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10 Picturesque Hong Kong Beaches To Witness Natural Beauty!

You thought Hong Kong was about sublime high rises, bustling shopping centers, wonderful carnivals, heritage structures, and stunning cityscapes? Assuming indeed, now is the right time to explore its sparkling sand-kissed beaches, crystal blue waters, stunning islands, and tidal ponds, and find an entirely different side of Hong Kong – one that is heaven for beach sweethearts.

In the event that you are planning a beach getaway, Hong Kong beaches are totally captivating and ideal for relaxing with family and friends and family. In this way, enjoy some time off and start dreaming about the astonishing Hong Kong beaches you’ll very much want to visit!

10 Best Hong Kong Beaches For Exciting Activities

1. Tai Long Wan Beach – The most gorgeous of all beaches in Hong Kong

Situated on the east coast of Sai Kung Promontory, Tai Long Wan is known for pristine sand, moderate flows, and rich rough outcrops. It is one of the most gorgeous Hong Kong beaches and an all-#1 among tourists.

Throughout the weekend, you can see a lot of local people and tourists chilling, respecting the nightfall, enjoying a stroll, and unwinding in the beachside shacks at Tai Long Wan.

Well known for: Overnight camping and surfing

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2. Stanley and St. Stephen Beaches – What’s better compared to watersports and great food?

Cuddled near the edge of Stanley Landmass, Stanley and St Stephen are twin beaches notable for offering water sports. They are very famous for their entrancing excellence and offices like food stands, evolving rooms, and shark anticipation nets.

Popular for: Water sports and assigned grill region

3. Turtle Beach – The ideal spot to unwind

Situated on the southern side of Lamma Island, Turtle Beach is a safeguarded inlet that remains shut to people in general for turtle rearing during the nesting season. Until the end of the year, it attracts beach sweethearts from all regions of the planet.

One of the most famous Hong Kong beaches, Turtle Beach is where one can recognize turtles from the watch cottages, relax, and loosen up on the rough outcrops of the beach.

Popular for: Turtle watching, swimming, and diving

4. Kwun Sweet potato Wan Beach – Cheung Chau Island popular windsurfing beach

Cheung Chau Island includes three beaches to be specific Tung Wan, Pak Tso Wan, and Kwun Sweet potato Wan, which is otherwise called Windsurf Beach. Among every one of the three, Cheung Chau Windsurf Beach is the most occurring. It is famous for huge-scope windsurfing coastlines, boat rentals, and various outside bistros. You can likewise host private gatherings at Kwun Sweet potato Wan – one of the most mind-blowing beaches in Hong Kong.

Well known for: Swimming, surfing, kite surfing, and kayaking

5. Cheung Sha Beach – Serenity at its best

Situated in the Lantau region, Cheung Sha Beach is a sandy stretch that offers a beautiful perspective on the island and Silvermine Bay. With rocks, sand, and water making a tune of waves, it is likewise among the most tranquil Hong Kong beaches and is notable for journeying.

Popular for: Bustling beach bistros like The Stoep and The High Tide

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6. Repulse Bay and South Bay Beaches – Entrancing coastlines

Repulse Bay and South Bay Beaches are among the most heartfelt beaches in Hong Kong. Repulse Bay boasts a stunning coastline, coastal vegetation, and sparkling sands. Its beach is popular for swimming and sunbathing. South Bay, then again, offers a pure mood to loosen up under the sun. This most likely merits being listed among the best tourist places in Hong Kong.

Renowned for: Swimming and Beach Club with outside club bistro

7. Shek O Beach – Ideal for paragliding and other watersports


Shek O beach is one of the most mind-blowing beaches in Hong Kong highlighting shark nets, a moving coastline, undulating rough outcrops, sizzling sand, and rich vegetation. Situated in the southeastern piece of Hong Kong, this famous beach is encircled by Shek O Nation Park, Big Wave Bay, and Cape D’Aguilar. In the event that you are on a holiday, stay away from weekends to keep away from swarms.

Popular for: Beach bars and exercises like stone climbing, paragliding, and beachside green

8. Hung Shing Yeh Beach – Away from the group

Amongst numerous anonymous and less visited beaches of Lamma Island, Hung Shing Yeh is the largest. It tends to be gotten to from Yung Shue Wan ship dock and the whole coastline ignores the Lamma Power Station. This is one of the most lovely places for an ideal Hong Kong beach holiday.

Renowned for: Swimming and beach volleyball

9. Big Wave Bay – Time for some experience

Big Wave Bay is officially recognized as a surf beach that offers exciting and the most attractive perspectives on the ocean. It is situated in a dark bay and is isolated from the Shek O region by two enormous headlands. Likewise Big Wave Bay is an exuberant beach with rushing windsurfers, a lot of diners, and picturesque perspectives. Furthermore, since the Mythical serpent’s Back climbing trail is close by, explorers and adventurers have even more motivation to come here.

Renowned for: Windsurfing, climbing, and sunbathing

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10. Clearwater Bay Beaches – Ravishing, pristine beaches in Hong Kong


Clearwater Bay is home to two of the most pristine beaches in Hong Kong. Known as the First beach and the subsequent beach, they are both notorious for shark assaults. However, they are presently furnished with shark nets, lifeguards, and various different offices for tourists as well as local people coming to the beaches.

With glistening water, sun-kissed sand, and stunning perspectives on Nation Park’s jagged mountains and the sharp tip of High Garbage Pinnacle, the two beaches of Clearwater Bay are very welcoming.

Well-known for: Sailing, kayaking, swimming, and photography

Pack your beach slippers and bathing suits before you head over to this World City! Trust this list of the best beaches in Hong Kong assists you with planning out your beach holiday in Hong Kong.

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