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7 Divine Hindu Temples In Bangladesh That Are Oldest & Biggest!

Hindu temple is the place of love of the Hindu divinities. ‘Temple’ signifies ‘Place of Divine beings’ to the Hindu people group. We see many historical Hindu temples on the planet as well as in Bangladesh. The temples are the beliefs and strict images of Hinduism to unite individuals and divinities. As per George Mitchell, the Hindu temple is an otherworldly focus where individuals from the universe of Hinduism come to go to their God.

Hindu temples are a mix of workmanship, strict convictions, values, and Hindu lifestyle. It is one of the associations of people, divine beings, and men in a strict place.

7 Revered Hindu Temples In Bangladesh

Hinduism is perhaps the oldest religion on the planet. Temple is a place of petition and love for the Hindus. Hindus go to the temple to appeal to the Maker. There are various compositionally delightful temples in Bangladesh. Consequently, the temple is a sacred place for Hindus. However Hinduism started in India, the religion was spread in Europe and America. Furthermore, today we are familiar with the main 7 Hindu temples in Bangladesh.

1. ‍Sree Sree Thakur Anukul Chandra Ashram

Satsang Ashram of Anukul Chandra is situated in the village of Hemayetpur, Pabna. Sree Shiv Chandra Chakraborty of Hemayetpur village was the dad of Anukul Chandra and his mom was Shri Jukta Manmohani Devi. The Satsang Ashram was initially based on a straightforward design; No critical building highlights were found in it. The highest point of the square-formed building, notwithstanding, was covered with four three-sided molded rooftops. The little callus at the highest point of this temple was captivating in its finale.

Anukul Chandra has laid out a humanitarian association called ‘Satsang’. In fact, the good Tagore has forfeited his property for human government assistance. The recently developed Satsang-ashram-temple attracts the consideration of all. A major service was coordinated here to praise the birth and demise commemoration of Sree Anukul Chandra. Individuals from India likewise come here.

To arrive at Satsang Ashram, first, you need to come to the Pabna transport terminal from any place in the country. From Pabna Transport Terminal, it is found 7 (seven) km away.

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2. Sri Chaitanya Mandir, Sylhet

Sylhet is quite possibly of the most gorgeous place in Bangladesh. Many holy people, legends, spirituals, writers, craftsmen, scholars, and characters were brought into the world in Sylhet. One of the great temples of Sylhet is Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was brought into the world on February 18, 1486, in this Sylhet. Presently this place is one of the Advanced compositional delights in Bangladesh, particularly the walls, fundamental structures, entryways, and entryway patio, which are attractive to all individuals.

The tribal home of Mahaprabhu on the high slopes is encircled by green vegetation. Close to it is the temple of Sri Krishna Chaitanyadeva on another slope. To one side of the fundamental temple is the Natya Mandir. From the left, the main temple is for Shri Chaitanya’s grandfather and grandfather, then his mom and father, and finally the temple of Shrikrishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Numerous celebrations, particularly in the Bangla month of Chaitra, are seen here as fans accumulate. The Hindu strict individuals as well as other strict individuals come to see this magnificent celebration. It is expressed that on one Sunday in the period of Chaitra, Gaurang Srimahaprabhu came from Navadwip to visit his hereditary home. So Baruni Mela sits all through the long stretch of Chaitra. You can undoubtedly visit the temple of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu assuming that you need.

Assuming you need you can stay with this astounding temple from the Sylhet Kadamtali transport terminal. It is just 25-26km away from Sylhet Kaddamtali transport terminal.

3. Ramna Kali Mandir, Shahbag

Ramna Kali Temple is one of the most famous temples of the Indian subcontinent. It is notable as the household of Ramna Kali. It is accepted to be around 1,000 years of age however in the English period, the temple was revamped. It is situated in Ramna Park (Presently called Suhrawardy Udyan) the capital of Bangladesh.

Ramnakali Temple was established by the local area of Shankaracharya. Around a long time back, Gopal Giri, a priest of Srinarayan’s Yoshi Math, came to Dhaka and set up a field for Ramna. Then, at that point, this field was called Kath Ghar. Afterward, the primary temple was built by Hari Charan Giri. The new temple, worked by Haricharan Giri, conveys Bengali Hindu architecture.

The sculpture of Vadarkali was placed on a wonderful wooden privileged position in the temple encased in the horse racing field.

To visit Ramna Kali Mandir, you need to come to Shahbag first, then go to the side of Bangla Foundation. You will gain admittance to Ramna Kali Mandir from here.

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4. Kal Bhairab Temple, Brahmanbaria

The Kal Bhairav Temple is one of the most historic and significant structures situated in the Brahmanbaria region of Bangladesh. Fundamentally, it is a sculpture of Shri Kal Bhairab. Sri Kal Bhairab is a Hindu divinity. From the assortment of Shiva or from the body, assortments of Kal Bhairab. It is accepted that the sculpture of Kal Bhairab is situated as the tallest sculpture on the Indian subcontinent. The symbol remains as one of the principal journey focuses in the Hindu people group, in the far Medda area of Brahmanbaria city.

Kal Bhairab is a historical and customary temple arranged on the banks of the Titas Stream. The fundamental attraction of the temple is the Kal Bhairab or Shiva symbol. The sculpture is 28 feet high. The sculpture with its tremendous shape and the eye-getting sculpture was worked in 1905. Normally, from the outset, anybody can be terrified to see the colossal sculpture. On the right half of the sculpture, there is one more sculpture of Kali and on the left is Parbati Devi.

5. Sri Lokenath Brahmachari Ashram, Bardi, Narayanganj

Sri Lokenath Brahmachari’s Ashram is found adjoining the Bardi Association Parishad of Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj area. Lokenath Brahmachari fabricated this Ashram. Inside the Ashram, there is an enormous oil painting of Lokenath Brahmachari. There is an enormous five-celebrated working behind the fundamental ashram as the traveler home. Toward the west, there are two additional enormous traveler lodges. Any individuals can remain here. There is compelling reason need to pay for this. That implies you have compelling reason need to burn through cash on remaining the evening.

Consistently, the nineteen Jaustha of Bengali month sits celebrations for seven days. On this day in 1297, Shri Lokenath Brahmachari Ashram kicked the bucket. The fair was coordinated to recognize the day of his extraordinary flight with commitment. There is an immense green field before the cloister where the fair is coordinated.

Baba Lokenath Brahmachari Ashram is presently a journey of a Hindu journey as well as a unified reasonable to all individuals, everything being equal, regardless of position.

6. Puthia Temple Complex

Puthia, is a place that attracts the most tourists who go to Rajshahi. Raja Pitambor was initially the organizer behind the Puthia line. He laid out Puthiya as the capital in the late sixteenth 100 years and from the get-go in seventeenth 100 years. He dug a repository with a few beautiful structures. Rani Bhubanwamy fabricated the Bhubaneshwar Shivmandir before a huge repository (1823-1830). It is otherwise called Pancharatna Shivmandir. Among the high and enormous groups of Shivmondir in Bangladesh, the Pancharatna Shivmandir at Puthia requests greatness in engineering style.

It is one of the vitally design delights of Bangladesh. Different attractions in Puthia incorporate Chauchala Govinda Mandir, Pancharatna Govinda Mandir, Dolamandir or Dolmancha, Dochhala little Ahik Mandir, Jagadvatri Mandir, Rathmandir, and so on. The property managers of Puthiya assembled these temples in the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years. In a similar complex of grandeur, such a temple complex is no place to be seen anyplace besides in Bangladesh. There is just a single such temple complex in Vishnupur under the Bankura region of West Bengal (India). Puthia Rajbari, temples, Dighi, and supplies, the entire square of the royal residence is an ideal and attractive place for tourists to visit.

Puthia has situated around 15km from Rajshahi city. There are numerous transportation offices from Rajshahi city to go to Puthia.

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7. Adinath Temple, Maheshkhali

Adinath Temple is arranged at the highest point of the slope of Mainak, 85.3 meters above ocean level. Adinath Temple is situated at Thakurtala village of Gorakhghata Association under Maheshkhali Upazila of Cox’s Bazar locale. It is fundamentally the temple of Mahadev. Generally, a rancher tracked down the sculpture of Mahesh (one more name for the Hindu fanciful god Mahadev) in a forest on the island. He then, at that point, fabricated a temple for the sake of this god and placed the sanctum there. Later the name Khali (trench) is related with the name of this god – cut this place is known as Maheshkhali. It is to be noticed that this temple is presently known as Adinath Temple. There are 69 steps to ascend from the island’s territory to this temple.

The length of The Adinath Temple is 10.50 meters, the width of 9.75 meters, and the level of 6 meters. The entry to the temple is angled. Its inside walls are 1.05 meters and the outside is 0.60 meters. Within the temple is partitioned into three rooms. Its north room is old. The other two rooms (East and West) were fabricated later. In the northern part, there are 2 square petitioning heaven rooms. Its size is 3.35 square meters. In the east, there is a sculpture of Adinath Shiva. What’s more, in the west room, there is a sculpture of Durga.

As of now, the temple complex has a mosque and a Rakhine Buddhist cloister. For that reason many think about the temple an image of mainstream cognizance. Great many visitors go to this temple consistently on the event of Shiva Chaturdashi. On this event, the fair sat for 10-15 days.

From Cox’s Bazar Kalatali Sugandha or Labani Point, you need to go 6 no. Breakwater Ghat. In the wake of showing up at Pier Ghat, you will see a speed boat for going to Maheshkhali with just BDT 65. Additionally, you can likewise go to Maheshkhali by boat or send off.

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