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10 Mysterious Places In Australia That Will Leave You Awestruck!

Australia is a place to deal with for its superb beaches, scenic excellence with extraordinary landscape, and the historical legacy that imbibes the country. Aside from the scenery, Australia is known for its wide wildlife and has a great deal to propose to creature lovers. Australia’s brilliant side makes it a place one must visit something like once in their lifetime. However, the fact of the matter is, that each place has something unusual that shows its clouded side.

While we search in stunningness at the excellence the nation comprises, we sometimes miss out on the unusual aspects, the mysteries that specific places have concealed in their history. For it is obvious, that we always neglect what is under us, where we are standing. While one could have thought Australia just has magnificence, we found ten such mysterious places in Australia that will light a curious mind.

10 Top Mysterious Places In Australia

Prepare to explore these following places, for you are in for a ride. After this, we sure can say Australia has everything, with diversity in each aspect. For, each trip we take, a little spook to a great extent comes in helpful with the tedious sightseeing. We have some unsolved mysteries coming in your direction with ten mysterious places in Australia.

1. The Pinnacles

Past owners of the land have guaranteed that these stone formations represent the number of individuals (locals) who have been historically consumed by the desert’s quicksand. These structures serve as an advance notice to the sightseers to stay off the dreadful desert to try not to be consumed.

Area: Nambung National Park

Fee: Free

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2. The Min Lights

The name that sounds adorable has unexplained, unusual aspects that feature the place. A street stretch measuring 120 in Queensland has a major pennant while entering that reads that when travelers drive across this street, there are lights that follow the travelers to significant distances. These lights have been unidentified, and nobody knows how and why travelers experience them. the first recorded sighting of this mysterious light was back in 1838, with some claiming that anybody who has at any point attempted to follow the light has always avoided telling the story.

Area: Boulia

Fee: Free

3. Redbank Range Railway

Otherwise called the ‘Picton Ghost Tunnel, this infamous railway burrow is known to be home to plenty of mysterious supernatural activities that occur occasionally. The now deserted burrow was closed in 1919, and as per legends and the locals of the place, they guarantee the passage is spooky by the spirit of Emily Bollard.

It is said that in 1916, Emily Bollard was killed when struck by a train in the passage. That is not all, for the train seemingly hauled the corpse of Emily Bollard to the following train station. Whether the passage is closed because of such mysterious activities or for a general reason, no one obviously knows, for everybody has their own version to tell.

Area: Picton, New South Wales

Fee: Free

4. The Quarantine Station

Opened in 1832, the Quarantine Station served as a place where individuals were conceded to keep away from the spreading of infectious diseases. During its prime, the place witnessed thousands of individuals with diseases like cholera, smallpox, and Spanish influenza, who ultimately kicked the bucket.

Strangely, this place presently hosts ghost tours with unusual activities that continue to happen when there. The officials guarantee that the place is spooky, especially the first-class shower block. All things considered, who can say for sure?

Area: Manly, New South Wales

Fee: $15/hr

5. The Devil’s Pool

Surely, quite possibly of the most mysterious place in Australia, the Devil’s Pool has up to this point asserted 17 lives of young fellows. No one could determine the specific reason behind their demise which has been occurring since 1953. Seemingly, these 17 lives have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Legends guarantee that an old, lovelorn spirit haunts the place.

Who happens to reside among the waters and seduce young fellows into tumbling to their demise? However vigorously blockaded, the Devil’s Pool mystery is yet unsolved. There is a plaque in the memory of these boys that reads ‘He came for a visit and stayed for eternity’.

Area: Babinda Boulders

Fee: Free

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6. Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is a red desert that has an underground mining town and houses 80% of the nation’s opals. Established after WWI, Australian soldiers risked becoming famous in the mining industry in those days. Whilst working under, the workers there understood that the environment under is cooler than the blistering desert environment that held up above them. Soon, hostels, churches, homes, and so forth started to open underground. Today, it has an underground town with the desert laying alone above them.

Area: north of Adelaide

Fee: Free

7. HM Pentridge

At a certain point in time, it served as the prison for who and who of Australia’s high-profile deranged criminals. Albeit not a prison any longer, the place has some parts of it transformed into extravagant apartments. What is bizarre is, that visitors have experienced strange and mysterious encounters. With visitors claiming they heard a notorious criminal’s voice from cell no 16 saying ‘Get Out!’ more than once. It is quite possibly the most mysterious place in Victoria Australia.

Area: Melbourne

Fee: $25

8. Wolfe Creek Crater

You most likely have seen the film and minutely went nuts finding out about the mysterious craters. Indeed, thanks to these obvious and obviously distinctive cavity holes, the Wolfe Creek Crater houses the authentic pit opening on the planet. This mysterious cavity was made by a shooting star in 1940 and was discovered in space.

Area: Wolfe Creek

Fee: Free

9. Port Arthur

Australia’s most notorious corrective station, Port Arthur is known for the harsh state of the convicts who lived there. Aside from their miserable life, this historic structure is also known for its worst post-pioneer massacre in the history of the country. In 1996, a shooter started shooting at visitors and took 35 lives. It is asserted that the convicts who were housed here carried out murders inside the prison, so they would be allowed subsequent execution.

The miserable conditions and the psychological fierceness they suffered are to be credited for such atrocities that made this place one of the worst places to be in and advanced toward the list of mysterious places in Australia.

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10. The Umpherston Sinkhole

The Umpherston Sinkhole is one of the mysterious places in South Australia, situated in Mt Gambier. It used to buckle until it collapsed in and around 1800. Today, the place is a nursery that is evenly not lined up with the surface of the earth. Rather, this lush green nursery is underneath the normal arrangement of the surface of the earth.

Area: Mt Gambier

Fee: Free

Australia has given us both mystery and frightfulness in one single list that supported our curiosity as well as has our minds ticking to visit the places. However, more than perusing it would be a more prominent spooky experience if you somehow managed to visit these places knowing the mysteries and stories that tail behind them. Thusly, whenever you are on your trip to Australia chance yourself to experience the spooks and quirks that these places have in store.

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