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5 Best Gay Bars In Austin Texas To Enjoy Drinks With Confidence!

Assuming that you have a place with the LGBTQ+ people group, or on the other hand on the off chance that you are simply searching for gay bars in Austin Texas, this blog will help you out in finding out about the places where you can simply visit and partake in your drinks certainly. Austin, being the most receptive of the Texan cities, is an extraordinary place for the eccentric local area to hang out for the most part; whether dunking in the springs with your rainbow team or getting into one of the town’s most famous barbecue joints — La Barbecue.

Downtown is where the LGBTQ people group is most dynamic at the present time. Many individuals search for “gay bars Austin downtown” as a significant number of the clubs are nestled in/near the downtown of the city. Here you’ll find small however strong dance clubs, lounges, and bars, plus drag events on numerous lodging housetop decks. So approach partake local companies, appreciate drinks, and section to your #1 beat! Regardless of your direction, here are the best gay bars in Austin Texas!

5 Best Gay Bars In Austin Texas

1. Oilcan Harry’s Gay Bar

Oilcan Harry’s Gay Bar in Austin

Each town has a gay bar that has been around longer than most patrons, and Oilcan Harry’s is Austin’s (the bar opened in 1990). This is one of the best gay bars in Austin Texas as per visitors. On Saturdays, Lavish Bitz presents ‘The Best Drag Show Ever’, a high-energy comedic set with a lot of lip-synching and chances to join the stage, and two times a month on Sundays, Celia Light and DeeGee Reg host ‘Gay 4 Play’, loaded with queens and prizes. The RuPaul stars also show up. That’s another good reason to include it among the gay night clubs in Austin Texas.

Oilcan Harry’s Address: 211 W 4th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States

Timings: Mon – Thurs (8 PM – 12 AM), Fri (7 PM – 2 AM), and Sat-Sun (2 PM – 2 AM)

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2. Cheer Up Charlies Texas Club

Cheer Up Charlies Texas Club in Austin

Cheer Up Charlies has been an essential piece of LGBTQ+ and music scenes in Austin since opening in 2010. Established by Tamara Hoover and booker Maggie Lea, Cheer Up Charlies is important for the Red Waterway Social District and hosts nightly free or gift-based shows It also includes neighborhood and touring acts and drags extravaganzas.

Topping among the iconic gay clubs Austin TX, the setting also serves up some quality grub, including a vegan food truck at the back alongside housemade juice cocktails at the bar. Stop by right on time for party time. Don’t miss their signature Kale Lime Margarita, which we assure you is tastier than it sounds.

Cheer Up Charlie’s Address: 900 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701, United States

Timings: Tues (7 PM – 2 AM), Thurs & Sun (5 PM – 2 AM), Fri (4 PM – 2 AM), Mon & Wed CLOSED)

3. Neon Grotto Gay Bar in Austin

Neon Grotto Gay Bar in Austin

You all are in selfie paradise when you enter the Neon Grotto; a tunnel of fluorescent lights, brilliantly hued couches, and strobe lights. One of the Coconut Complex bars, make a beeline for the housetop for views over Fourth Street’s rainbow-painted crossing and dance to cool beats from nearby DJs who spin until quite a bit later. Neon Grotto also hosts superb drag shows, karaoke, and survey parties of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It is among the best gay bars in Austin Texas that celebrate LGBTQ pride.

Neon Grotto Address: 318 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701, United States

Timings: Tues – Sun (4 PM – 2 AM), Mon CLOSED

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4. Rain on 4th Texas Gay Bar

Rain on 4th Texas Gay Bar in Austin

Found straightforwardly nearby to Oilcan Harry’s, Rain on 4th is Austin’s upscale gay parlor sporting a splendidly lit dance floor that is always ablaze. Rain is one of the most well-known and mainstream of downtown’s gay venues, inviting a blended horde of patrons.

The drag here merits a spin; it is a staple home base of nearby lady Vylette Ward and her friends who turn up for no particular reason times such as drag bingo and pride pageants. If you are searching for “gay clubs Austin TX”, then this one is an important place to explore!

Rain on 4th Address: 217 W 4th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States

Timings: Mon – Thurs (4 PM – 2 AM) and Fri – Sun (3 PM – 2 AM)

5. The Iron Bear Austin Gay Club

The Iron Bear Austin Gay Club

There is no scarcity of gay bars near Austin TX, and here’s another one! The home of the hirsute Iron Bear is Austin’s bear bar with nightly events equipped for those hoping to leave their shirts at home. Pay special attention to Saturday clothing nights, where the dress code needs not an obvious reason. In any case, for those who like to keep their garms on!

The Iron Bear also hosts great drag shows, competitions, and brunches, alongside Musical Mondays (another that needs not have an obvious reason) when the party time is the entire night. Goodness, and as for Wednesdays, they’re karaoke nights, making it one of the most popular gay places in Austin Texas.

The Iron Bear Address: 301 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States

Timings: Mon-Sat (11 AM – 2 AM) and Sun (12 PM – 2 AM)

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Are you in Texas and searching on the web saying “gay clubs Austin TX”? Kudos, you just learned about the 5 most popular bars for the category. We think there should not be any discrimination regarding sexes and each gender is equally important to society. So what are you waiting for? Head to these best gay bars in Austin Texas to enjoy your favorite drink and spread love all around!

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