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5 Famous Restaurants In Grenada To Eat Lip-Smacking Cuisine!

The island of Grenada is a mixture of lively varieties and aromatic flavors. Sprouting bougainvillea, ready banana plants, coconut palms, and mango trees fill the brilliant scenes encompassed by the reasonable turquoise oceans and sandy sea shores.

On account of the rich, ripe volcanic soil natural leafy foods are ample. Restaurants in Grenada are many, and ranchers can develop everything from cabbage to grapefruit, mango to yam. What’s more, we should not fail to remember the island’s eminent nutmeg, cinnamon, and chocolate. Add to this the blend of societies from French, Portuguese and Indian, each leaving their own stamp and adding an astonishing aspect to the cuisine.

Plant-based eaters will find a lot of choices on the island as well. Grenada is loaded with flavorful food choices, from more reasonable home-style cooking to top-notch food. Traveling as a vegan I generally approved of food and consistently had a lot of choices to the extent that tracking down places to eat in Grenada.

Devour generous stews, natural produce, new seafood, and the best chocolate on the island. The following are the 5 best restaurants in Grenada to partake in a delectable Grenadian chomp and add to your rundown of places to eat in Grenada.

5 Significant Restaurants In Grenada To Eat At!


BB’S CRABBACK is a restaurant in Grenada that lets you Sit above St George’s harbor is VIP gourmet specialist Brian Benjamin’s namesake waterfront restaurant. Dining in the open air is nothing shy of tremendous with sees out to the ocean and the uber yachts secured at Port Louis as you eat.

The BB’S CRABBACK menu offers Caribbean and Grenadian specialties, including crabbacks (heated crabmeat of land crabs), a mark curried goat dish, flavorful callaloo, and okra soup, pumpkin wastes, bruised eye, and red bean stew, and Caribbean vegetable curry.

Remember to leave a graffitied message of appreciation on the walls and mainstays of the restaurant.

Helpful Tip: Callaloo is a well-known Caribbean staple green verdant vegetable, basically the same as spinach. It makes delightfully delicious soup tracked down in many restaurants.

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Dodgy Dock is among the remarkable restaurants in Grenada. Track down the vivid beachfront restaurant at Honest to goodness Straight Store Hotel on their outdoor deck. Appreciate valid Grenadian feasts or browse various global cuisines with menus catering to veggie lovers, and vegetarian and gluten-free eats with fewer carbs.

Each Wednesday from 6.30 pm, Dodgy Dock likewise plays host to Road Food Wednesday. Make a beeline for the testing nearby, regional and global neighborhood, regional and worldwide road food by nearby merchants. Attempt Grenada’s public dish oil down – a stew of salted meat, breadfruit, coconut milk, and flavors. Also, dance the night away to the unrecorded music while testing their great mixed drink list.

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An hour’s drive from St George is the notable seventeenth-century Belmont’s estate. Being one of the most visited restaurants in Grenada,  here you can eat and watch out for the moving slopes and lavish vegetation of the plantation in the restaurant without any walls.

Experience the advantages of slow food prepared in customary coal pots. The primary course and treat are offered that would be useful while the fundamental course is buffet-style dishes made with nearby flavors and new fixings from Belmont and its environmental factors. For dessert don’t miss the chocolate cake, you are at a cocoa plantation all things considered!

After a generous lunch meanders around the functioning homestead where cinnamon, cloves, narrow leaves, turmeric, mace, and cocoa are undeniably developed nearby. Partake in the heritage exhibition hall, cocoa fragmentary, sugarcane nursery, and old graveyard: a great agro-tourism day out and a wonderful place to eat in Grenada.


Secret Harbor restaurant in Grenada is situated in quite possibly the best marina arranged on the south shore of Grenada, in L’Anse aux Epines.

Watch the culinary experts at work from the live open kitchen cooking a variety of French and Worldwide dishes from Fish Tataki and noodle salad, French style rack of sheep Creole vegetable curry to pizzas. They likewise offer a children’s menu as well, so something for everybody here.

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At the northern tip of Grenada is Petite Anse Hotel and Restaurant. The property was run and worked without any preparation by English couple Philip and Annie has placed their entire being into the hotel. Roosted on a slope over a wild ocean side it has staggering expansive perspectives on the island of Carriacou and the Grenadine’s past.

This iconic restaurant in Grenada serves Caribbean and European dishes. Anticipate liberal bits, with an accentuation on new fish and neighborhood leafy foods. Its majority is developed on the grounds.

The tortilla was liberally loaded up with a vegetable curry gently seasoned with Caribbean flavors. Keeping its neighborhood with the drinks as well, the bar offers lager and juice on a draft prepared in a microbrewery in Grenada.

Did You Know?

On the off chance that you’re in Grenada on a Friday and are a seafood sweetheart, skirt the restaurant. Rather head to the seaside town of Gouvaye for Fish Fridays, a celebration that happens each and every seven-day stretch of the year. Enjoy some delectable fish dishes and partake in the road party.

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