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6 Best Rooftop Bars In Charleston SC Right Now!

Charleston is generally a town of highs, metaphorically and, on account of its rooftop bar scene, in a real sense. What’s more, it seems OK: where better to absorb that balmy Charleston climate and those unmatched church spires from the city’s rooftops in Charleston?

You don’t need to be downtown to get that Southern breeze, by the same token: the watery edges of the city yield a lot of choices. So get rolling — this is a city whose charms are best experienced from a lofty position. These are the best rooftop bars in Charleston SC right now!

6 Best Rooftop Bars In Charleston SC

1. Fiat Lux Charleston Bar

Fiat Lux Rooftop Bar in Charleston

There’s a formal/relaxed beneficial interaction happening at this 10th-floor rooftop Champagne and mixed drink bar at the Lodging Bennett. The house cocktails are slant-light and citrus-affected, with implanted vodkas and gins driving the way, ideal for warm and moist Charleston summers.

Energetic names — one of their particular beverages is called Don’t Kale My Vibes — abound, and exclusive fixings, for example, strawberry jam and dragon fruit show up. Fiat Lux is among the best Charleston rooftop bars right now! It’s a decent choice when you need to up the stakes a little for a date or a festival, and the decision of indoor and outdoor spaces alongside the perspectives completes an extraordinary evening out on the town.

Fiat Lux Bar Address: 404 King St, Charleston, SC 29403, United States

2. Citrus Club

Citrus Club Rooftop Bar, Charleston

Looking for the best rooftop bars in Charleston SC? Citrus Club serves well-organized little plates and whimsical cocktails to grown-ups just (21-and-up). You don’t need to be a visitor of the club’s home at The Dewberry Inn to get to it, yet you should check in with the attendant by the lift to get a transitory keycard giving you admittance to the sky. The eighth-floor lift entryway spills you into a flawless white lobby hung with neighborhood craftsman Douglas Balentine’s charcoal ocean-side figures. A host drives you to your table.

While the indoor space and velvet bar stools are stupendously stylish, the outdoor patio is Citrus Club’s calling card. It is indeed among the top bars in Charleston SC. Visitors get into rich little niches isolated by pruned olive trees, limes, lemons, and a sprinkling of palms. Continuous breezes travel from winning corners of a 360-degree view. You can see obviously from one waterway to another with a piña colada close by.

Citrus Club Address: 334 Meeting St 8th floor, Charleston, SC 29403, United States

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3. Pavilion Bar & Rooftop in Charleston

Pavilion Bar & Rooftop, Charleston

Talking about Pavilion Bar (which is also in the category of best Charleston rooftop bars), you’ve had the opportunity and energy to be enchanted by the period looks of the Market Pavilion Lodging, its amazing propagation dating as far as possible back to 2002. If you are looking for a charleston rooftop bar with pool, then pick this one for sure! The monochrome-tiled bar region shares its vantage point with a bijoux swimming pool and orderly lawn chairs, which makes for a satisfying resort-like environment on bright days.

The beverage menu centers around two cocktails specifically: martinis and mojitos. The previous offers normally tropical varieties, with strawberry and mango among them, while the last option has much more options, with rum and tequila understandings of the exemplary at the more trial compasses of the rundown.

Pavilion Bar Address: 225 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States

4. Stars Rooftop and Grill Room, Charleston

Stars Rooftop and Grill Room, Charleston

Repeating the wood-forward style of the lounge area underneath is a hardwood-encased rooftop bar that flaunts the main 360-degree sees of the city. Great lumber and straightforward wicker furniture make a tasteful however relaxed space. This place is among the best rooftop bars in Charleston SC among boozers!

There’s a satisfying determination of crafted cocktails to be had, and the specialty menu has a softness to it that perceives that clients are presumably eating a complete dinner elsewhere. Light spirits like seasoned vodkas, gins, and even wine cocktails include conspicuously.

Stars Rooftop and Grill Room Address: 495 King St, Charleston, SC 29403, United States

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5. The Mill Street Tavern

The Mill Street Tavern, Charleston

In the event that you require only a ten-minute drive from downtown, you’ll be compensated with a satisfying difference in scenery definitely worth the negligible effort. The Mill Street Tavern features true metropolitan rooftops for peaceful stream sees from its rooftop deck, with the all-encompassing plant life of Shem Creek spread out before visitors. You will hardly find hotels in Charleston SC with rooftop bars like this!

The mixed drink menu is strong, and different, and wanders into no little-known region. There is great emphasis on the works of art — Palomas, margaritas, mojitos — supported by a couple of house manifestations. A cucumber mint cooler appears to be an ideal beginning to a warm Charleston evening, while the Mocha Peppucino will interest sweet-toothed consumers here.

The Mill Street Tavern Address: 504 Mill St, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, United States

6. Charleston Harbor Fish House Bridge Bar

Harbor Fish House Bridge Bar, Charleston

This bar is another in the category of best rooftop restaurants Charleston. The height of this rooftop bar is nothing to think of home about as you’re several accounts up. In any case, its area on the tip of Patriots Point in the Charleston Harbor Resort conveys a few genuinely charming perspectives, with the harbor, the Battery, Ravenel Bridge, and displays completely on a mission to Fort Sumter all spread out for your endorsement. Add to this a strong beverage menu and plates of new fish, and you have an award get not too far off.

Charleston Harbor Fish House Address: 32 Patriots Point Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, United States

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We believe you have got ample information if you have searched for “best outdoor bars Charleston”! Bars with a visible sky are always favorites among drinkers and people looking for a chilling dining experience. We suggest you explore these best rooftop bars in Charleston SC. Okay, we are not saying these are the best, you rather visit these on your own and share your experience with us! Cheers.

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