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10 Unspoiled Beaches In Venezuela To Spend A Tropical Vacay!

Venezuela is a wonderful nation best known for being the area of the world’s tallest waterfall. It likewise has the largest realized oil reserves on the planet. Venezuela’s ladies are the absolute most stunning, and results from global excellence exhibitions say everything, with eight victors of Miss Global, seven champs of Miss Universe, and six victors of Miss World hailing from this country.

There are additionally a few picturesque beaches in Venezuela. Confronting the Caribbean islands of the Netherlands Antilles, St Vincent and The Grenadines, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago, its northern coastline obliges a lot of them along the Caribbean Ocean and the Atlantic Sea. Thus, put these 10 Venezuela beaches on your to-visit list.

10 Pristine Beaches In Venezuela To Explore


Situated on the wonderful Margarita Island, (which, we should confront it seems like the sort of place we might all want to go to!) Playa El Yaque is one of Venezuela’s top beaches. Sandwiched between two overwhelming mountain ranges connected by delicate brilliant sand, the beach has a dynamite set.

The ocean shapes a characteristic shallow tidal pond here, with a springy, sandy base making it great for swimming. Other water-based exercises like surfing and wakeboarding are famous as well. The beach is fixed with extravagant hotels and a diverse blend of shops and restaurants. It’s not difficult to see the reason why this exuberant beachside area is a particularly incredible spot for a family holiday.

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Likewise, on Margarita Island, Playa El Agua is a 2.5-mile (4 km) stretch of tanned sand and a charming spot for strolling, beachcombing, or essentially loosening up in the sun. Outlined by gigantic palm trees, the beachfront has great bars, restaurants, and shops.

The conveniences are brilliant and keeping in mind that it’s a decent place to swim generally, be careful that the seabed is very lopsided in regions and a piece rugged.


Margarita Island has probably the most amazing beaches in Venezuela. One more beach on Margarita Island, Playa-Parguito, stretches for more than 1 km. It’s a wide and to a great extent uncrowded beach that surfers love in light of the large swell, they get to ride there.

There are not many restaurants or shops close by, yet some grill cabins speck the remarkable white sandy beach offering modest neighborhood seafood to sustain you.

On the off chance that you are planning on a dip, be careful that the waters can have strong flows and, luckily, there are lifeguards working to look after you.


Down on the Southwestern tip of the Macanao landmass, Playa Punta Fields is one more popular beach on Margarita Island. Actually two nearby beaches, this is quite possibly of the best coastal area in Venezuela to see the nightfall.

It is likewise an ideal spot for swimming and bodysurfing, with fair estimated waves to engage you. Tragically, there is minimal in the method of shade here, so you will likely have to lease a hammock. In any case, a sprinkling of nearby restaurants spots the region, offering brew, mixed drinks, and sodas.


Discreetly concealed inside an inlet, the brilliant sand of Isla el Faro is the ideal place to rest and unwind. Arranged on the northeastern coast, the waters of the Caribbean Ocean are especially welcoming here. Safeguarded by the delicate bend of the coastline, the brilliant sandy beach gives an astounding spot for swimming or rowing. Fixed with hovels and beach umbrellas, you get a lot of shade whilst sunbathing here.

There are likewise numerous neighborhood restaurants and a little dock that moors a lot of beautiful boats. In the event that you feel enthusiastic, there are a couple of climbing and climbing trails from the beach that give superb perspectives on it, the higher you climb.

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A few beaches in Venezuela do have not many individuals, you’ll basically have the whole beach to yourself to do whatever you need.

In the event that a renowned tourist beach is a mood killer for you, perhaps a trip to the substantially far-off Coche Beach may be all together.

Situated inside the state of Nueva Esparta, which lies just off Venezuela’s northeast Caribbean coast, this jewel of a beach remains generally off the radar. Absorb the sun on the unspoiled tropical beach heaven that Christopher Columbus first found in 1498.

Rather charmingly, the region is brimming with wildlife with ponies, jackasses, and pelicans meandering unreservedly around the beach. The vegetation is scant, so make certain to bring a hat, water, and a lot of sunscreens.


In northeastern Venezuela in the state of Sucre, you’ll find the stunning Playa Medina beach. When a coconut plantation, the beach gives a lot of chances to drink out of one while sitting under a coconut tree or laying on a towel on the brilliant sand.

Set inside an area of breathtaking normal excellence inside a little cove, the bow-shaped beach feels exceptionally remote. It’s the ideal Venezuela beach to choose when you need to escape from the world for some time.


Sandwiched between the urban communities of Cumana and Puerto La Cruz on the northeast coast of Venezuela, the breathtaking Playa Colorada beach is by all accounts somewhat of a secret.

Arranged inside the grand Mochima Public Park, this glimmering scene of pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning coral reef remains for all intents and purposes unvisited.

Consequently, it’s perhaps the best beach in Venezuela to visit.

Courageous travelers will adore exploring the islands seaward.


MOCHIMA NATIONAL PARK, Venezuela — I could have spent more than an afternoon here.

Found in the central area, Mochima Public Park exhibits stunning white beach scenes on the northeast coast. Outlined by sparkling blue water and upheld by a bumpy landscape of verdant forest, the public park is a spectacular spot for swimming, climbing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

The perspectives are staggering, and you will need to take bunches of photographs or recordings of your environmental factors. A few neighborhood organizations likewise run boat tours to take you to local islands.

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Arranged 62 miles (100 km) north of Caracas, Venezuela’s charming capital, Cayo de Agua, is on the Los Roques archipelago, along the awesome southern region of the Caribbean Ocean.

With a drawn-out stretch of splendid white sand, it has a remote, almost private desert island quality that misrepresents the way that it is a seriously very much visited beach.

There is normally a lot of space to camp out for the day without being distracted by commotion or groups. At the point when the tide is out, a shoal shows up for you to stroll along, which creates great photographs of open doors.

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