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13 Most Fascinating Things To Do In Winter In Japan

Japan is an exception to the norm. It is a country with a distinct tradition and unique method of celebrating every festival that is unique from other countries around the world. Japan is a nation with predominant mountainous terrain. This implies that winters are cold and harsh and the summers are warm and pleasant. There’s a huge contrast between the two seasons in the country. If you are planning to be spending winter in Japan we’ve put together an entire guide listing the top things you can do while in Japan.

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13 Exciting Things To Do in Wintertime In Japan

After conducting research and analysis across a variety of parameters, including age We have come up with a list of suggestions that will provide you with 13 amazing things to do during winter throughout Japan. We hope this guide can help you enjoy your time in Japan:

1. Japan: Indulge in skiing

The majority of the landmass of Japan is covered in mountains, which means that it receives plenty of snowfall. Western regions in Japan Nagano as well as Niigata Prefectures are excellent places to experience some of the most beautiful alpine sports across Asia. With slopes that are steep and mountains that can reach 2500 meters, the region is ideal for skiers. After you’ve finished skiing then you can unwind by the thermal springs or enjoy a meal at the numerous cafes in the vicinity.

2. Sapporo Snow Festival: Take an interest in the snow-covered sculptures

It is believed that the Sapporo Snow Festival is the largest celebration of snow that takes place in Japan and is thought to be one of the largest festivals in the world. It dates back to 1950. the Sapporo Snow Festival features massive snow sculptures by artists. The sculptures vary from Pikachu as well as Hatsune Miku and include historical Samurai and gigantic pieces of Buddha. The festival has only gained acclaim recently, teams from the western world such as USA, Germany, and Canada take part in the festival.

3. Japan Watch the first sunrise or Hatsuhinode

It is believed that the First Sunrise refers to the first sunrise of the New Year and it is so well-known across Japan that it has designated areas for this event. All over the globe come to view the first sunrise from the summit of Mount. Fuji is believed to be the best spot for the event. Although winter is rough the vast majority of people visit to see the spectacle because it’s considered to be a blessing to attend and the view of the sunrise during winter is breathtaking.

4. Hokkaido Visit the beautiful Blue Pond

Blue Pond Blue Pond located in the small town of Biei is an artificial lake. It was constructed in the aftermath of the mudflow that was flowing through the River Biegowa was stopped due to the construction of dams in the area in 1988. It was named after the Blue Pond. Blue Pond became famous since it appears blue because of Hydrogen Peroxide in the water. The lake was recorded and used as wallpaper in The Mountain Lion processor of the Apple MacBook.

5. Japan: Discover the wildlife of Japan

Enjoy a stroll around your way through the Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park in Nagano to experience the wild Japanese macaques. Enjoy them when they soak at the Hot Springs inside the park. The winters in Japan are often very rough, particularly for animals such as macaques that aren’t used to sub-zero winter conditions in Japan. This is an ideal place for animals to find the warmth they need and to get through this winter while taking in the hot springs in Japan.

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6. Japan: Try the famed crab food

It is believed all over the globe as if the months of January and December are the season for crabs however this is an absolute misunderstanding. It’s just a chance that the most frequently shipped product of all from Hokkaido to countries across the opposite side of the Sea of Japan happens to be the crab. The most well-known outlets for eating crabs within Japan include of the Kani Douraku outlets which originated in Osaka and are famous for their creativity with crabs.

7. Japan Take part in the traditional New Year’s Eve ceremony

The ‘ringing of bells’ ritual in Joyo na Kane is an important New Year’s eve ritual for the Japanese. The ceremony involves hitting an enormous bell in the Buddhist temple with a huge chunk of wood. The bell is hit 108 times. It is believed to be the representation of human desires throughout the world. After the ringing of the bells and the entrance into the temple pray for the god of the day to end this year on a positive note.

8. Yokote: Go to the Kamakura Festival

Each year, in the middle month of February during month of February, the Kamakura festival will take place over two days. In the past, children would invite guests to visit and take a look at their own Kamakura and eat rice cakes, and sip tea. These days, family and friends are able to enjoy the festival by sitting down and talking. Around 100 Kamakura’s for people to visit during the festival. Don’t forget to pay tribute to the water goddess.

9. Japan Enjoy a stroll around Shirakawa Go

It is a must that you visit Shirakawa Go, a UNESCO world heritage designated village of Shirakawa Go. This is a small town located in Shirakawa Go in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan. It has 114 homes with a thick roof that could seem to be quite different from other houses across Japan. This is due to the past, it was an isolated area from the remainder of Japan. The village is stunning in the winters as well as being a well-known tourist destination.

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10. Otaru Participate in the festival of candle lights

Otaru is a tiny Japanese town that is located within Hokkaido Island. Japanese Island in Hokkaido. The town lights approximately 120,000 candles around 5 pm in February in celebration of the annual candlelight celebration. The town is like a place from the pages of a fairytale during this period and the views are regarded as one of the best at this time of winter of Japan. You must attend this celebration.

11. Japan: Go skating

Fuji Q Highland is an amusement park situated at the slopes of Mt. Fuji located in Fujiyoshida. The park is home to the biggest skating rink in the nation that also doubles as an outdoor swimming pool in summer. Apart from the rink the park also offers amusement rides, including roller coasters or Ferris-wheels. The rink is maintained, and the park offers one of the most stunning views of Mount. Fuji. Skating is thought to be among the top things to enjoy during winter throughout Japan.

12. Japan Go to the temple of Rokuon-Ji.

The temple is a Zen Buddhist sanctuary which is situated at Kinkaku-Ji, Kyoto. It was built at the time of 1397 AD and served as a villa of a powerful statesman. It is a to-be-visit place in Kyoto The temple has one of the most stunning views of Japan. While winter here in Japan is brutal, a lot of tourists come and visit the place. Be sure to do the same.

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13. Takaragawa Onsen Hot springs: Enjoy hot springs in Japan

Takaragawa Onsen was founded in 1936 and has an array of hot springs to select from. The most well-known option is the natural outdoor hot spring, due to the breathtaking views that surround it. The hot spring is known for its top-of-the-line facilities and is particularly sought-after by tourists from all over the world as they’re ready to pay with cash to use the services at this location.

Japan is a beautiful country. Because of the mountains, the country is transformed into the perfect winter paradise, particularly in the months of the months of December and January. With a friendly society with some of the finest practices of culture, you should make reservations for a trip to Japan If you want to explore and explore one of Japan’s most fascinating places and enjoy amazing things during winter throughout Japan.

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