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10 Stunning Places To Visit In South Korea To Make You Awestruck!

The exclusive, extraordinary place that is known for South Korea entices each traveler and explorer to experience its many miracles. You’ll be spoilt for decisions while shortlisting places to visit in South Korea, which offers such a fantastic scope of unexplored normal locales and metropolitan joys.

There are conventional folk villages and chic urban communities, lovely islands, and amazing regular vistas. On the off chance that you were pondering where to go in South Korea, here is a list of our top picks of places to visit in South Korea, from the well-known to the unexplored, from wide open villages, grand Buddhist temples, and palaces to old forts and cutting edge metropolitan urban communities.

A fascinating truth is that with regards to South Korea the vast majority just have some familiarity with the capital city, Seoul, and think that it is the main place worth visiting in the country. Nonetheless, that isn’t true. We have listed out the absolute most astounding places in South Korea here that you can visit and explore.

10 Beautiful Places To Visit In South Korea

In this way, you have come here which implies you truly do want to be aware of the places to visit in South Korea! All things considered, on the off chance that you’re planning to visit South Korea soon, here is an impeccably organized list of places to visit in South Korea on your next trip. Continue to look down and read along about the best South Korea tourist places to visit. Go on!

1. Seoul: The Stunning Capital City

The stunning capital city will dazzle you with its bewildering blend of current architecture, party flows, mainstream society, beautiful parks and sparkling promenades making it quite possibly of the most famous place in South Korea and the best urban areas to visit in South Korea. Lively Seoul isn’t simply a humming metropolitan center point yet additionally wealthy in history and culture. With flawless palaces, stylish cafés, and jazzy shops, Seoul is enchanting as far as possible. The National Museum and War Commemoration take you through the historical backdrop of the country, while the cool shopping locale of Gangnam provides you with a sample of the city’s elegant side on your motivations to visit South Korea.

Ideal for: Nightlife, Shopping, Culture, Architecture

Key attractions: Changdeokgung Palace (with an astonishing Mystery Nursery), Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok village (for its pagodas and old world appeal), Lotte World carnival, Bukhansan National Park, N Seoul Pinnacle for all encompassing perspectives.

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2. Jeju Island: A Shocking Island

This shocking island only 85 Kilometers off the coast is quite possibly of the most beautiful place in South Korea and perhaps of the most famous place in South Korea. Having been casted a ballot as one of the New Seven Marvels of Nature, the perfect excellence of Jeju-do will blow your mind. Dreamlike white sand beaches encompassed by pine woodlands, volcanic cavities and magma caves, beautiful professional flowerbeds, and rich culture are a portion of the great marks of this regular heaven among places close to Seoul that are a must-visit.

Ideal for: Nature, Photography

Key attractions: Seongsan Dawn Peak, Halassang national park, Seopjikoji projection, Hyeopjae and Hamdeok ocean side, Cheonjiyeon Cascades

3. The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ): Draw in With Present day History

Among famous South Korean attractions, The DMZ is one of the most famous places to visit in South Korea to get a superior comprehension of the contention among North and South Korea and the present status of undertakings. The DMZ is brimming with fascinating destinations that make for a drawing in example in current history. You can bring a look into North Korea at the Perception Post and feel the surge of experience while strolling through the Invasion Passage. It is fitting to take a directed tour that incorporates a visit to the Joint Security Region (JSA).

Ideal for: Historical Destinations

Key Attractions: Opportunity Park, Dorasan Station and Observatory

4. Busan: Something For Everybody

In the event that you’re visiting places in South Korea then not adding this place to your list would be unreasonable. This second-biggest city in South Korea is known across the world for facilitating Asia’s biggest International film festival. Busan is a fascinating combination of high rises, grand mountains, beautiful beaches, and radiant Buddhist temples and is among the best places to visit in South Korea. Among the famous places to visit in Korea Busan are the Haedong Yonggungsa temple along the coast and the fascinating Jagalchi fish market. Foodies can savor the fish spread at the various eateries and appreciate nearby rarities at the omnipresent road food slows down.

Ideal for: Beaches, Culture, Food

Key attractions: Haeundae Ocean side (with the Ocean Life Aquarium and Folk Square), Beomeosa Temple, Gwangalli Ocean side with beautiful perspectives on the Precious stone extension, Hurshimchung Natural aquifers

5. Gyeongju: A Gold mine Of Cultural Destinations

One of the most outstanding places to go in South Korea, the beach front city of Gyeongju, frequently called an outside museum, is quite possibly of the best thing to do in South Korea to find its conventional roots and rich heritage. The past capital of the old Silla realm, Gyeongju is a gold mine of cultural and historical locales and remains returning 1,000 years. With the UNESCO world heritage site, Bulguksa temple, and the National Museum with its unrivaled assortment of relics, this city gives you a brief look into South Korea’s cultural roots.

Ideal for: Culture, History, Nature

Key attractions: Anapji lake, Tumuli Park (the monster entombment hills canvassed in grass), the magnificent Seokguram Cave

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6. Dadohaehaesang National Park: The Biggest National Park In Korea

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in South Korea, it is the biggest National Park in Korea, this cut of heaven covers 1700 enormous and little islands and some stone designs. One of the most beautiful islands is Cheongsando island considered one of the most incredible places to visit in South Korea for its strange scenes and slow city development. Hongdo and Heuksando are the other famous islands where you can go on a boat outing to respect the staggering normal destinations. This is one of the top famous places to visit in South Korea for your next get-away!

Ideal for: Nature, Quietness, Photography

7. Pyeongchang District: Heaven For Hikers

This is one of the must-visit places in South Korea to experience quietness and sensational beautiful excellence of the best places to visit in Korea. Situated in the Taebaek Mountains, this beautiful region 180 Kms from Seoul facilitated the lofty Winter Olympics in February 2018. The Odaesan National Park is a hikers’ pleasure with trails going up the snow-peaked mountains, while the ski resorts Alpensia and Yongpyong are well known with skiers and snowboarders. The mountains are additionally home to numerous beautiful Buddhist sanctuaries. This place is definitely one of the most mind-blowing places to visit in South Korea during winter!

Ideal for: Nature, Photography, Spirituality

Key Attractions: Woljeongsa temple, Pyeongchang Hyanggyo

8. Suwon: Home To An UNESCO World Heritage Site

Capital of the Gyeonggi territory lining Seoul, Suwon is known for its special Hwaseong Post with its overwhelming stone walls and amazing passages and this has made it one of the most mind-blowing places to visit in Korea. Worked by the Joseon line the fortification wall is an UNESCO world heritage site with four pagoda-style entryways, gunnery pinnacles, and perception decks. One more heavenly design at the site is the Hwaseong Haenggung Palace. With everything that expressed, remember to enjoy shopping in Suwon. With a lot additional thrilling things to do, Suwon is one of the top places to visit in South Korea.

Ideal for: History, Architecture

Key Attractions: Suwon Hwaseong Museum to figure out the historical backdrop of the magnificent stronghold, Gwanggyosan Mountain (for hiking trails), Samsung Innovation Museum

9. Seoraksan National Park: A Famous World Heritage Site

Melanie van Leeuwen / © Culture Trip

The distinctive strokes of nature will welcome you constantly in the UNESCO-safeguarded Seoraksan National Park which is one of the most entrancing places to observe harvest time in Korea. Being one of the most outstanding places to visit in South Korea, this is in a real sense meaning the Frigid Ridge Mountains, the Seoraksan range with its snow-shrouded peaks structure a great scenery to the park temple. It is an extraordinary place to climb the bunch trails including the impressive Ulsan Rock or basically partake in the gondola ride up the mountain for a few tremendous perspectives. As you walk around the 400000 sq km biosphere insurance site, get ready to be awestruck by the goliath Buddha sculpture on your way.

Ideal for: Hiking, Experience, Photography, Nature

Key Attractions: Baekdam sa Buddhist temple, Gyejo-am seclusion, Yukdam-Pokpo cascade

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10. Andong Hahoe Folk Village: Travel Back In Time

In a real sense signifying ‘the village encompassed by water’ this enchanting customary Korean village situated in Andong is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Entering the Hahoe village resembles traveling back so as to the basic Korean village lifestyle showing nearby practices and culture. The beautiful setting close by the Nakdong waterway is highlighted by the provincial tile and covered rooftop houses, sandy beaches, and pine trees. The village is likewise an extraordinary place to evaluate customary Korean indulgences and wonder about the cover dance performed by local people.

Ideal for: Culture, Peacefulness, nature

Close by attractions: Bongjeongsa temple, Buyongdae Precipice (take a boat for stunning perspectives on the village)

Taking a gander at the above places to visit in South Korea, it sure seems to be a magnificent destination for a holiday. From nature to the best way of life and current experiences – make every moment count here and educate us in the comments segment beneath. Thus, gather your sacks and book your trip to South Korea immediately!

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