipes, and other piece parts are shrewdly heaped together in a transcending structure with secret rooms, flights of stairs, a pinnacle, and, surprisingly, a “throne room.” Tranquil breeze chimes tinkle in the breeze, and sunbeams look in through the “ceiling.” Consider it a children’s clubhouse, yet for grown-ups.

Cathedral of Junk Austin is darling by a larger number of people, albeit not every one of them: A couple of years prior, a few neighbors griped to the city that it was a public well-being worry (truly, they simply thought it was a blemish), and however a few official grievances were recorded, the Cathedral was eventually considered fundamentally protected — albeit not before Hanneman had to eliminate more than 50 tons of materials, prior to getting the last endorsement from a specialist.

He likewise needed to wreck his “pyramid of televisions,” which has since been replaced with a more modest “zen garden of televisions” (which is precisely the very thing it seems like).

In a city of Austin that isn’t lacking in weirdness, the Cathedral of Junk TX Austin is really perhaps of Austin’s most offbeat attractions that visitors love to experience. Did you prepare to?

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Cathedral of Junk Texas: What To Explore?

Cathedral of Junk Texas: What To Explore

There’s a ton to take in at the Cathedral of Junk Austin TX, particularly on the off chance that you’re visiting interestingly. From an external perspective, the construction seems, by all accounts, to be minuscule, yet when you’re inside, the space is, in some way or another mysteriously extended, giving way to different levels, passageways, and vaulted ceilings. Make certain to give yourself more than adequate time (1 hour or somewhere in the vicinity) to explore; the Cathedral of Junk Texas is unquestionably outwardly dazzling, with heaps of little subtleties that you could miss on the off chance that you simply zip through shortly. What’s more, make certain to move up to the second and third floors to see the perspectives on the treetops beneath.

How To Reach Junkyard Cathedral Austin?

How To Reach Junkyard Cathedral, Austin

A private home, the Junkyard Cathedral Austin is situated in a calm private area in South Austin. To arrive, take Highway 290 to the Highway 71 (Ben White Boulevard East) exit, then, at that point, take 71 west to the Congress Av exit. From that point, travel south several blocks and take a right-hand turn on St. Elmo Rd West, then require the second left onto Lareina Drive. Locals also called it a museum of junk Austin.

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Cathedral of Junk Cost, Visiting Hours, and Parking!
Cathedral of Junk Cost, Visiting Hours, and Parking

Though the House of Junk Austin is open often, there aren’t customary hours, and you in all actuality do need to call ahead to make a visit here (+1 512-299-7413). Vince Hanneman is glad to give tours upon solicitation, and you can lease the space for weddings, birthday celebrations, or different occasions.

Wondering what the Cathedral of Junk Cost is? There’s no expense to get in, yet the Cathedral takes donations (starting around 2020, the mentioned donation for bunches is $10 and $5 for people; kids get in free). Though there is no Cathedral of Junk Tickets as such. There’s normally a lot of road parking, yet on the off chance that it’s a feverish day, you can stop around the bend on St. Elmo.

House of Junk Austin: Tips for New Visitors
House of Junk Austin: Tips for New Visitors

Follow these important tips if you are visiting here for the first time!

  • Plan to spend essentially 60 minutes.
  • Try not to simply appear and hope to have the option to get in; call ahead to make an arrangement (and most certainly demand a tour early if this is the kind of thing you need to do; Hanneman doesn’t naturally give tours to everybody that comes through).
  • At times, visitors can carry their own commitments to the Cathedral — yet if you have any desire to do this, you’ll have to contact Hanneman first for endorsement.
  • It’s ideal to wear good-quality shoes, as there are heaps of sharp, spiky articles around.
  • There are no bathrooms.
  • Remember to sign your name close by every one of the huge number of different visitors who’ve been to the Cathedral toward the finish of your tour.
  • Kids are gladly received, yet ensure that you watch out for them. (A portion of the steps are somewhat uneven)
  • You can acquire food and beverages (but no liquor), yet make certain to take everything out.

Cathedral of Junk Austin Address: 4422 Lareina Dr, Austin, TX 78745, United States

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If you are in Austin and want to explore weird premises, then we suggest you explore this one for sure! The Cathedral of Junk Austin is a unique place that you can visit with your family including kids. You will indeed get a different experience out of this place. Let us know what is the best moment after your visit in the comment section!

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