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10 Picturesque Beaches in Italy For Tropical Vacation in 2022

Italy truly is a blessed country, offering an incredible range of sights and gests to those embarking on a European holiday. From the architectural wonders and art treasures of the eternal city of Rome to the magical canals of Venice, Tuscany’s rolling hills and meadows to Amalfi Coast’s stirring & dramatic seascapes, Italy has it all. 

With another than 5000 long hauls of the bank, the myriad fascinating strands in Italy are the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate amidst turquoise waters and pulverized white beaches. Then are the top strands in Italy from the spectacular celebrity pets to the retired virgin bays, to enjoy the country’s bountiful seascapes. 

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10 Amazing Beaches In Italy For A True Tropical Affair 

From the ones with the white beaches to the ones beside a lighthouse, these 10 strands in Italy offer mesmerizing ocean views, a passing yet cozy environment, and the best of sun and beach. Continue reading to know further about these beaches:

1. Tropea Beach 

In the fascinating city of Tropea, adjoined by the suitable church on the rocky outcrop this is one of the stylish Italy strands offering commodities for everyone. The placid crystal clear blue water is perfect for swimming, while there are options for snorkeling, boat hire, and parasailing for those looking for some charged sand conditioning. Great for families as well as grown-ups, Tropea sand also has some nice Lido bars and superb cafes where you can rent screens or parasols, and enjoy seafood and cocktails. 

Address: Marina di Tropea, 89861 Tropea, Italy 

Timings: 9 am – 1 pm and 4 pm – 8 pm 

Entry Fee: None 

2. Spiaggia Dei Conigli 

Also called Rabbit’s Beach, this is really one of the most romantic beaches in Italy with clear shimmering waters displaying an unthinkable color palette of the meet shade of green and blue. Though reaching the golden shores of this beautiful sand on Lampedusa Island requires a 15- 20 minute hike, the sight, and the experience make it completely worthwhile. Warm calm waters, the plenitude of fish, affair with the adventured loggerhead turtles, white beach, and a spectacular setting can’t be beaten. The Onda Blu sand hut offers affordable and appetizing crafted food. This is a notorious and participating beach in Italy country.

Address: Strada di Ponente, 92010, Sicily, Italy 

Timings: 830 AM- 730 PM, every day 

Entry Fee: No entry fee 

3. Cala Goloritze 

Also, a UNESCO world heritage site, the pristine beauty of this gorgeous sand must be seen to be believed. Accessible only through a boat or by hiking, the alluring Cala Golortze is a picture card sand with clear turquoise water and enough white pebbles. definitely, among the best- unspoiled strands in Italy, this slice of heaven can be reached by hiking for about one and partial hours over against a mountainous track so sturdy shoes are a must-have. Once there, you can spend a lazy afternoon on the beautiful seascape or discover the magical marine life while snorkeling. 

Address: Golfo di Orosei, 08040 Baunei, Sardinia, Italy 

Timings: No specific timings yet it’s better to start early morning and start hiking back before dusk 

Entry fee: 6 Euros per hiker entering the path to the beach 

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4. Porto Giunco

White beach, sapphire blue ocean, and plenitude of amenities make Porto Giunco a contender for one of the chic beaches in Italy in September. It has a unique setting with the ocean on one end and a lake on another, where you can truly spot flamingos. You could take a small hike up to the Spanish tower for stunning views, enjoy snorkeling just below it or simply put your bases up and enjoy this beautiful paradise. The water is shallow, there are enough food shanties and sand bars as well as voyaging options. 

Address: 09049 Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy 

Timings: Throughout the day 

Entry fee: Entry to the beach is free but parking is extravagant( around 3 Euros per hour) 

5. La Pelosa

Made popular by the James Bond movie, this one’s a great choice for public beaches in Italy with its transparent blue waters and beautiful white beachfront. The popular La Pelosa sand gets relatively crowded with locals and travelers in the summers so it’s good to reach a little early with your own mats( which can be rented too). The sand has clean shallow waters for quite some distance making it ideal for children, while the deep azure waters are great for great swimmers. 

Address: Viale la Pelosa, 07040 Stintino, Sardinia, Italy 

Timings: Throughout the day 

Entry Fee: No entry fee 

6. Cala Mariolu

This magical secret haven in Golfo di Orosei with incredibly blue waters can be entered only through a boat. This gem is clearly one of the stylish beaches on Italy’s map for an indelible appointment with the inconceivable seascapes of Italy. The bitsy white pebble beach varied against the suitable shade of emerald and turquoise waters is a sight to behold. This tranquil paradise is great for diving as well as snorkeling to discover the fantastic marine life. 

Address: SS125 Baunei, Sardinia, Italy 

Timings: Throughout the day 

Entry Fee: No entry fee, 3 euros for a snorkeling mask 

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7. Spiaggia Di Maria Pia 

One of the most stunning black tropical beaches in Italy, Spiaggia de Maria Pia has calm shallow waters and a relaxed vibe. A beautiful pine timber along the beach is a nice place to stroll around after a swim or find respite from the sun. The calm shallow waters, an eternal stretch of white beach, and great sand bars make it one of the chic beaches in Italy to visit for swimming and soaking in the sun. It’s a good idea to arrive beforehand and rent out sunbeds and parasols as it draws large crowds being so near to Alghero. 

Address: Alghero, Sardinia, Italy 

Timings: Throughout the day 

Entry Fee: No entry fee 

8. Cala Rossa 

Accessible only through a dirt road or by boat, this inconceivable tranquil beach is elegant in Favignana. The area around the water is rocky so wearing beach sandals or floaters is a must-have. Though not recommended for children the deepest blue waters gesture ace swimmers to take a plunge and enjoy the calm and demitasse clear ocean. The picturesque place is also great for snorkeling and exploring the caves and bays along the stunning rock arrangements. 

Address: 91023 Favignana, Province of Trapani, Sicily, Italy 

Timings: Throughout the day 

Entry Fee: No entry fee 

9. Marina Piccola 

This quiet, alluring sand with a beautiful setting and small boats bobbing on the water is a nice spot on the other side of Capri, away from the huge crowds and bustle. The turquoise waters are perfect for swimming and there is a plenitude of snack bars around for a quick bite or drink. It’s recommended to reach now beforehand in the morning during the vacation season to avoid the crowds at this small bumpy beach that stretches along a glorious cliff. 

Address: Via Marina Piccola, 80076 Capri NA, Italy 

Timings: 930 am to 530 pm 

Entry Fee: 8 euros onwards 

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10. Marina Grande Beach 

This amazing subsoil beach in the meet towns on the Amalfi seacoast is an awful spot to witness the magic of Positano. Reaching the sand through the charismatic winding streets in itself is a lot of fun. Along the 300- cadence-long sand, there is a plenitude of caffs, bars, and a discotheque too. It’s an awesome place to relax, stroll, click the filmland or take a swim( care must be taken to wear good footwear as it’s an uneven beach). 

Address: Piazza Flavio Gioia, Positano, Italy 

Timings: Throughout the day 

Entry Fee: No entry fee 

Looking at these gorgeous beaches in Italy, one thing is crystal clear, they do offer a transcendent experience! So why not include them in your customizable Italy Holiday package and come back from a vacation that had the neat of sun and beach.

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