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10 Places To Visit In Albania To Witness The Balkan Beauty

Going past the mind-blowing perspectives on the European nations, Albania is another lesser explored destination that is acquiring fame with time. While arranging an excursion to this Balkan country, the primary inquiry emerges in each voyager’s brain is, “which places to visit in Albania?” Unlike different places, this nation has a great deal to investigate getting going from the old towns, middle age time palaces, and extraordinary sea shores to the Ottoman design arranged in the city.

10 Important Places To Visit In Albania

Thus, in the event that a strange excursion is at the forefront of your thoughts you’re actually confounded about where to go, then try to check these 10 astonishing places to visit in Albania and partake in a loosening up trip away from all the hustle-bustle:

1. Himare

Settled across the Albanian Riviera, Himare is a segregated ocean-side town that is known for its shimmering ocean-side waters and uneven shoreline. Heading toward the north of Saranda, this town significantly draws in the water children who will go through a day under the sun. Aside from the astounding ocean side, this spot likewise has soaked from where voyagers can partake in the whole perspective of the town. Alongside this likewise don’t pass up a tour of the open country and investigate the old places of worship and cloisters.

Attractions: Gjipe Beach & Porto Palermo Castle

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2. Berat

Considered quite possibly of the prettiest town in Albania, Berat is prominently known for its Ottoman-style houses. Frequently called the “city of thousand windows” on account of the windows which peep out from the impeccably adjusted peak houses. Arranged on the slope, the Ottoman-style mosques and Byzantine places of worship make it interesting and stand apart from the other Balkan urban communities. Because of its notable respect and beautiful excellence, this little town is viewed as one of the most mind-blowing places to visit in Albania.

Attractions: National Ethnographic Museum, Berat Castle & Gorica Bridge

3. Butrint National Park

Dwelling near the Greek Island of Corfu, Butrint National Park is one of the mind-blowing places to visit in Albania. Home to a fluctuated number of biological systems and noteworthy archeological destinations, this public park features an exceptional mix of nature and history.

This regular fascination is lined by lake Butrint on one side and Vivari Channel on the opposite side. Aside from this, the public park is a haven for around 1,200 distinct types of creatures and plants. The significant fascination inside the boundary of this public park is the archeological site which holds a past filled with 2,500 years.

Area: SH81, Butrint, Butrint, Albania

Timings: 8 AM-8 PM

Attractions: Ksamil Beach, Kalaja-E-Ali Pashes & Lake Butrint

4. Gjirokaster

Gjirokaster is a delightful old town situated on the southern side of the country. Roosted on the slope which disregards the valley and the tight cobbled roads are agreed with lovely structural structures. Frequently called the ‘city of stone’, this old town is home to around 500 homes and structures which are saved as ‘social landmarks’.

Aside from its stoned engineering, this spot is likewise home to the huge Gjirokaster palace which is based on the roost of a mountain over the Old Bazaar. On the off chance that you’re a set of experiences buff, this noteworthy town will be your ideal retreat.

Attractions: Skenduli House, Zekate House & Gjirokaster Castle

5. Kruje

Privately called the ‘Adriatic Balcony’, Kruje is known as the home of Albania’s public legend Gjergj Skanderbeg. Situated in the north of the city, this is one of the should places to visit in Tirana, Albania. Situated at the mountain steep, this little town likewise called the city of Skanderbeg saved Albania from the Ottoman domain.

The primary feature of this peak town is the palace where when Skanderbeg had taken asylum to stow away from the Ottomans. Remaining at this palace one can partake in an extraordinary perspective of the whole town. A tour to Kruje will be wonderful to partake in the verifiable locales and pleasant scenes.

Area: North Central Albania

Attractions: National Museum Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu, Kruje Castle & Lake Bovilla

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6. Tirane

From the roads agreed with socialist structures to the current day, Tirana has developed into a tomfoolery and merry spot. Decorated with brilliantly shaded people on foot and Ottoman-period structures, this town mirrors the European culture and legacy at its ideal. This spot is home to many fascinating craftsmanship exhibitions and unbelievable galleries which can’t be passed up as a great opportunity.

Furthermore, one of the features of the town is the Bunk’ART which is an administration junkyard and presently has popular craftsmanship establishments.

Attractions: Et’hem Bay Mosque, Skanderbeg Square & National Museum Of History

7. Shkodra

Found simply near Lake Skadar, Shkodra is known as the social capital of Albania. Shkodra is the biggest town in the north of Albania which is arranged near the Montenegro-Albania line. This little town has energizing occasions like the fair, lake day, kids’ day celebration, and the popular Shkodra Jazz fest. Aside from this, the town is additionally home to the well-known Rozafa palace which holds incredible significance by and large. The remains of the palace praise the setting of the rich green environmental factors.

Alongside this, the town likewise has numerous other verifiable designs like the Ebu Beker Mosque, Orthodox Cathedral, and an authentic exhibition hall which is a heaven for history buffs.

Attractions: Lead Mosque, Rozafa palace & Marubi National Museum

8. Vlore

Holding solid verifiable significance, Vlore is a seaside city that is very immense in the region when contrasted with the town of Sarande. Here Albania guaranteed autonomy in 1912. This sixth-century city is a seriously advertised area in the nation and offers a lot of things to encounter. From the memorable palaces to the confined at this point gorgeous islands, this waterfront city brings a great deal to the table. Notwithstanding being a tactical zone, this spot opens up for general society throughout the late spring season.

Attractions: Muradie Mosque, Albanian Riviera & Kanine Castle

9. Sarande

Resting close by the dazzling area of the Ionian ocean, Sarande is an all-year tourist objective. One of the delightful places to visit in Albania, this town features a great mix of advancement and past. From the seafront, blocks agreed with condos to the roads loaded up with shifted choices of bars, eateries, and gift shops this spot has something for each sort of explorer. On one side as there are numerous choices to unwind and cool, one more side of the town likewise has a few verifiable landmarks and normal magnificence which can be seen on a one-day tour.

Attractions: Port of Sarande, Lekuresi Castle & Monastery of 40 holy people

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10. Durres

A seriously famous ocean-side escape, Durres is a port city that is a must-visit place in Albania to observe the beachfront excellence. Situated a ways off of 35 km from the capital city of Tirana, this spot has a set of experiences tracing all the way back to 3,000 years. From the extraordinary climbing spots to the old Amphitheater, there is a not insignificant rundown of things around the city that mirrors its rich legacy. Aside from this, there are immaculate sea shores which makes it all the more a voyager’s number one area to visit in the country.

Attractions: Durres Archeological Museum, Amphitheater of Durres & Port Of Durres

The above-mentioned attractions are the most popular places to visit in Albania which essentially can’t be missed on the off chance that you’re a first-person who jumps through time. Around the country, each town, town, and city has a story engraved in its engineering and roads which are yet to be investigated. Thus, in the event that you’re arranging an excursion in Europe at any point in the near future, try to make an agenda of these places and invest a loosening up energy around this Balkan country.

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