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8 Picturesque Beaches In South Korea To Rejuvenate Yourself!

Whether you need to surf or absorb in the sun, South Korea flaunts a-list sea shores, that satisfy your craving for a superb oceanside excursion. South Korea is enclosed by water on three sides, bragging wide cluster of sea shores that make it an ocean side heaven too. Besides, a portion of the sea shores in South Korea are popularized with water exercises and rich eateries while others are disconnected and quiet.

In any case, regardless of what they offer, each shore on this land is great for your genuinely necessary getaway from regular daily existence where you can retain the radiating beams of the sun and sprinkle around in the water.

8 Breathtaking Beaches In South Korea

South Korea’s sea shores are dependably the most chosen destinations to loosen up with your loved ones. Pick from the underneath recorded sea shores in South Korea to make your get-away paramount.

1. Seobin

Concealed from the Jeju coast, Udo known as Peanut Island is home to one of the most popular South Korea sea shores named Seobin Beach. Hold a scoop of nut frozen yogurt and loosen up on the dazzling white sand of the happy Seobin Beach. Drench in the excellence of the gin-clear water gleaming in its own magnificence with turquoise tone. This is a lovely normal attraction and is the main coral-best ocean side in South Korea.

Highlights: Seobin is the main coral ocean side in South Korea

Places To Stay: Haevichi Resort, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, and Hotel Loft

Things To Do: Songdo Skywalk & Songdo Cable Car.

Places To Eat: Ujin Haejangguk, JejuKimManbok and MODICA

How To Reach: Take a trip to Jeju International Airport and afterward board a taxi to Seongsan-ri port and next take a ship to Udo island of Udo

Tourist Attractions Nearby: Udo, Seongsan Ilchulbong, Aquaplanet Jeju, and Haenyeo Museum

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2. Haeundae

Need to notice the Busan International Film of South Korea? Then, at that point, the Haeundae ocean side in South Korea is a blockbuster ocean side that ought to be on your rundown. Further, this occasion is held in October for certain best occasions led right on the sand. Haeundae Beach in Busan has acquired wide distinction and is the most tasteful region in South Korea.

Included among the best sea shores in South Korea, here you can join the party to root for the new year or unwind at this awesome ocean side. Attributable to its prominence, there are a few tasks like Marine City and brilliant high rises like Haeundae LCT The Sharp, and Haeundae Doosan We have the Zenith helping the distinction of this white sun sand ocean side.

Highlights: Busan International Film

Places To Stay: Best Western Hotel Haeundae, Paradise Hotel Busan, and Fairfield by Marriott Busan

Places To Eat: Coffee Mandalay, Seorae Seafood Restaurant, Burger King Haeundae Beach, and Bonchon Chicken Haeundae

How To Reach: Haeundae Beach stop is the closest stop while this ocean side appreciates simple network to Busan Subway Line 2

Close by Tourist Attractions: Sealife Busan Aquarium, Radium Art Center, APEC Naru Park, Buddhist temple, and Haeundae Cinema Street

3. Hajodae

Hajodae is an ocean side that is extended two miles and has serious areas of strength for numerous to be nicknamed ‘Surfy’ ocean side. In the event that you are truly keen on surfing, this is one of the popular sea shores in South Korea known for its riding movement. Other than appreciating the magnificence of the ocean side, the Hajodae beacon that neglects the ocean side offers entrancing perspectives that merit the ascension.

This ocean side offers two separate zones for swimmers and surfers. Every one of the offices is given to permit surfers to partake in their best. Additionally, the riding office of the new age is accessible for devoted fanatics of surfers. Arranged among the popular South Korean sea shores, Hajodae is a must-visit place for all surfers.

Highlights: Surfing

Places To Stay: Daemyung Sol Beach Hotel and Resort, The Suites Hotel Naksan, and International Motel

Things To Do: Go to the beacon, Surf around the ocean, and experience swimming on the ocean side

Places To Eat: Green Sashimi Restaurant, Deungdae Cafe, Cheolsu Sashimi Restaurant, and Ha Gwangjeong Fishing Village Gye

How To Reach: Easy network is accessible as there are immediate buses that interconnect Gangneung and Hajodae. Likewise, you can take a taxi from Yangyang Intercity Bus Terminal to reach Hajodae, it will barely require 10 minutes

Close by Tourist Attractions: Seoraksan National Park, Naksansa Temple, and Gyeongpo Beach

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4. Eurwangni

Only a couple of moments from the Incheon Airport, Eurwangni is an entrancing bend that is loaded up with shallow water that is well-suited for rowing. Additionally, this oceanside destination is packed by and large around the year and is loaded up with gleaming white sand. Maybe, it is the main galactic perception region in the suburbia of Seoul. In the event that you are planning for a stay here, there are plentiful facilities accessible at a sensible cost.

Highlights: Perfect destination to unwind and loosen up with your loved ones

Places To Stay: Cherbourg Tourist Hotel, Incheon Airport Beach Hotel, Incheon Prince Hotel, and Seaworld Tourist Hotel

Places To Eat: Chungcheong Do Grilled Clams, Gyeonggi Sashimi Grilled Clams, Wando Office Dining in Dang, and River Reung Sashimi Grilled Cla

How To Reach: From Seoul, take a bus to Eurwangni Beach by means of the Incheon International Airport, which will require around 1 hour 54 minutes

Close by Tourist Attractions: Muuido Island, Incheon Airport Maglev, and Masian Beach

5. Hamdeok

The gleaming and shallow water of Hamdeok Beach is the ideal place for swimmers of youthful age. You can track down that the sand here is basically as delicate and flawless as you track down in Hawaii. Likewise, the palm trees influencing the coastlines are a wonder of being explored. You can visit the best cafes and places where you can employ a kayak or a banana boat to enjoy daring rides.

Places To Stay: The Artstay – Jeju Hamdeok, Aimi Jeju Beach Hotel Ocean Grand Hotel.

Things To Do: Head to the best bistros and places around this ocean side. Banana Boat Ride and Kayak are famous exercises you can appreciate

Places To Eat: Cafe Delmoondo, Pigsy Empty Cans Briquet Grill, and Beodeu Wood House

How To Reach: You can reach this ocean side by means of a taxi, bus, or vehicle. The least expensive choice is taking a bus from Donggwangyang which will require close to 21 minutes. To travel to this destination in the span of 15 minutes, then take a taxi from Jeju City

Close by Tourist Attractions: Bukchon-ri Haedong, Bultab Buddhist Temple Five Floor Stone Pagoda, Jeju Bada Chehumjang, and Jeju Hangul Memorial Hall

6. Daecheon Beach

Daecheon Beach is situated a ways off of 30 minutes by means of the street and is not really 3 hours from Seoul. Likewise, you can track down a lot of shells and stones on this ocean side. This ocean side is perhaps of the biggest ocean side in Korea where the Boryeong Mud Festival happens in mid-July. There are a lot of exercises that the beachgoers can appreciate during this celebration. Procured a great place on the tourism map, this oceanside is one of the magnificent sea shores in South Korea close to Seoul.

Highlights: Iconic Boryeong Mud Festival is held in the period of July on this oceanside

Places To Stay: Boryeong Daecheon Fine, Daecheon Zenith Hotel, and Daecheon Westopia Resort

Places To Eat: Ottogi Sashimi Restaurant, Angel in Us, Clams Deul Uisu Da, and Cheonsu Sashimi Restaurant

How To Reach: Get off at Seoul-Incheon International Airport (ICN) and afterward get a train from Onyang Oncheon Station to Daecheon Station. Then, take one of the city buses with 100, 101, and 103 courses to reach this oceanside

Close by Tourist Attractions: Muchangpo Tideland and Gaehwa Art Park

7. Muchangpo Beach

Muchangpo Beach is quite possibly of the most renowned oceans side in South Korea that is near Daecheon Beach. Get away from the bustling sound of the city, and you can partake in the dazzling perspective of pine trees and chilled water. Muchangpo Beach is one of the marvelous sea shores in South Korea close to Seoul that is visited by tourists and local people the same. Splitting of the red ocean is a wonderful occasion that happens in Muchangpo Beach.

This is known as Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Festival that is hung on this ocean side. The ocean parts during this celebration that creating a 1.5 km long division as far as possible from Muchangpo Beach to Seokdaedo Island. Known as Modern Moses Miracle, this occasion happens consistently. Other than this, you can appreciate a lot of attractions and celebratory exhibitions, a street light motorcade, and a lot more things.

Highlights: Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Festival is a vital feature of this oceanside

Places To Stay: Hotel Mudrin, Day Nice Hotel, Gunsan Riverhill, and Lotte Resort Buyeo

Places To Eat: Yagyeong Sashimi Restaurant, Street Seon Sashimi Restaurant, Bu River Sashimi Restaurant, and GreenHouse

How To Reach: Board a train from Muchangpo Beach to Seoul by means of Incheon Station, Asan Station, and Cheonan Asan Station which will require around 2 hours 43 minutes

Nearby Tourist Attractions: Gaehwa Art Park and Daecheon Beach

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8. Naksan Beach

Naksan Beach is situated on Gangwon-do Province’s upper east coast in South Korea. Given with eminent Seoraksan Mountains as a setting, this oceanside is an ideal place for holidays. While heading here, don’t miss the wonderful perspectives on the dawn from Uisangdae Pavilion, Naksansa Temple, as well as the Mt. Seoraksan National Park.

This is a long sandy ocean side that is crossing 4 km. It is lined by expansive walkways, pine trees, and much dazzling grand excellence. In the event that you are planning to take your family on an oceanside excursion here, then, at that point, the spotless and serene water on this oceanside will dazzle you.

Places To Stay: The Suites Hotel Naksan, Naksan Beach Hotel, World Beach Motel, and Two Y Hotel

Places To Eat: Sashimi Love Sashimi Restaurant, Baekyang Sashimi Restaurant, Hamheung Sushi Center, and Fisher Female Diver Sliced Fish Sashimi Restaurant

How To Reach: Take a bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Naksan, then from Naksan Intercity Bus Terminal turn right, and make a beeline for Naksan Beach

Tourist Attractions: Naksansa Temple, Sangdae Pavilion, and Daepo Port

Ensure you remember the previously mentioned sea shores for South Korea in your itinerary for a really restoring holiday experience in this country. All things considered, sun-kissed sea shores, a peaceful vibe, a wonderful climate, and first-class tourist attractions are the USP of this adorable destination, and your get-away in South Korea will give you recollections to love forever!

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