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14 Unbelievable Things To Do In New Zealand You Must Try!

Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Canada ﹘ same old! same old! How about something new with another energy? Better believe it, we are discussing New Zealand and its islands. Break from your typical travel routine and take a stab at arriving in Christchurch while the sun is up top.

The sunbathed picturesque Alps from your window and the stunning elevated perspective of the south island will promise you a realistic section into the wonderland of the kiwis. Stand by! The good times don’t stop here. Here is a list of 14 fun things to do in New Zealand to ensure that the good times don’t end while you experience some of the quietest days here.

14 Extraordinary Things To Do In New Zealand

1. Near Ashburton – Compete With The Gravity

While in New Zealand and not skydiving would be a sin in the event that you ask a religious globe-trotter. Consequently, now is the right time to beat the gravity for some time and partake in an elevated perspective on the city near Ashburton. A drop of around 45 seconds from 12000 feet is an experience to cherish forever.

Fun element: Skydiving for starters, and on the off chance that you were unable to make it till bouncing, the moments of flying in an open airplane at 12000 ft are something like tasting the thunder.

Cost: Varies according to the package selected (NZD 235 to NZD 335)

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2. Christchurch – Witness Botanic Gardens

Also known as the nursery city, Christchurch is one fine encapsulation of the image that nature itself can paint. Flowers with various variety combinations and the curious lawns in the botanic gardens are ideal retreats for making something inspirational. Besides, as you can explore the vivid nursery without making installments of an extra charge, it is one of the modest things to do in New Zealand.

Fun element: River Avon passes directly through the center of the nursery; aside from watching ducks having a great time in the stream, you can also sail in the waterway subsequent to booking your ride.

Cost: NZD 28 for a grown-up for waterway drop-kicking; passage to the nursery is free

3. Christchurch – Explore The Snow At Canterbury

In the event that you are in Christchurch and it’s a colder time of year (July, August, September), you must do the best among the great things to do in New Zealand. Mt Hutt close to Christchurch has perhaps the longest drop (683m) on South Island. Not to fail to remember that the hour-and-a-half ride from Christchurch International Airport to Mt Hutt will boost your energy level with all its scenic vistas and testing mountains.

Fun element: Four unique lifts to reach the starting place of the ski point height of 2086 meters, skiing, snowboarding

Cost: Passes start from NZD 98

4. Akaroa Harbor – Swim With Dolphins

Part of the Bans peninsula, the Akaroa harbor is tied in with everything that any list of fun things to do in New Zealand can suggest. Endless scenic drives, nature cruises, sailing and swimming along dolphins and penguins, directed kayak safari, strolling tracks, and much more – the harbor has everything.

Fun element: Everything about the harbor is enjoyable.

Cost: Varies according to the task

5. Christchurch – Explore The Antarctic Center

Assuming you definitely realized about the Christchurch winters regardless of missed them, just sit back and relax! A visit to the International Antarctic Center guarantees snow-full time; similar to that of the experiences in Antarctica.

Fun element: Simulated 4D cruise and sensation of being a glad survivor of an Antarctic Storm.

Cost: NZD 59 for an Adult. Various passes are also accessible.

6. Hanmer Springs – A “Good Life” Experience

You will cherish your own skin subsequent to bringing a dunk into the warm pool. The chilling climate and sweltering temperature (33 to 42 degrees Celsius) of the water ensure a characteristic jacuzzi under the sky-one more name among the great things to do in New Zealand. There are other thrillful activities that have added to the tourist footfall at this wonderful little place.

Fun element: Pierce through mud and vanquish the waterway crossing while Quad Biking and stream boating.

Cost: Quad Biking for NZD 91.08 for a grown-up; boating for NZD 72.68

7. Kaikoura – Witness The Whales

The seaside settlement of Kaikoura is the most northern district in the Canterbury region situated on the east coast of the South Island. An ideal area for both north and south-bound travelers, a glimpse of the biggest warm-blooded creature of the world here will make you skip a heartbeat.

Fun elements: Whale watching, photography, and cruise

Cost: Flight at NZD 180 | Cruise at NZD 145

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8. Arthurs Pass – Trek Through The South Island Pass

The National Park at Arthur’s Pass possesses numerous mountain peaks of more than 2000 meters. On the off chance that you are planning to go from the East coast to the West coast or the other way around, you must accept this pass as your course. The pass offers various walks, a cascade, and endless opportunities for mountaineering.

Fun elements: The wide waterway on the eastern side and the dense rainforests on the west, several vantage points to appreciate the excellence of the nature

9. Wanaka – Participate In Fun Activities

Replenish every one of the great things to do in New Zealand at this one place called Wanaka. Aside from fishing, drifting, and swimming at the lake here, the town has the best single mountain trekking tracks to offer.

Fun element: Puzzling world with illusion rooms and the world’s first 3D ‘Extraordinary – Maze’

Cost: Illusion Room-NZD 16 | Great Maze – NZD 16

10. Hobbiton – Take A “Lord Of The Rings” Tour

In the event that you are a film nerd, a visit to Hobbiton is presumably quite possibly the best thing to do in New Zealand, North Island for you. Take a tour of the genuine film set of the Lord of the Rings set three and the film set, and let yourself dive into the fantasy land for a fascinating experience. Nevertheless, whether you love the films of Peter Jackson or not, a tour of this curious town shall surely leave you mesmerized throughout the whole of trip.

Fun Element: Witnessing Tolkien’s Middle Earth become completely awake

11. Maori Village – Experience The Maori Culture

On the off chance that you invest wholeheartedly in being a culture vulture, prepare to immerse yourself in a remarkable culture with a visit to Maori Village. Meander around the mysterious town, and choose to spend the night in a marae, witness the force of haka, dig your taste buds into a hangi, and find out about the legacy of Maori at Te Papa through and through various experiences. Also, we promise it will be quite possibly the best thing to do in New Zealand that you will love remembering for your list of must-dos.

12. Mine Bay – Get To See Maori Rock Carvings

Here is one more significant sight of the Maori Rock Carvings at Mine Bay that you must explore for a commendable experience. Made by Matahi Brightwell and his group, these stunning stone carvings are the portrayal of his ancestor-Ngatoroirangi. Nestled on a low headland, you really want to explore your direction to the carvings through the serene waters of Lake Taupo. You can select a boat tour, paddle out in a kayak, or bounce on a float plane. Irrespective of what medium you choose to arrive at, this attraction never ceases to impress you.

Fun Element: Kayaking through Lake Taupo

13. Abel Tasman National Park – Hop At The Beach

Nestled on the summit of the south island of New Zealand is the Abel Tasman National Park, which is totally bewildering! Encompassing the unspoiled sandy stretches, this park makes you feel like you are partaking in a sojourn along a tropical oasis. Accessible by boat or foot, the best method for getting to the beaches of the public parks is by means of kayaking. Choose to stay there till night, for you could snatch an opportunity to savor a characteristic peculiarity of phosphorescent plankton while sailing through the waters in obscurity, which makes this excursion quite possibly of the best thing to do in New Zealand, South Island.

Fun Element: Sailing through the recreation area’s beaches in obscurity

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14. Castle Hill – Witness The Old Era

Have you at any point been to Castle Hill situated nearby Christchurch? On the off chance that not, then add an excursion to the slope to your next itinerary of New Zealand. As you move up Castle Hill supported by the monster limestone formations, its ethereal landscapes will leave you astonished, without a doubt!

Fun Element: Trekking to the Castle Hill

There you have it. Incorporating a total package of tomfoolery and experience, this list of some of the best things to do is intended to make your excursion to New Zealand a magnificent experience. We suggest going for all at a go, however, do let us know if you settle upon a couple to start with.

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