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6 Breathtaking Places To Experience Paragliding In Nepal!

For each experience addict, it’s a fantasy to vanquish the pinnacles of the Himalayas in Nepal. From the unpleasant climbing trails to encountering kayaking and boating over the spouting waterway bed, Nepal has everything to satisfy the hunger for experience. Very much like these, paragliding is another experience action that attracts tourists who need to take off overhead.

Envision yourself flying overhead like a bird, and when you peer down, all you can see are the marvels of nature. The wealth of grand excellence, with green valleys, snow-covered mountains, white-spouting water streams, and more make paragliding in Nepal an experience worth living no less than once in a blue moon.

6 Places To Experience Paragliding In Nepal

In the event that you have the guts to fly overhead like a bird, then don’t pass up these 6 places to experience paragliding in Nepal which will allow you the opportunity to float and observe the unafraid magnificence of this nature’s heaven. The best chance to paraglide in Nepal is from September to early June.

1. Pokhara

Take off out of sight and witness the pleasant perspective on the snow-covered mountains and immaculate lakes by partaking in the adventure of encountering paragliding in Pokhara which is one of the most amazing paragliding places in Nepal. Alongside the experienced pilots, experience addicts can pick among the tandem flights and the completely ensured paragliding courses, solo flights, and even have the opportunity to fly with the falcons!

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2. Chapakharka

Witness the completely clear sky at Chapakharka in Kathmandu as you take off from the level 2100 meters from the ocean level. This region is encircled by lavish plant life and tremendously spread vegetation and contamination-free air to take inside. This place is found only 13 km from the Tribhuvan Worldwide Air terminal in Kathmandu and makes an extraordinary area to experience paragliding in Nepal.

3. Kot Danda

Kot Danda is one of the best paragliding places in Nepal. One more pearl settled inside Kathmandu is the Kot Danda valley which is likewise a beautiful paragliding spot. Found 12 Kms from Tribhuvan air terminal, aside from being the ideal spot for the warm route, this place is additionally honored with the best perspectives on the lavish green vegetation and birds. Ensure you adhere to all the well-being directions given to you while paragliding here.

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4. Godavari

Settled a good ways off of 10 Kms from Patan and Kathmandu, this place is heaven for experience addicts. The Godavari is one of the best paragliding spots in Nepal where travelers can partake in the excitement of floating in the midst of the amazing scenery sees decorated with vegetation. Click pictures with your eyes and store them in the SD card of your recollections to cherish them for a lifetime.

5. Phulchowki

Phulchowki is one more area of interest among the paragliding places in Nepal. Frequently called the valley of blossoms in Nepal, Phulchowki is the most noteworthy green slope from where experience addicts can take off and skim overhead. This is one of the unmistakable mountain tops which encompasses the Kathmandu valley and makes an incredible spot for daring people to paraglide and climb to the pinnacle.

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6. Bandipur

Bandipur is one more spot among the famous paragliding places in Nepal that offers amazing perspectives. You get to see Manaslu mountain, Ganesh Himal top, and the Annapurna massif of the Himalayas. Tandem flying is accessible so regardless of whether this is your most memorable time paragliding, you can depend on the pilot who might be flying with you. You can go for a quiet grand float or a gymnastic tumbling. Ensure you wear shoes that grasp your feet and furthermore an agreeable coat.

Agencies Offering Best Paragliding In Nepal

For experience addicts, there are numerous agencies that deal with and arrange paragliding exercises in Nepal at different lovely take-off spots. Significantly the agencies give courses in and around Pokhara city which is a center for paragliders. A portion of the notable agencies are the

Sunrise Paragliding, Pokhara, Nepal

Blue Sky Paragliding, Pokhara, Nepal

Mountain Bird of prey Aero Sports Club, Pokhara, Nepal

Encountering paragliding in Nepal will allow you the opportunity to observe the amazing perspective on the Phewa Lake, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu which merits facing the challenge.

Paragliding Cost In Nepal

Paragliding may not be a spending plan experience for everybody except on the off chance that you have that rush inside you, this is a must-experience in Nepal. The paragliding cost in Nepal can fluctuate as the prices are not fixed and it might vary as per the season.

1. Tandem Flight Of Paragliding

Tandem paragliding is ideal openness for novices as there will be a pilot and you will be situated in a different bridle before the pilot. Tandem paragliding gives influences travelers to click pictures while flying and converse with the pilot and it’s very agreeable when contrasted with flying all alone.

2. Flying All alone

Experienced explorers who need to partake in the excitement of paragliding all alone, can benefit from a flying permit from the common flight office in Pokhara. The entire strategy of getting a permit is easy and requires only 60 minutes.

Cost of permit: INR 4,520

Documents Required: Identification copy, Visa copy, Photo, Paragliding license, and proof of insurance.

Paragliding in Nepal, Pokhara is quite possibly the most well-known courageous thing to do in this ravishing city on Phewa Lake. There are around 19 paragliding organizations that run business tandem flights in Pokhara.

  • Standard Flight (30 minutes) – INR 7,500
  • Cross-Country (40-an hour) – INR 11,000
  • GoPro footage (5 minutes video, 30 stills) – INR 1,700

Paragliding is an undertaking sport that exclusively relies upon the climate and the skimming season in Nepal begins from November to February. Be that as it may, the best opportunity to experience this exhilarating game is between November to December. So battle your trepidation this time, plan a trip to Nepal, and set off to get the chance to experience the excitement of paragliding in Nepal in the midst of the pleasant perspectives and experience the best a great time!

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