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8 Chilling Water Parks In Bulgaria Perfect For A Family Vacation!

The Bulgarian Black Sea shore is a pervasive tourist escape all through Europe. The coast is renowned for its huge beaches and regions like Sunny beach for the mid-year merriments. Following a couple of days in the sun, you might require some extra fun in a portion of the fabulous water parks along the dark ocean coast. There are many water parks of various sizes in Bulgaria that will speak to your kids as well as that internal identity of yours.

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8 Most Enjoyable Water Parks In Bulgaria

1. Aquapolis

The Aquapolis water park is unquestionably the most dazzling water park in Bulgaria. The park was made by Spanish specialists who constructed various water parks in Spain. Aquapolis has a surface area of 40,000 m2 for 3,000 individuals, it likewise has rides and pools for each age. The adrenaline viewpoint involves a 60 km/h Kamikaze slide, 2 dark openings, a wild stream, and a Niagara slide with elastic rings.

The park is parted into three regions: adults, children, and extremes. The adult part has an exquisite careless stream that goes through a water sanctuary and a cascade. Obviously, there are a lot of unwinding regions, restaurants, and a good time for adults and youngsters outside the water.

Area: Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Highlight: “Extreme Zone” for the adrenaline rush

2. Action Aqua Park

The action water park was among the main water parks in Bulgaria to be opened. The park, covering an area of 36,000 m2, has around 30 water amusement parks, basically for kids and adults. Assuming that you like roller coasters, there’s the “Extreme” – a slide of 70 km/h with a dive of 18 meters or a drop that is nearly as quick. Disturbance, Multi-slide, Kamikaze, Twister, Hydrochute, Black Hole, or the particular Uphill Navigator are different slides to try out.

In the event that you need it, the careless stream or the wave pool might be the right thing for you. There is a kids’ region with an outside pool and a water castle; there is likewise a small-scale zoo and CGI program for youngsters, while guardians can chill around the beautiful adult pool. Assuming that you are eager while visiting the park, there are a few restaurants serving ordinary cheap food, pizza, and pasta.

Area: Sunny Beach Resort | Main Road, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Highlight: 330 meters in length Lenya River, wellsprings, and springs

3. Aqualand

The Aqualand water park in Plovdiv is surely additionally worth visiting. The park in Plovdiv has a place with a sizeable games community. All slides in Aqualand are white with turquoise bits, which is somewhat surprising. The park has around 10 roller coasters along with a Kamikaze slide, a 20-meter fall rotator joined by a revolution, and a dark opening drop. The Elephant and the Octopus are the highlights of children regarding slides. The park additionally has a few pools and zones where you can loosen up on loungers.

Area: Teofan Raynov St. 3, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria

Highlight: The ruler cobra water slide

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4. Aqua Paradise

The Aqua Paradise water park is one you could visit assuming that you are an extended get-away anyplace on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. At Aqua Paradise, slides are furnished with houses of God and privateer ships in an unceremonious/marauder world. The top rush slides are the Kamikaze and Space Jam, not surprisingly, all of which start at the highest point of the castle tower. For the people who look for slides with undeniably less velocity, rides, for example, the twisting and dream or maybe the boating slide, the longest ceaseless slide in Bulgaria, are accessible.

For the little ones, there is a lower water pool with a water castle and a pool for the youngsters. There is a carefree waterway, a wave pool, and an ideal world island with hydrotherapy, a whirlpool, and reflexology to unwind. Assuming you are avaricious when you tour the water park, you can definitely relax; there are many bars and inexpensive food chains inside the park.

Area: Nessebar, principal street, Nessebar 8230, Bulgaria

Highlight: Surfboarding

5. Luna Park

In Luna Park Sunny Beach, you can make genuine family recollections and exhilarating experiences. Take your kids to the Dragon Coaster country or to the local group of firefighters’ trucks. Go through a relaxed day at Sunny Beach, the silliest time for your holidays. Put a grin on your kids’ countenances with these rides. They likewise can take you to the planet of arcades and reclaiming games, offering you the chance to play tomfoolery and score extraordinary awards to fill your heart with joy and invigoration.

Assuming you figure you ought to get your endorphins up, the park can likewise offer extreme rides that will defy your interests about speed and level.

Area: Sunny Beach 8240, Bulgaria

Highlight: Dragon Coaster

6. Aqua Planet

The Primorsko Aqua Planet is arranged in the hotel of Primorsko, 40 km south of Bourgas. This water park has water slides and pools. It is a little park, not brimming with people, but rather part of a sizeable games place, a spa and wellbeing focus, volleyball and ball courts, and a rec center. Aqua Planet Primorsko is the ideal place for family parties, birthday events, and sunbathing.

Area: Town Primorsko, Bulgaria

Highlight: Kamikaze Slide

7. Kuban Aquapark in Sunny Beach

The Kuban Hotel Aquapark is the earliest aquapark in Sunny Beach. Hotel and aquapark visitors can savor water attractions, for example, Kamikaze, Dragon Curving, Black Hole, Braid, and other water slides. There are two bars and a Mexican food eatery that serves flavorful dishes and addresses the issues of the most whimsical connoisseur.

Area: Sunny Beach Resort, Sunny Beach 8240, Bulgaria (Formerly Kuban Hotel)

Highlight: Octopus Slide

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8. Aquapark Neptun

Aquapark Neptun gives a genuine trip and a particular place for Bulgaria to its visitors. You’ll find everything you really want for an ideal day brimming with a good time for the entire family in the Aquapark Neptune region. The numerous heroes, inviting staff and watched water slides guarantee the prosperity of your children and allow you the opportunity to relax with a refreshment in your grasp. 

The famous castle “In adoration with the breeze” in Ravadinovo is situated close to the Aqua park, a sublime motivating force to merge water thrills with idealism in the fairytale realm. Aquapark Neptun gives its supporters a superb cost-quality proportion with its enticing offers and price conditions!

Area: Ravadinovo Village, Sozopol 8146, Bulgaria

Highlight: Thunder Cruise

Kick back this mid-year and parlor poolside while your kids have a great time on your trip to Bulgaria. Or on the other hand, assuming you are feeling vivacious, maybe even go along with them. With a universe of water-themed diversion at your feet, nothing could turn out badly.

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