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10 Majestic Castles In Slovakia That Will Take You Back To History!

Visiting Slovakia is comparable to going to a talk by your set of experienced teachers. Asking why? This nation is home to many castles, some appropriately kept up with while some lie in ruins. These castles and their remains let us know the whole history of Slovakia, right from the fifth 100 years. Throughout the long term, Slovakia has been the seat of force for some rulers, aristocrats as well as chancellors. It is no big surprise then, that the nation is viewed as a castle superpower, as castles were broadly used to show the riches and influence of the rulers.

Notwithstanding its numerous tourist attractions, the castles in Slovakia keep on attracting a great many visitors consistently. These glorious engineering ponders have endured for an extremely long period and let us know accounts of the past. Aside from their verifiable importance, these fortresses offer amazing vistas of the Slovakian open country. Prepare to forget about time as you enter these grand manifestations of humankind. You could check for Slovakia castles available to be purchased as there are a couple on the rundown.

10 Notable Castles In Slovakia

Here is the ideal rundown of castles in Slovakia that you ought to explore while you are on your trip. Continue to look down and no more!

1. Orava Castle

Arranged on a stone managing the Orava Waterway, is the majestic middle-age castle of Orava. This public social heritage site is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Slovakia. The whole castle sits on top of a rough limestone precipice, 112 meters over the waterway. 

Individual tours of the castle are not allowed and visiting this place during the long stretches of July and August is fitting. The English-directed tours take you around the castle and partake in the archeological show and the ethnological display, which are the tour features. Visitors can cover this site in three hours.

Area: Oravský Podzámok, 027 41 Oravský Podzámok

Timings: 9.30 Am – 3 Pm, throughout the days

Entry Fees: Grown-ups – 7.00 €; Kids (Over the age of 6) – 3.50 €

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2. Trenčín Castle

The Trenčín Castle is the main milestone in the whole region of Považie. It is additionally the site where the Celts, the Germanic, the Turks as well as the Slavic resided and thrived. The castle is likewise viewed as one of the biggest castles to be at any point implicit in the whole of Europe.

Visit the most established structure in this fortress castle – the pre-Romanesque rotunda, whose starting points actually stay a secret. The castle is currently regulated under a historical center and shows oriental firearms, sabers, gothic swords, and rifles among others. Attempt the late evening touring tour which is another expansion to the castle.

Area: Trenčiansky hrad, 911 01 Trenčín

Timings: 9 Am – 4.30 Pm

Entry Fees: Grown-ups – 1.00 €; Kids (Over the age of 6) – 0.60 €

3. Spiš Castle

The glad pearl of Slovakia, this humongous castle complex is the biggest in Focal Europe. It is spread around 41 thousand square meters and has developed throughout the years to turn into a significant political, financial and social focus. Move on to this immense castle and drench yourself in the shocking perspectives on the High Tatras mountains.

An eighteenth-century fire obliterated this pleased castle and things have at absolutely no point in the future be something similar. Significant pictures like Dragonheart, The Last Army, and so forth, were shot here. Inferable from its social importance, it has been presented with a UNESCO World Heritage Site tag.

Area: Spisske Podhradie, 053 04 Spišské Podhradie

Timings: 9 Am – 6 Pm (October to April: 9 am to 4 pm)

Entry Fees: Grown-ups – 8.00 €; Youngsters – 4.00 €

4. Bratislava Castle

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA – MAY 11, 2017: Bratislava Castle or Bratislavsky Hrad aerial panoramic view. Bratislava Castle is the main castle of Bratislava capital of Slovakia.

The present-day capital city of Slovakia likewise is home to perhaps of the most superb castle in Europe. It is noticeable from most pieces of the city, because of its area on a slope. This rectangularly formed castle with four majestic pinnacles is the most renowned milestone in Bratislava.

You probably read about the powerful Hungarian and Austrian domains during your school history classes. This castle was a fundamental piece of both these domains because of its essential area, over the Danube Waterway. History separated, this memorable site is a must-visit attraction for tourists visiting Slovakia.

Area: Bratislava, 08001 Bratislava

Timings: Consistently open

Entry Fees: Free

5. Cerveny Kamen

The Malé Karpaty mountains, home to marvelous normal widely varied vegetation, are likewise the home of this wonderful red-stone castle. This fortress-cum-castle is quite possibly of the best-safeguarded castle in Slovakia, making it likewise a most loved tourist attraction. Two touring tours are offered – the Gallery tour and the Renaissance fortress tour, both similarly captivating.

Aside from these standard tours, take a stab at visiting this castle during summer to partake in the Late spring night tours. Likewise, fencing celebrations and falconer shows are a normal element of this castle.

Area: Hrad Červený Kameň, 900 89 Častá

Timings: 9Am – 5 Pm

Entry Fees: Reaches from 2.00 € to 19.00 €

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6. Bojnice Castle

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When the home for Hungarian aristocrats, this castle today, is praised for its heartfelt and fantasy-like appearance. Perhaps the most-visited castle in Slovakia, its excellence is improved by the tremendous sanctuaries, pinnacles, and steep rooftops.

This neo-gothic style castle likewise houses a historical center that runs different tours for visitors. Partake in the perspectives on the Strážovské vrchy mountains from this castle. Remember to see the 600-year-old lime tree of Bojnice, at the entry of this castle.

Area: Zámok an okolie 1, 972 01 Bojnice

Timings: 10 Am – 3 Pm, with the exception of Mondays

Entry Fees: Kids from 3 to 6 years – 1.00 €; Youngsters from 6 to 15 years – 3.50 €; Understudy 15 – 18 years – 7.00 €; Grown-ups – 9.00 €

7. Smolenice Castle

An hour’s drive from Bratislava carries you to the Smolenice Castle, which today fills in as a conference hall. This castle is the ideal setting for your next meeting, class, or huge wedding. Likewise, with different castles in Slovakia, this notable site succumbed to fire and was reproduced as of late. Be careful, the castle is available to the public just throughout the mid-year months.

Area: Zámocká 18, 919 04 Smolenice

Timings: 10 Am – 6 Pm

Entry Fees: N/A

8. Strečno Castle

A crucial piece of the Malá Fatra mountains, the Strečno Castle offers stunning perspectives on the Domašínsky wander, the Žilinská kotlina bowl, the Strečniansky priesmyk mountain pass, and other regular marvels. Aside from its perspectives, this castle offers a set of experiences and examples to engineering understudies. Visit this place to be aware of the tale of Žofia Bosniaková, who is firmly connected with this castle’s set of experiences. Try not to pass up visiting her mummy kept at the castle’s church.

Area: Hradná 1, 013 24 Strečno

Timings: 9 Am – 6 Pm

Entry Fees: Grown-ups – 5.00 €; Youngsters (Over the age of 6) – 3.00 €

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9. Stará Ľubovňa Castle

This site fills in as a sign of the nation’s Clean roots. The enormous stone castle was once a significant haven for Clean Royal gems. Today, it is open for visitors to partake in its sights and designs lasting through the year. The outdoors exhibition hall at its entry grandstands society architecture and is a breathtaking place to visit.

Area: Zámocká 22, 064 01 Stará ľubovňa

Timings: 9 Am To 7 Pm

Entry Fees: Grown-ups – 5.00 €; Youngsters (Over the age of 6) – 2.50 €

10. Devín Castle

Remaining on a monstrous bluff in the midst of lavish normal plant life, this castle is the ideal end-of-the-week escape. You can fancy seeing the Alps from the most noteworthy foundation of the castle during more clear weather patterns. On account of its advantageous area, only 10 kilometers off Bratislava, this castle is visited by millions every year.

A most loved piece of history is that this castle was halfway obliterated by Napoleon’s military in 1809. Do click adequate photos of the conjunction of the Danube and Morava waterways.

Area: Muránská, 84110 Devín

Timings: 10 Am – 5 Pm

Entry Fees: Grown-ups – 5.00 €; Kids – 2.50 €

Time probably won’t have totally recuperated the scars of these powerful and best castles of Slovakia, however, they act as significant social and verifiable focuses, a distinct indication of Slovakia’s bloodied past. As stories of the wonderfulness of these man-made structures spread across the globe, Slovakia invests wholeheartedly in its castles and invites you to world-class neighborliness. In this way, gather your packs, book your trip to Slovakia and explore the castles!

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