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15 Interesting Festivals In Thailand You Must Explore As A Traveler

Thailand never neglects to flabbergast its huge number of visitors with the most energetic festivals that make certain to charm them by offering looks into the legacy and customs of the country. Every month offers an intriguing and open door to be a piece of these festivals.

From children to grown-ups and old-matured individuals, local people have a great time during these celebrations. Viewed as one of the most amazing ways of savoring an important time in what is now known as an extraordinary country, these festivals in Thailand are the most famous ones to be a piece of.

15 Awe-Inspiring Festivals In Thailand

Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destinations and the explanation isn’t simply its beautiful excellence, sea shores, water sports, food, and sanctuaries. There are a few festivals celebrated in Thailand that you should join in assuming you are a social traveler. Investigate probably the best festivals in Thailand that you can be a piece of on your next trip to this oceanside heaven.

1. Songkran Festival (Water Festival)

Otherwise called Songkran Festival, the Water Festival of Thailand is maybe perhaps of the best time festival in the nation, and conceivably on the planet! This long and huge festival includes a 3-day water battle in which individuals partake the nation over. With drinking, music, moving, and individuals doused from head to toe, individuals use pails, hose pipes, water firearms, and anything else that they can get their hands on to use to sprinkle water on others. Sounds fun?

Celebrated On: April 13th – 15th April Every Year

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2. Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Festival)

Otherwise called the Ghost Festival, this is one of the most intriguing Thailand conventional festivals. Phi Ta Khon is a festival that joins strict customs, a carefree party climate, and neighborhood handiworks. It is commended for three days with a great many local people wearing brilliant, shocking veils with extended faces and phallic noses, painted in splendid, and pompous tones.

The Ghost Festival’s starting point is a combination of Buddhist and animist convictions. Friday is typically when the fundamental procession happens, Saturday has music shows and expos while Sunday is held for Buddhist services. Think about going to this one to experience the energy of strict festivals in Thailand.

Area: Dan Sai Town

Celebrated On: Annually in June

3. Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year, one of the most thrilling Thailand festivities can be seen in Yaowaraj – the authority Chinatown of Bangkok. This region’s thin, clamoring rear entryways are consistently a tomfoolery and energizing place to explore. Everywhere on the road as well as encompassing back streets becomes completely awake with the mythical beast and lion artists, detonating fireworks, notable red Chinese lights, hordes of admirers as well as local people who accumulate to partake in the exhibition and appreciate mouth-watering Chinese dinners.

So if at all you end up being in Bangkok around the Chinese New Year, go directly toward the northern edge of Chinatown, i.e., Wat Mangkon Kamalawat on Charoen Krung Street. No doubt, it is without a doubt perhaps the happiest Thai festival.

Celebrated On: 1st of February

4. Yi Peng (The Lantern Festival)

To see many more awesome Thailand festivals and festivities, you ought to plan your trip around the festival of Yi Peng or the Lantern Festival. Like in nations like China and Vietnam, Chiang Mai’s Lantern Festival is perhaps the most astonishing sight you will at any point see. Individuals accumulate somewhere near the banks of the Peng River and deliver paper lights up high and watch them float away in the delicate night breeze.

Despite the fact that it is, even more, a custom rather than a festival, it is certainly an incredible photography session for catching a few wonderful recollections. You can likewise observe strict services, light shows, marches, and the arrival of paper boats in the stream. Be a piece of the Lantern Festival Thailand 2022 to know the way of life of this nation better. Among every one of the Thai festivals, this is surely quite possibly the most dynamic one.

Celebrated On: 8th – 9th November

5. Lopburi Monkey Banquet (Food Festival)

This is a Thailand food festival with a distinction. Situated a ways off of 150 km in the north of Bangkok, this festival happens in Lopburi. Renowned for the many monkeys that dwell there, and one of the most well-known exercises for tourists, when they visit Lopburi, is taking care of the simians.

Notwithstanding, come November and the basic treats that they get from visitors are replaced by something much more fabulous. An immense dinner is spread out for around 3,000 monkeys that live in this piece of Thailand, allowing them daily to devour 4 tons of organic products, vegetables, and a variety of different treats. This is one of the most intriguing Thailand festivals.

Celebrated In: November Month

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6. Wing Kwai (Buffalo Racing Festival)

Quite possibly of the best festival in Thailand 2022, Wing Kwai is the festival wherein bison hustling is held. The practice of bison dashing has been followed for a considerable length of time in Thailand. The race course is 100 meters in length and is situated before Chonburi City Hall. Aside from bison dashing, the festivals additionally have bison excellence contests and bison decorations, and that’s just the beginning. Subsequent to going to these, you can appreciate other fete games accessible at the festival.

Hung On: The day preceding the full moon evening of the eleventh Lunar month toward the finish of Buddhist Lent.

7. Boon Bang Fai (Rocket Festival)

Otherwise called the Rocket Festival, this is a popular Boon Bang Fai festival in Thailand that is vital for the cultivating networks of Issan, which is situated in the northeastern piece of the country. Whole towns go to the festival since they are viewed as the last huge “knees up” before the beginning of the planting season. The rockets are shot up to urge the Gods to send down a lot of precipitation.

Elaborate rockets are assembled and marched around on the primary day of Boon Bang Fai, and afterward sent off high out of sight over time. Perhaps the best festival in Thailand 2022, each Rocket Festival is joined by live people music, excellent expos, drinking of neighborhood rice wine, and a party loaded with tomfoolery and skipping around.

Held In: Annually in mid-May

8. Phuket Vegetarian Festival

This is one of the significant festivals in Thailand and for a month before it, individuals go without themselves from consuming meat, garlic, onions, and so on. This month is then trailed by a stupendous festival in the period of October when individuals include themselves in grisly exercises like laying on blades and penetrating countenances. You’ll observe amazement striking firecrackers as well as dance at this festival!

Area: Phuket, Thailand

Celebrated On: 24th September – 3rd October

9. Surin Elephant Festival

As the name proposes, this festival is praised for the goliath creatures of Thailand. By and large, elephants were viewed as an extremely urgent piece of Thailand during the fight, rural methodology, as well concerning traveling. In addition, the master Ganesha is revered in the country for clearly a similar explanation.

Celebrated in the northeastern district of Thailand, this festival will allow you to observe the glorious procession of elephants that are taken care of generously with vegetables and natural products. This is one of those Thailand festivals that tourists should join in, for it mirrors the social as well as the authentic meaning of the country.

Area: Surin Province, Isan, Thailand

Celebrated On: The 3rd weekend of November (Saturday to Sunday)

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10. Mekong Naga Fireballs

Need to see really occurring in Thailand festivals and festivities? Mekong Naga Fireballs invites and attracts individuals from one side of the planet to the other. The festival is coordinated at the bank of the Mekong River and one can observe rosy light balls ascending out of sight around evening time that has no sound. Arriving at the level of 600 feet, these fireballs rise normally with no human contribution. This is a mysterious incredible sight. It is as yet not found on the off chance that this is a logical peculiarity or some wizardry.

Area: Mekong River

Celebrated On: October Month

11. Candle Festival

Popular in the southeastern district of Thailand, the Candle festival is praised during the Asanha Puja and Khao Pansa days, recognizing the main message by Buddha and commending the beginning of Buddhist Lent, separately. During teh candle festival, individuals see the brilliantly and extravagantly made huge figures of wax that are shown during a motorcade. The procession is joined by dance and music. To be a piece of the best Buddhist festivals in Thailand, then visit Thailand during the period of this festival.

Celebrated On: 13 to 15 July

12. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

As individuals of this nation never pass on an opportunity to show their commitment to the rulers, they praise their birthday celebrations with full energy. The Queen and King’s birthday celebrations are viewed as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, individually. The sovereign’s birthday is praised on the twelfth of August and the lord’s birthday is commended on the fifth of December. Both the days are viewed as public holidays and are very noticeable Thailand festivals.

Celebrated On: 12 August and 5 December

13. Wonderfruit Music And Arts Festival

The Wonderfruit festival Pattaya is a three-day sensational music and workmanship festival. It ordinarily happens in December on the edges of Pattaya. With a heavenly blend of Thai, Asian and Western societies, the principal attraction of the festival is clearly the music which is made by worldwide planners. Food likewise has a significant impact on the fest with well-known gourmet experts making the mark with mixed drinks and feasts. Among every one of the Thai festivals, it is to be sure one of the most amazing live concerts in Thailand.

Area: The Fields at Siam Country Club, East Pattaya

Held From: 12th December – 16th December

14. Full Moon Parties

Full Moon parties are the biggest ocean side party on the planet. It is an entire night party with at least 30,000 individuals near the ocean every month to move and behave recklessly and make some joyful memories. The energy is crazy. One needs to experience it once to trust it. Generally went to by tourists, the full moon parties have become incredibly well known. The region for the most part remains occupied with individuals commending each period of the moon. Be a piece of one of these incredible Thailand festivals and have the best a great time.

Area: Koh Pha Ngan (Koh Phangan) island

Celebrated On: the evening of the full moon, all year long

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15. Maya Music Festival

An electronic live concert, with past line-ups including heavyweights like Dash Berlin, this festival is for all the EDM festival fans in Thailand. They have facilitated past versions with well-known worldwide music goliaths in Pattaya and Bangkok. Make a point to keep a mind this year’s date is a piece of this fabulous Thailand festival.

Area: OASIS ARENA, Rama9, Bangkok

Celebrated On: February (Tentative)

So which festivals in Thailand would you love to attend? Whichever your pick might be, ensure you plan your holiday in Thailand around the dates of these best festivals that will make your process captivating above and beyond.

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