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8 Tropical Beaches In Curacao That Are Too Surreal To Believe!

High on the rundown for sun-chasing travelers, Curacao’s 38 beaches offer more to do than simply relax on white sand under palm trees. Situated along the safeguarded Curaçao Underwater Marine Park, the beaches on the island’s southern side give extraordinarily clear waters and an overflow of marine life, making swimming, snorkeling, and diving here a vital experience. With various secret bayous sprinkled along Curaçao’s shoreline, visitors have enough of a chance to partake in an alternate stretch of sand consistently for north of a month.

To kick you off, here’s a rundown of a few incredible beaches in Curacao that are very much cherished by locals as well as generally free to the general population.

8 Pleasurable Beaches In Curacao

1. Playa Forti

Playa Forti is found northwest of the island in a village called Westpunt, which is well known for end-of-the-week excursions. While relaxing in the pebbly sand is generally great, numerous visitors here lean toward hopping all things considered — directly from the precipice into the turquoise water beneath. On the off chance that bluff hopping isn’t your thing, take a load off at neighboring Café Playa Forti and watch the jumpers from a good way. Similarly, as with most beaches on the island, Playa Forti can get very bustling on Sundays.

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2. Playa Jeremi

Likewise situated in the northwest of Curaçao close to the village of Lagun, Playa Jeremi is a famous decision for locals but generally obscure to tourists. Steps cut into rocks lead the way to this restricted bay that likewise incorporates a reef wall with excellent coral developments. With little vegetation to offer shade, we suggest you bring along your umbrella along with your cooler and snacks since, in the same way as other beaches on this rundown, there are no offices. However, assuming you ask us, that is simply an aspect of the appeal — and the gleaming sea water doesn’t hurt by the same token.

3. Santa Cruz

South of the village of Lagun sits the wide cove of Santa Cruz. Famous with locals on the ends of the week and during holidays for setting up camp, Santa Cruz Inlet is a beach that offers inviting water as well as the advantages of concealed regions, bathrooms, and a café called Skipper Great Life. Climbing enthusiasts will partake in the seven-minute path, which begins at the left of the narrows close to the eatery and prompts the secret beach of Santu Pretu, as well as the famous Blue Room underwater cavern.

Contingent upon the tide and on account of its thin opening, you might need to place your hands along the stones to feel when you’re free to enter the actual cavern, where you can appreciate snorkeling in electric blue water. The Blue Room isn’t suggested for individuals who are claustrophobic.

4. Playa Kenepa Grandi

Otherwise called Grote Knip in Dutch, this all-around flawless beach between the villages of Westpunt and Lagun is quite possibly of the most well-known picture that spring up in web looks for “best Curaçao beach,” reasonable in view of its staggering white-sand coastline. Here, you can lease an umbrella, beach seat, and, surprisingly, a kayak, in addition, to buy beverages and food. There is likewise a bathroom accessible. Do take note that these offices may not be open during the week.

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5. Playa Kenepa Chikí

Close to Grote Knip lies the less popular Kleine Knip, or Playa Kenepa Chikí. While this beach is most certainly more modest than its well-known neighbor, it’s dearest for its white sand and noteworthy snorkeling — the best is on the left half of the beach close to the bluff. You’ll track down noteworthy biodiversity of coral, home to squid and fish of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Manta beams and turtles are much of the time spotted here too.

6. Daaibooi

Simply a 30-minute drive from Willemstad, near the village of Sint Willibrordus, is Daaibooi. It’s one of a handful of beaches where grilling is permitted, making it extremely well-known to the locals. You are destined to be invited on Sundays with whiffs of barbecued meat, which without a doubt will be served close to a solid part of potato salad.

However, for the individuals who don’t want to drag their barbecue to the beach, there is a little lunch room and beach seats for lease. What’s more, you’ll see Daaibooi’s set of experiences in leftovers of walls from when the sound was a harbor for little boats, which would gather salt from neighboring plantations to be transported to Europe.

7. Playa Lagun

Beautiful wooden fishing boats line Playa Lagun’s shore, making it quite possibly the most striking beach on the island. This limited inlet safeguarded by limestone bluffs is well known with anglers, jumpers, and snorkelers the same. It has a rich underwater world with little bays in the bluff wall, a lot of fish, and even seahorses. Visit promptly in the first part of the day for a superior opportunity to recognize turtles, and search for iguanas bouncing from the bluffs in the early evening hours. These ancient-looking reptiles, local to the island, are known to be exceptional swimmers.

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8. Playa Manzalina

Despite the fact that it’s not free, Playa Manzalina is irrefutably worth a visit for its withdrawal and wild magnificence. It’s one of four lacking beaches on the private San Juan plantation and a #1 for Curaçaoans due to its openness and numerous manzalina trees covering the shore. Albeit these trees — which the beach is named after — offer the main safe house from the blistering sun, and avoid the noxious products of the soil.

On the off chance that you favor a more disconnected and concealed region, come right on time to guarantee the main spot accessible in the close by shallow cavern found the entire way to one side of the beach. The way to the sand can be rough in the blustery season, so it’s ideal to travel in a Jeep or pickup truck. Every vehicle entering the private home is expected to pay 10 guilders, or US$5.50, to the respectable man standing by the remnants of the old San Juan plantation house.

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