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6 Top Luxury Hotels In Mongolia That Are Beautifully Designed!

At the point when we consider Mongolia, we envision a rough wild: the Gobi Desert. The Mongolian Steppe. Falcon trackers in the Altai Mountains and migrant herders close to Lake Khövsgöl. In any case, there is another face to the country. Prodded on by abundance from late mining projects, Mongolia currently likewise brags an exhibit of luxury facilities.

We’ve chosen the greatest high-end plan hotels for a visit to Mongolia — the best places to drape your cap following some serious time camel riding in the Gobi, horseback riding in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, or traveling in Vulture Gorge. Whether you attempt airag — a Mongolian staple comprising of matured female horse’s milk — at any of these spots is totally dependent upon you.

6 High-End Luxury Hotels In Mongolia

1. Three Camel Lodge, the Gobi Desert


Opened in 2002, Three Camel Lodge is the highest quality level by which any remaining ger camps are estimated. Every one of the lodge’s 40 impeccably planned gers (otherwise called yurts) opens right onto the Gobi desert, where ponies meander somewhere far off. The gers are hand tailored utilizing a latticed wood structure, then overlaid with material and felt. Each ger contains wood-consuming ovens and hand-painted wooden furnishings, with en suite washrooms and lavishly hot showers.

Satisfying the highest biological principles, Three Camel Lodge uses both breeze and sun-oriented energy and works with neighborhood specialists to advance practical turn of events and protection. There’s even a natural nursery from which a significant part of the lodge’s cooking is obtained. Visitors can appreciate horseback riding, camel riding, back rubs, and Mongolian cooking classes, as well as Mongolian-centered films in the lodge’s private screening room.

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2. Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar

Situated in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, the dignified five-star Shangri-La Hotel opened in 2015. Its rich plan highlights 290 rooms, large numbers of which ignore the Incomparable Chinggis Khaan Square. Drawing from its environmental elements, the Shangri-La’s hall contains embellishing glass lights looking like hunting horns to address the migrant culture of Mongolia, and the suites include customary Mongolian cut designs. The hotel likewise flaunts three noteworthy eateries and a 7,000-square-meter wellness club with a pool and committed spinning room, as well as the biggest official suite in Mongolia.

3. Terelj Hotel and Spa, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Initially a day camp for Soviet holiday producers, the Terelj Hotel went through a multimillion-dollar redesign and resumed in 2008. A 150,000-square-foot neoclassical plan situated on the banks of the Terelj Waterway in grand Gorkhi-Terelj National Park (40 miles from Ulaanbaatar), the Terelj Hotel highlights 52 classy suites, all equipped with Mongolian cashmere covers and supplied with regional collectibles. There’s a stogie relaxation with a private overhang, a colonnaded structure-style pool that summons Budapest’s celebrated Gellért Showers, a rich library with Mongolian-themed perusing, and, surprisingly, a conventional ger situated inside the hotel’s walls for instructive purposes.

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4. Ashihai Tourist Camp, Lake Khövsgöl, Khövsgöl Nuur National Park

Roosted on the western shore of unspoiled Lake Khövsgöl (the “Blue Pearl of Mongolia”), Ashihai Tourist Camp really got started in 2009. The camp highlights 15 rich gers roosting on wooden stages loaded with privately made furnishings. Two multi-floor chalet structures give 20 extra rooms to visitors. The actual lodge is a perfectly built wooden undertaking with a lounge area and bar to make all craftsmen jealous, and a close-by lakeside huge fire region gives dazzling nightfall sees. Visitor exercises at Ashihai incorporate yak riding, sailing, and even scuba jumping, with an on-location dairy giving guidance in the specialty of Mongolian cheddar and yogurt production.

5. HS Khaan Resort Hotel, Hui Doloon Hudag Valley

This Japanese-claimed resort an hour west of Ulaanbaatar highlights 25 amazing ger suites, each ready to rest up to four individuals. Completely finished in 2008, the gers are totally furnished with canopied beds, Jacuzzi-showers, and even back rub tables for in-home treatment. The principal lodge opens onto an outside eating yard ignoring the huge fields beneath, and a telescope gives thrilling stargazing open doors. Horseracing enthusiasts observe: the hotel turns into a superb review spot during Mongolia’s yearly Naadam Celebration (July 11-15), with its gers in closeness to the celebration’s horseracing site.

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6. Toilogt Ger Camp, Lake Khövsgöl, Khövsgöl Nuur National Park

Relatively few resorts let you pick between beguiling wooden lodges, Mongolian gers, and lean-tos — yet every one of the three is a lot on offer at Toilogt Ger Camp, which has been working starting around 1991. The lakeside lean-tos, made principally of birch bark and looking like those of Local Americans, are similarly valid to Mongolia, being the essential residences of the Tsaatan public — a Northern Mongolian reindeer-grouping clan. Downplayed and sensibly priced, Toilogt offers a brilliant area, with staggering perspectives on Lake Khövsgöl from its own personal landmass.

The camp is very eco-cognizant: All wastewater is shipped out of the park, and sun-oriented power drives a large part of the camp’s warming. In the nights there is customary Mongolian throat-singing and moving by the staff, and the camp organizes visits to the reindeer herders’ gers upon demand. An on-location sauna balances the experience with the chance for all-out unwinding.

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