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23 Mindboggling Brunei Facts To Know Before Traveling

Brunei is a small, free, oil-rich country wedged between the provinces of Sarawak and Sabah on the Malaysian side (upper east) of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia.

Brunei is considered a “developed” country and keeps on succeeding thanks to a wealth of oil. The public obligation in Brunei in 2018 was 2.4 percent of the Gross domestic product. Starting around 2018, the public obligation for the US was 80% of the Gross domestic product.

23 Lesser-Known and Interesting Brunei Facts

Are you looking for amazing facts about Brunei? Here we have listed 23 Brunei facts you would like to learn-

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1. Brunei Darussalam signifies “Abode of Peace,” which is generally obvious given the country’s better quality of living and longer life anticipation (normal is 75.93 years starting around 2020) than many neighbors in Southeast Asia.

2. In 2018, Brunei positioned higher on the Human Development Index (43 generally speaking in the index) than any remaining nations in Southeast Asia aside from Singapore.

3. Brunei is considered to be the most attentive Islamic country in Southeast Asia. Delightful mosques dab the country. Visitors are welcome inside mosques outside of prayer times and with appropriate dress.

4. Quite a bit of Shell’s oil comes from seaward penetrating stages in Brunei.

5. 2018 for capita Gross domestic product (PPP) in Brunei was $71,802.

6. Residents in Brunei get free schooling and clinical benefits from the public authority.

7. Brunei has one of the greatest places of heftiness in Southeast Asia. An expected 51% of schoolchildren are overweight or corpulent.

8. The education rate in Brunei is assessed at 97.2 percent of the population.

9. Brunei passed a law in 2014 making homosexuality a wrongdoing deserving of a decade in jail. In 2019, it was reported that the punishment would demise by stone.

10. Caning is as yet a strategy for discipline for violations in Brunei.

11. Brunei is just somewhat bigger than the U.S. province of Delaware.

12. The deal and public utilization of liquor are unlawful in Brunei, despite the fact that non-Muslims can raise to two liters into the country.

13. Eight days after the assault on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese went after and involved Brunei to get a wellspring of oil.

14. Brunei has one of the world’s most noteworthy vehicle proprietorship rates (approximately one vehicle for each every 1.5 individuals in 2017).

15. Albeit the Organization of Malaysia — including Brunei’s neighbors of Sarawak and Sabah — was framed in 1963, Brunei didn’t acquire autonomy from Extraordinary England until 1984.

16. The Sultan of Brunei holds a privileged commission in the Assembled Realm’s Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.

17. The Sultan additionally fills in as the Guard Pastor, Top state leader, Money Endlessly clergyman of International concerns and Exchange of Brunei.

Brunei Sultan’s Love Life Full of Controversies

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The Sultan of Brunei, perhaps of the most well off a man on the planet (finally gauge, his total assets were more than $20 billion), has a turbulent history:

18. The Sultan wedded his most memorable cousin, Princess Saleha.

19. The Sultan’s subsequent spouse was an airline steward for Royal Brunei Airlines.

20. He separated from his second spouse in 2003 and eliminated her from all royal situations.

21. After two years, the Sultan wedded a TV show host 33 years more youthful than himself.

22. In 2010, the Sultan separated from the TV host and even removed her month-to-month allowance.

23. In 1997, the royal family recruited previous Miss USA Shannon Marketic and a small bunch of other glamorous ladies to come model and engage at parties. The ladies were supposedly forced into prostitution to engage royal visitors for 32 days.

Planning to Travel to Brunei?

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Regardless of having miles of wonderful coast, most travelers to Brunei just visit the capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan. The streets and framework in Brunei are great. Because of a wealth of oil and low fuel prices, local transport and taxis are the most cost-viable method for getting around.

Brunei is regularly a short visit for travelers crossing by transport between the Malaysian Borneo territories of Sarawak and Sabah. Close by obligation-free Labuan Island — part of Sabah — is an elective course all through Brunei. Miri in Sarawak is the last significant town in Borneo prior to crossing into Brunei.

Visits of 90 days or longer require a travel visa prior to entering Brunei. Travel visas of 72 hours are accessible at the line.

Travel in Brunei will be impacted during Ramadan.


In 2018, the population of Brunei was assessed to be just 428,962 individuals.


Islam is the authority religion in Brunei. Muslim: 79%; Christian: 9%; Buddhist: 8%; Other: < 5%


The authority language of Brunei is Malay, in spite of the fact that it contrasts with the Bahasa Malay spoken in Malaysia. English and Chinese are additionally spoken in Brunei. English is perceived and utilized generally for business.

Telephone Country Code: 673

Currency in Brunei

The currency utilized in Brunei is the Brunei dollar (BND).

We hope you enjoyed knowing about these amazing Brunei facts. Let us know which fact amazed you the most in the comment section!

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