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9 Best Food Cart Pods Portland To Eat Delectable Food On Wheels

Portland’s standing as an idiosyncratic, food-driven city is notable, and it’s certain that an enormous piece of its culinary character stems from food carts. These best food carts Portland themselves are appropriate to this specific second, a configuration worked for takeaway and open-air eating. Covering a wide swath of cuisines across the city, you can appreciate delicious food items during the Portland food scene on wheels, highlighting the hottest best food cart pods Portland.

9 Best Food Cart Pods Portland

1. Yoshi’s Sushi Food Truck Portland

Yoshi’s Sushi Food Truck, Portland

Bamboo sushi veteran Yoshi Ikeda opened this sushi cart in the Multnomah Village French Quarter case in 2019 and has been serving top-notch fish from that point forward. Fun, creative rolls like the lime green roll with sesame-crusted spinach, cucumber, roasted pepper, avocado, and microgreens are just improved with the cart’s ginger miso. The perfect serving techniques include it in the list of the best food carts Portland.

Turning nigiri and occasional hand rolls showcase the super fresh seafood Ikeda sources. The cart is open for telephone orders, and doesn’t acknowledge stroll-up orders; the case offers to seat indoors and out.

Yoshi’s Sushi Portland Address: 3530 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR 97219

2. Titos Taquitos Food Pod

Titos Taquitos Food Pod, Portland

Some of Portland’s best Mexican food can be found in a cart tucked to the side of a gas station odds and ends shop along Beaverton-Hillsdale Expressway. At Tito’s, taquitos are stuffed with cushy potato and finished off with aguacate, cotija, and microgreens, they can be requested as-is or with the expansion of proteins like garlic shrimp, braised hamburger, or garbanzo bean al pastor. Titos Taquitos is among the best food cart pods Portland.

Albeit the taquitos have front and center attention here, the tacos, boasting handcrafted nixtamalized tortillas, merit requesting as well. Albeit the cart just has around 12 seats, it does a brisk business, regularly selling out preceding closing time. To avoid extensive stand-by times, diners in the loop call their orders in or request on the web.

Titos Taquitos Address: 3975 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97221

3. Farmer and The Beast (Portland Food Cart)

Farmer and The Beast Food Cart, Portland

Among the popular and probably the best food trucks Portland, farmer, and the beast is located in the Northwest region of the city. This Portland food truck shows off some of the region’s finest seasonal produce: On some random visit, contingent upon the season, Oregon strawberries might show up, red to the middle, in a salad with cucumbers and spring lettuces; spring peas and grapefruit might come tossed with a cashew crunch; fall chicories and apples might wind up in a salad covered with cheddar shavings and the cart’s spice weighty farm. Of course, those seeking a serious smash burger will see those here, as well, all year. The cart is open for stroll-up orders and conveyance.

Farmer and The Beast Address: 1845 NW 23rd Pl, Portland, OR 97210

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4. Bing Mi Food Truck

Bing Mi Food Truck, Portland

One of the best food cart pods Portland, Bing Mi in Slabtown specializes in Northern Chinese-style savory crepes called jianbing. Matured dark bean paste and spicy stew sauce come slathered on an eggy crepe loaded up with green onions, cilantro, salted vegetables, and a seared wonton saltine, consolidating splendid, umami-rich flavor with both bite and crunch.

Options incorporate stacking up the jianbing with bacon, or even roast duck. The cart is open for stroll-up orders with limited outside seating at the case.

Bing Mi Portland Address: 1845 NW 23rd Pl, Portland, OR 97210

5. Kabba’s Kitchen (Popular Food Cart in Portland)

Kabba’s Kitchen Food Cart, Portland

Searching for ‘Food Carts Portland Oregon’? Here comes another tasty food pod on the wheels! Senegalese and Gambian cart Kabba’s Kitchen sits in a nondescript part just a couple of blocks from the flashier Prost Marketplace pod, however, its exuberant and-splendid chicken Yassa, crispy fataya (consider them Senegalese broiled empanadas) loaded up with complicatedly spiced meat, and rich mafe Yapp with hunks of carrots and potatoes covered in orange-toned nut sauce might draw its neighbor’s customers down Albina.

The shop’s bissap, cold, and burgundy with hibiscus, is a commendable match for any dish on the menu. Kabba’s offers limited outside seating, however, this is all the more a to-go arrangement.

Kabba’s Kitchen Address: 4631 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217

6. Matt’s BBQ Food Truck

Matt’s BBQ Food Truck, Portland

Prost Marketplace, home to some of the city’s finest food carts, invited Matt’s BBQ after it was booted from its unique area. With locations in Portland and Beaverton — also a taco-themed spinoff — Matt’s BBQ has turned into a nearby legend. Customers request individual meats and sides on the web, as well as sandwiches heaped with hacked brisket or North Carolina-style, pulled pork, prior to getting platters of meat at the cart.

Matt’s BBQ is known for its delicate brisket, peppery spare ribs, and house-made jalapeno-cheddar sausage, yet the unnoticed hit on the menu is its spread of plunged smoked turkey. One thing’s without a doubt: It’s sacrilege to miss a side of the queso macintosh and cheese. The cart is open for online orders for takeout and unit-side dining, as well as conveyance. We believe after eating here, you will tag it as one of the best food carts portland!

Matt’s BBQ Address: 4233 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217

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7. Cartopia Portland Food Cart

Cartopia Portland Food Cart, Portland

Minuscule yet mighty is the best method for describing this darling Portland food cart unit. Found a stone’s toss from Hawthorne Asylum, Cartopia Portland is home to 8 Portland food trucks. As per past happy customers, it is among the best food pods in portland. You’ll find locals congregating great into the late midnight hours at this unit because they’re open late and serve some of the best headache safeguard eats.

Outfitted with a covered seating region and three comfortable fire pits, this is the place you’ll need to wait with old buddies close behind.

Cartopia Address: 1207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

8. Bari Food Cart Pdx

Bari Food Cart Pdx, Portland

If you are looking for Italian food cart Portland, then Bari food cart pdx is for you! At the Carts on Foster unit, dance music pumps out of the Italian street food cart Bari, matching the vivacious energy of proprietor Walter Ferrante. The cart specializes in seared-to-arrange panzerotti, a rotisserie turnover similar to a calzone that hails from Apulian cuisine.

Bari’s panzerotti has superbly crisp batter with a slight bite and is accessible with different fillings, both sweet and savory. Try not to skip the hand-crafted cannoli, freshly loaded up with citrus-touched ricotta studded with chocolate chips. The case has open-air and covered seating.

Bari Food Cart Pdx Portland Address: 5205 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206

9. Homage Industrial Kitchen in Portland

Homage Industrial Kitchen, Portland

One of the best food trucks in downtown Portland, Homage Industrial Kitchen provides an extensive variety of obliging take-out food options with safe curbside to get or conveyance. The truck is developing rapidly as customers are as of now adoring it! It also takes pride in ensuring jobs for nearby hospitality workers in this troublesome time.

You can choose to order dishes like French Toast, French Toast Sandwiches, Cajun Fries, Bacon Breakfast Burritos, waffles, Egg Sandwiches, and considerably more. It also offers different tasty shakes and different beverages.

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So now that you know about the 9 best food cart pods Portland, it is time for you to head to these popular eating trucks and try some lip-smacking dishes on the go. We would love to know your experience and which dish you loved the most in the comment box below!

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