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10 Surreal Taiwan Beaches To Fall In Love With Turquoise Waters!

Overwhelmed by shining beaches, rich backwoods, and steep mountains, Taiwan is one of the most spellbinding island nations in Asia. This little superb destination isn’t just well known for its beaches yet additionally beats out all competitors for the most mind-boggling genuine foods on the planet. Whether you love to walk around the warm white sand or loll in the sunshine with a reviving beverage, Taiwan is an ideal island door to enjoy the never-ending tomfoolery and experience. To assist you with exploring the colorful Taiwan beaches easily, we have arranged an agenda of probably the best shores in this country that travelers love to visit. See!

11 Most Alluring Taiwan Beaches

Before you book your tickets and fly away, ensure you look at these 11 wonderful beaches in Taiwan that we have recorded underneath and add them to your itinerary so you don’t pass up any of them.

1. Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach is likely perhaps the most visited beach in Northern Taiwan. Fulong Beach is popular for its dazzling golden sand and offers awesome sunrise perspectives. This value of visiting beach is arranged at the mouth of the Shuangxi Waterway and can be effectively gotten to by a pleasant Rainbow Extension. A large portion of individuals come here to partake in various sensational and exciting water exercises. It is one of the well-known Taipei Taiwan beaches.

Specialty: Fulong is the main beach to have different occasions like the Hohaiyan Exciting Live event and Fulong International Sand Chiseling Celebration, which occur during summer.

How to Reach: You can take an immediate train from Taipei’s primary station to Fulong Beach which takes 1h 44m

Places to Stay: Fullon Inn Fulong, One House, and so forth

Things to Do: Go for jumping on a banana boat, or you can appreciate paddling, cruising, parasailing, swimming, stand-up paddle-boarding, fly skiing, and kayaking at Fulong Beach

Close by Tourist Attractions: Jiaosi Natural aquifers, Jiufen Old Road, Shifen Waterfall, Anyang Museum, and Keelung Night Market

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2. Kenting Beach

In the event that you have made a rundown of “most loved beaches to visit”, now is the ideal time to include Kenting Beach as the first spot on your list. Kenting Beach can be known as beach heaven, as it is encapsulated with dazzling blue water and delicate white sand. In the event that you simply love to sit and respect nature, then Kenting Beach is a decent decision for you. Kenting Beach is one of the great South Taiwan beaches, where you can’t pass up on the amazing chance to jump into and meet the brilliant coral reefs.

Specialty: Quite possibly of the most serene beach in Taiwan

How to Reach: You can go to Kaohsiung’s Zuoying Station and take the Kenting Express Transport

Places to Stay: The Estate Beach Resort, Kenting Beach House

Things to Do: You can partake in swimming, surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, parasailing, fly skiing, and yachting at Kenting beach

Close by Tourist Attractions: Kenting National Park, National Museum of Sea life Science, Eluanbi Lighthouse, and so forth

3. Baishawan Beach

Baishawan in a real sense signifies ‘White Sand Cove’- is one of the remarkable Taipei Taiwan beaches. Baishawan Beach is situated in the north of Taiwan in Linshanbi and Fugui Cape. Known for its Kkm stretch of white sand, Baishawan Beach is figured to be one of the most lovely beaches in Taiwan. This beach attracts an immense number of tourists across the world and is an unadulterated paradise for nature lovers.

Specialty: Baishawan Beach stays uncrowded over time and is a free open beach

Things to Do: Surfing is a significant movement completed in Baishawan Beach. Besides these, there is a 3D submarine venue called North Coast Exploratorium, which shows 3D movies

Places to Stay: YangMingShan Tien Lai Resort and Spa and Bai Sha 31 Lodging

Opening Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM (SummerS) | 9 AM – 5 PM (Winters)

How to Reach: It would require something like 45 minutes to reach this beach in the event that you take Taiwan Metro (MRT) from Taipei to Danshui and get transport from that point

Close by Tourist Attractions: Qianshuiwan and Linshan Cape Entertainment Region are a portion of the renowned tourist attractions

4. Laomei Beach

Certainly a blowout for the eyes, Laomei Beach is nothing shy of heaven that allows travelers to fall head over heels for it. Here, the stone box and channel cut out of the volcanic stone makes entrancing symbolism of nature, that can’t be experienced elsewhere. It looks much more supernatural in the long periods of April and May as the green growth covers the stones.

Specialty: Laomei Beach is viewed as one of the eight marvels of Taiwan by CNN

Things to Do: This beach is the best spot for photography

Places to Stay: Talk Natural aquifer Resort, the Space Seaside Suite, ect., are a portion of the best facilities to stay close to Laomei Beach

How to Reach: You can take the Tamsui Transport or the Keelung Transport the entire way to Laomei prevent from MRT Tamsui Station. Laomei People group and beach are at a mobile separation from here

Close by Tourist Attractions: Fuguiniao LightHouse, FuJi Harbor, and so forth

5. Jici Beach

In the event that you are planning to visit Taiwan in winter, Jici merits a visit. This quite possibly of the best beach in Taiwan gets adorned with dark sand in the long periods of winter. Known for its tranquility and perfect environment, Jici Beach is a brilliant area for anybody searching for a segregated and agreeable getaway with top-of-the-line offices.

Specialty: Among Hualien and Taitung, Jici Beach is the main beach that is alright for swimming.

Things to Do: You can take a stab at swimming and surfing in Jici Beach

Places to Stay: Noosa Coast B&B, Adagio Delivery, and so forth

Opening Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM

How to Reach: The Speediest method for reaching Jici Beach is to take an immediate taxi from Hualien Station

Close by Tourist Attractions: Shiti Fishing Harbor, Sing Chang Hong Scaffold

6. Dawan Beach

Pack yourself off to one of the faultless Taiwan beaches. Dawan Beach is settled in the midst of the beautiful encompassing white sand and shining blue water. All the year around the beach areas of strength for observers, which makes it an optimal spot for surfers and devotees. In the event that you don’t cherish surfing, then this beach is an ideal setting for a peaceful day on the sand.

Specialty: Dawan Beach is the cleanest and less-swarmed beach among different beaches

Things to Do: Sunbath in the sunshine, or play in the sand

Places to Stay: Howard Beach Resort, Hai Yen Lodging, and so forth

Close by Tourist Attractions: Sand Island, Kenting Road Night Market, and so on

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7. Wai Ao Beach

Is it true that you are a seafood sweetheart? In the event that indeed, Wai Ao Beach is totally an ideal place to relish the luscious seafood. The dull dark sand, flickering blue water, and marvelous mountains characterize this beach impeccably. You can lease the surfboard right on the beach and go for the most exciting riding experience.

Specialty: The sublime mountains encompass this beach to make a dazzling vista

Things to Do: WaiAo Beach is one of the most famous spots to appreciate surfing

Places to Stay: Wushih Surf Lodging, Jia Ying Beach Resort, and so on

How to Reach: From Taipei, you can take a neighborhood train to Wai Ao. From the station walk south along the roadway

Close by Tourist Attractions: Wushi Harbor and Lanyang Museum

8. Dawulun Lovers’ Beach

Dawulun Lovers’ Beach is an ideal joy for couples to invest some quality energy and treasure those exquisite minutes. Additionally called Waimushan Beach, Dawulun Lovers’ Beach is arranged only an hour from Taipei, close to the waterfront city of Keelung. This little charming beach is generally popular among Taiwan beaches and is honored with harmony and quietness. The All-encompassing climate frequently attracts an enormous flood of tourists.

Specialty: Because of the uncommonly clear water of Dawulun Lovers’ Beach, snorkeling can be best appreciated here

Things to Do: You can simply swim, snorkel or parlor when you are at Dawulun Lovers’ Beach

Places to Stay: White House Beach Resort, Inhouse Inn Yehliu, and so forth

How to Reach: From Taipei, you can take a customary train to Keelung and from that point, you can take a transport or a taxi to reach the beach

Close by Tourist Attractions: Lovers Lake Park, Waimu Shan Shore Walk, and Waimushan Seaside Picturesque Region

9. Anping Beach

In the event that you are the sort who loves to respect the engaging excellence of the sunset, then, at that point, Anping Beach is a paradise for you. It appears to be stunning when you witness the terrific perspective on sunset and sunrise in the midst of the satisfying climate. Additionally alluded to as Chiao Tou Beach Park, or Scaffold end Beach Park, this dreamlike beach is perhaps the best beach in Taiwan.

Specialty: Anping Beach is known for offering hypnotizing sunset and sunrise view

Things to Do: Play with sand and meander around to a portion of the significant attractions

How to Reach: Take the Transport 99 toward the south side of Sichao Scaffold from Anping Station

Places to Stay: Wei-Yat Fantastic Lodging, Taipung Suites Inn, and so forth

Close by Tourist Attractions: Anping Old Post, Deyang Quchujian Display Corridor, and so on

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10. Honeymoon Bay

Arranged in Taiwan’s upper east coast region, this heartfelt-sounding minimal bay is honored with an ideal quiet feeling and is considered perhaps the most gorgeous beach in Taiwan. Its magnificent atmospheric condition makes it a great place for surfing. Honeymoon Bay is renowned for arranging well-known neighborhood live events, that draw the consideration of numerous tourists.

Specialty: It has the National Riding Contest yearly

Things to Do: Go for a heartfelt walk, surf, and partake in the yummy food and beverages of Taiwan

Places to Stay: Toucheng Recreation Ranch Inn, Play Lodging, and so forth

How to Reach: You can take the Tze Chiang Taroko train to Yilan from Taipei. Honeymoon Bay ought to be a 10-minute leave from Yilan station

Close by Tourist Attractions: Mingshan Sanctuary and Yingshi Peak

We bet you’ll concur that Taiwan is the most gorgeous beach destination on the planet subsequent to taking a brief look at these shocking Taiwan beaches, correct? Free of the hurly-beefy of metropolitans across the world, Taiwan’s reviving beaches are the ideal regions for seeing the genuine magnificence of pearl-like white sand, flawless turquoise waters, and rich foliage that is immaculate. What’s halting you? Book your tickets immediately and partake in an ecstatic holiday in Taiwan!

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