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6 Beaches Near Savannah Georgia You Can’t Miss Exploring!

If you are exploring Savannah and love the enchanting tropical life, then this blog will help you out learning about the same! Whether on islands off the coast of Georgia or in neighboring South Carolina, there are a number of beaches near Savannah Georgia, from the more developed to the more natural. These beaches are perfect for a family getaway and to run away from the daily hustle and bustle!

Tybee island near Savannah is surrounded by many tropical beaches and gives us a chance to explore its serenity! There are plenty of beaches around Savannah Georgia that you can plan to visit with your family or with your travel companion. Easily accessible, these beaches have become popular tourist spots, since people of the city love the beach sands and exploring tempting activities. Below are the beaches close to Savannah GA where you can easily plan to explore and experience the tranquility!

6 Beaches Near Savannah Georgia

1. Mid Beach, Tybee Island (Near Savannah)

Mid Beach, Tybee Island (Near Savannah)

Those searching for a calmer choice with fewer groups will appreciate disappearing to Mid Beach. The wide stretches of sand have dunes, vegetation, and fauna, including a periodic turtle nest. One of the good beaches in Savannah GA, it runs lined up with many get-away rentals and is well known with occupants.

Without a doubt, it’s neighborhood #1 and has fewer conveniences and just a single beachfront restaurant, the Deck Beach Bar and Kitchen, so try to pack a few tidbits. The beach has street parking accessible, and washrooms are found a portion of a traffic light away at Memorial Park. Mid Beach runs from 1st Street to South Beach at 14th Street.

2. South Beach, Tybee Island

South Beach, Tybee Island, Savannah, United States, North America

Tybee Island is a fast 20-minute drive from Savannah. This beach town has a few beaches, with the most famous being South Beach. It’s the busiest and has the most offices, with shops, restaurants, restrooms, bars, and a lot of parking. Delicate sand and delicate waves looked after by lifeguards make it ideal for swimming.

When wrapped up with the beach, stroll the Tybee Island Pier and Structure while eating frozen yogurt and watching the freight ships. South Beach stretches out southwards from fourteenth Street to eighteenth Street. It is among the top beaches near Savannah Georgia.

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3. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (Near Savannah)

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Savannah

Just across the boundary in South Carolina lies the dazzling Hilton Head. Most of the island contains gated retreats and fairways, yet the beaches are open for public use. The most visited is Coligny Beach Park, which attracts occupants and visitors the same. Loosen up on the wide sand beaches, snatch a beverage at the Tiki Hut or, for the more dynamic, play volleyball or lease a bicycle.

Driessen Beach Park and Burkes Beach are more serene choices, while Birch Path is ideal for swimming. Anything state of mind strikes, Hilton Head Island has everything. It’s a simple 45 minutes from Savannah.

4. North Beach, Tybee Island

North Beach, Tybee Island, Savannah, United States, North America

North Beach is one of the most-visited beaches near Savannah Georgia. While the sand probably won’t be all around as delicate as on South Beach, being sprinkled with seashells, North Beach is less packed and his perspectives on the Tybee Island Light Station compensate for it. It’s the closest beach to Savannah, and the one inhabitants frequently visit.

At the point when the tide is out, go for a stroll over to the tide pools to see the marine life or over to the damp Savannah Waterway to watch the birds feed. Once in a while, dolphins are even spotted. North Beach has paid parking, restrooms, and foot-washing stations. The beach runs from the northern tip of Tybee Island to Highway 80.

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5. Jekyll Island, Georgia (Close To Savannah)

Jekyll Island, Georgia, Near Savannah

Beaches around Savannah Georgia are plenty! Part of Georgia’s Brilliant Isles, Jekyll Island is a calmer option in contrast to St Simons Island. With 10mi (16km) of sandy shores, there are numerous choices to browse. Named one of America’s “Top 10 Romantic Beaches,” Driftwood Beach (so named in light of the wealth of driftwood) is famous with picture takers as a result of the forest of frozen trees stretching to the sky.

Alongside the standard paths, trekking, and running on the island, there is the thrilling Summer Waves Water Park to exhaust children (and grown-ups). The drive from Savannah is an hour and a half, and a confirmation/parking charge applies to all visitors to the island.

6. St Simons Island, Georgia

St Simons Island, Georgia, Savannah, United States, North America

St Simons Island lies off the coast of Georgia, among Jacksonville and Savannah. It is among the dog friendly beaches near Savannah. While this unexpected, yet invaluable treasure has extremely durable occupants, it likewise attracts visitors because of its restaurants, shops, and untainted beaches. Massengale Park Beach is the most well-known, complete with lifeguards, cookout regions, and a bathhouse.

Another most loved is Coast Guard Station Beach, which likewise has lifeguards and a bathhouse. St Simons is likewise home to a wealth of natural life and ocean life for visitors to appreciate, including dolphins, whales, alligators, and raccoons to give some examples. It’s a 1.5hr drive from Savannah. It is among the best public beach near Savannah GA.

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If you are a beach lover and love to explore the sands, then we suggest you explore these pristine beaches close to Savannah GA. If you are playing for a perfect weekend getaway, then we bet you will have a great time. Remember to carry a sunscreen lotion to avoid tanning. Now it’s up to you when you are planning to explore these beaches near Savannah Georgia!

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