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6 Best Beaches In Charleston SC For A Perfect Tropical Affair!

Sand between your toes and salt breezes are always easy to track down in this piece of South Carolina — and the barrier islands past Charleston’s city limits coax for a midday side trip where you could spot dolphins skipping around, or be enticed into savoring a two-fer frozen yogurt. This blog will talk about the beaches around Charleston SC you can plan to explore the tempting tropical life!

Most are something like an hour’s drive from downtown, yet you’re ready to find each sort of beach insight under the sun, from family days with a lot of amenities to secluded spots where it’s just you and nature, to historic lighthouses and wild beaches that look as in the event that they’re right off the set of Cast Away. Get a towel and a sturdy set of sandals, and get out and about — these are our absolute best beaches in Charleston SC.

6 Best Beaches In Charleston SC

1. Folly Beach in Charleston

Folly Beach, Charleston

Referred to casually as the Edge of America, Folly Beach is a barrier island on the forefront of the Atlantic, with only the ocean stretching out before it. It is among the best beaches in Charleston SC to date. Despite its prominence, the spot has managed to hold its small-town character — you won’t get an excessive number of chains here, while astounding restaurants and bars are well in abundance. Hit up the lure and tackle shop for a couple of pointers and hardware, and go to Lost Dog Bistro for supper when you’re finished.

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2. Kiawah Beachwalker Park, (Charleston Beach)

Kiawah Beachwalker Park, Charleston

Thanks to its 10 miles of pristine coastline, Kiawah Island is by and large viewed as one of the country’s most lovely barrier islands — and you can risk everything prices mirror the profound respect. Most of the pristine sands are under private ownership, however, you can sample the scenery at this beach down at the southwestern tip of the island; the sands are soft as anywhere else on this nature-lovers island, and best of all, you needn’t bother with a mortgage holder’s deed to appreciate them. It is among the most-preferred beaches near Charleston SC as per the visitors!

Entry Fee: $5 – $15 (depending on the season time)

3. Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms, Charleston, South Carolina

With seven miles of crystalline shores and a close community, Isle of Palms is one of the area’s most family-accommodating beaches. Besides the fact that you find can a surprisingly vast range of activities (hitting the fairway, water sports, boat trips, and fishing charters) and stunning white sands, at the same time there’s a chance to watch sea turtles during egg-laying season.

On the off chance that you’ve managed to score a babysitter, go to Windjammer’s beach bar once the sun goes down: a fruity blended drink and a series of pools is an optimal method for starting the evening. Exciting activities make it one of the best beaches in Charleston SC.

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4. Edisto Beach Charleston Beach

Edisto Beach Charleston Beach

Edisto beach is one of the more extended drives out from Charleston, yet the quiet and relative calm of the area, alongside the family-accommodating environs, make Edisto Beach and its four-and-a-half miles of coastline a must-do. The alluring beach is among the top beaches near Charleston SC. To accomplish something besides lying on the beach, you can go to Jeremy’s Channel at low tide, and spend some time sifting through the treasures such as seashells, fossils, and shark teeth that have washed ashore.

5. Seabrook Island Near Charleston

Seabrook Island, Charleston

Included in the list of best Charleston beaches, Seabrook is a private, residential beachfront community that’s home to some of the locale’s toniest summer houses. It has some four miles of pristine, sandy beachfront, and generally, it’s a lot calmer than similar adjoining spots. There aren’t many flashy amenities, considering that it’s more a community beach — yet its spectacular North Beach sunset more than makes up for its absence of frozen yogurt shacks and changing cabanas.

6. Sullivan’s Island (Closest Beach)

Sullivan’s Island, Charleston, South Carolina

Sullivan’s Island is the closest beach to Charleston SC. However it’s tranquil in the slow time of year, and the beach at Sullivan’s Island is a bustling place come spring and summer. Driving out of downtown Charleston across the Ravenel Bridge, marsh and wetlands give way to this exquisite barrier island, with its public beach disregarded by the historic lighthouse. It is among the top islands in Charleston to explore!

Come at low tide, when the sands are sufficiently wide to oblige the throngs of jet-setters streaming in from the city, and make a point to look at Poe’s Bar on Center Street: the writer was stationed here during his tactical service, from 1827-1828. Assuming that your feet are still sandy, swing by HomeTeam bar-b-que instead, where you can arrange wings and rinse off your feet while you’re pausing. Visit this if you are searching for the best public beaches in Charleston SC.

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There is no shortage of the best beaches near Charleston and we have mentioned the top 6 on the list! There is something mesmerizing about the beach waters, sands, and the tranquility of the surroundings. From taking a sun bath to enjoying water sports, visit these best beaches in Charleston SC for a once in a lifetime experience!

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