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10 Magnificent Places To Visit In Japan: Land of The Rising Sun

The description of Japan as a backpack filled with delights for all types of travelers could be the perfect thing to do due to the countless shrines and temples, stunning gardens and castles, stunning mountains, and many other important attractions. It’s not just the technological marvels, but the most beautiful places you can visit within Japan that have put the nation’s island on the world map. We can assure you that exploring every one of them is worth every cent.

If you’ve not considered visiting Japan It’s high time you go because these must-see places in Japan provide you with experiences you’ve never had before. Be prepared to amaze yourself with one of the most popular destinations that will give you the most amazing experience. It is known for its rich and diverse tradition, there is plenty to explore when you go on a trip to Japan.

Best Time To Visit Japan

The ideal season for you to visit Japan is between March through May, during the spring’s final stages. You could also plan your visit during the autumnal months particularly between September and November to enjoy the most memorable experiences. The temperatures remain mild during this time, and there is very minimal rainfall.

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10 Awe-Inspiring Places To Visit in Japan

Are you in search of stunning places within Japan? These are the most beautiful places that you should visit in Japan which you should add to your itinerary for the best experience possible trip. Read on to find out the best things to do in this stunning place!

1. Tokyo – Essence Of Japan

Tokyo is one of the cities that reflect the colors of Japan. It is a city that reflects the colors of Japan. Japan, places to visit are numerous, and exploring all of them in one trip will never be possible. However, the renowned city of Tokyo remains a top spot on your itinerary because of its anime culture and top-quality attractions. If the historic sites do not impress you it is also been a culinary hot spot! This is definitely among the top places for you to visit in Japan.

Most Popular Attractions:

  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • Tokyo DisneySea

Top Things to Do:

Enjoy a night out near the Tokyo Tower in Japan

Shop in Odaiba

Experience the splendor of Meiji Shrine. Meiji Shrine

Hotels to stay in:

  • Guest House Trace
  • Manga Art Hotel
  • Khaosan Tokyo Samurai

Food places:

  • Tapas Molecular Bar
  • Ise Sueyoshi
  • Sometaro

2. Kyoto – The Sacred And Serene

The city of gardens, shrines, and palaces! Of all of the important Japanese destinations, Kyoto is the most sacred. Kyoto is among the top places for you to visit in Japan during spring regardless of whether you’re with your loved ones or your partner. The famous temples and shrines, palaces gardens, and bamboo forests are a delight to the eyes and you shouldn’t visit them during your very first trip.

The Top Attractions In Kyoto:

  • Kyoto Imperial Palace
  • Philosopher’s Walk
  • Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine

The Best things to do in Kyoto:

  • Go to the Kiyomizu Temple
  • Take a tour of the Nijo Castle
  • Visit the Kinkaku-ji, the most famous of all.

Hotels to stay in:

  • Village Kyoto
  • Downtown Inn Kyoto
  • Santiago Guesthouse Kyoto

Restaurants within Kyoto:

  • Samurai Juku
  • Sugarhill Kyoto
  • Saishuan Shiraki

3. Nara – City Of Culture

Home to adorable deers, temples & more! A list of the most popular Japanese attractions will be complete without mentioning Nara as a part of it. It is home to numerous monasteries, shrines, museums, and the renowned Nara Park, this city is the place to be to learn about the well-known Japanese customs and culture. It’s definitely on your list of not-missed places that you should visit throughout Japan.

The Top Attractions:

  • Nara Park
  • Kasuga-taisha
  • Ninja Museum of Igaryu

Top Things to Do:

  • Go to the Isuien Garden
  • Meet the deer at the Nara-koen Park.
  • Discover your way through the Nara National Museum

Staying in hotels:

  • Smile Hotel Nara
  • Super Hotel Hotel Lohas JR Nara
  • Guesthouse Nara Komachi


  • Kameya
  • Kura
  • Tonkatsu Ganko Nara

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4. Mt. Fuji – A Breathtaking Marvel

The ultimate destination for adventurers! World-renowned as the place to go for the most exciting experience throughout Japan, Mt. Fuji is the ideal place you can visit and is certainly among the top beautiful places in Japan. While the officially climbed season starts in July and concludes in September, you can enjoy the beauty from afar all year long. It is among our most favored places to visit in Japan. Naturally, this place should be on your bucket list!

Most Popular Attractions:

  • Mount Tenjo
  • Chureito Pagoda
  • Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine

Top Things to Do:

  • Go for skiing
  • Go to the Arakurayama Sengen Park
  • Take in the breathtaking panorama of Mt. Fuji at Subashiri 5th Station. Subashiri 5th Station

Staying in hotels:

  • Hatago Ichiya
  • Bself Fuji Villa
  • Hotel Mount Fuji

Food places:

  • Hoto Fudou
  • Tempura Restaurant Ninja
  • Tetsuyaki

5. Hokkaido – Closer To Nature

The home of hot springs that are natural! Famous for its volcanoes, hot springs, and ski resorts This stunning Japanese island appears straight out of a comic book. And it’s because of the numerous attractions and activities that it’s an ideal place for a holiday with your children and your significant other. If you’re looking at the splendor in its Blue Pond or the Zoo and the Zoo, you’ll be captivated. It’s among the best places for you to visit in Japan during the summer months.

The Top Attractions:

  • Asahiyama Zoo
  • Tomita Farm Tomita
  • Blue Pond

Top Things to Do:

  • Enjoy the hot springs in the sun.
  • Get your hands on delicious seafood
  • Go to the famous National Parks

Staying in hotels:

  • Yorkshire Farm
  • Hotel Park Hills Hokkaido
  • Puremiahoteru – CABIN – Obihiro

Food places:

  • Daruma
  • Hokkaido Cafe
  • Hokkaido Ramen Kyowakoku

6. Ishigaki – An Exotic Destination

The most popular travel destination in Japan! The most talked about travel destination for the year 2022, Ishigaki Island is definitely amongst the most desirable places for you to visit in Japan. In spite of its small size, Ishigaki Island is unlimited possibilities in providing visitors with unique experiences and also enhancing your holiday within the Japanese island. It’s also been voted as one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Japan during the bloom season.

The Top Attractions:

  • Kabira Bay
  • Taketomi Island
  • Ishigaki Limestone Cave

The Best Things to Do:

  • Indulge in snorkeling
  • Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach
  • Enjoy the Ishigaki Beef

Hotels to stay in:

  • Ishigaki Guesthouse HIVE
  • Blue Cabin Ishigakijima
  • Ishigaki Seaside Hotel

Food places:

  • Sushi Taro
  • Usagiya
  • Akebono

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7. Hiroshima – A historically significant City

The city that enchants the beauty of Japan’s landscape! Despite being recognized around the world as one of the victims of the horrific nuclear bombings, Hiroshima continues to be one of the most important places to visit throughout Japan. We can assure you that aside from the devoted monuments and other sites which reflect the history of the city, it also has another enthralling attraction such as that of the Itsukushima shrine. It is among one of the most visited places in Japan.

The Top Attractions:

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum
  • Hiroshima Castle
  • Itsukushima

The Best Things to Do:

  • Try Okonomiyaki, a local delight.
  • Go to the Mazda Museum
  • Take pictures of the Shukkeien Garden

Staying in hotels:

  • K’s House Hiroshima
  • Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima
  • Court Hotel Hiroshima


  • Parco della Pace
  • Guttsuri-ann
  • Nagataya

8. Sapporo – Forget the heat and humidity

A paradise for those who love skiing and beers! In cities such as Sapporo where you can enjoy a variety of activities, deciding what to do in Japan is not going to be your primary issue. Sapporo not only assists to keep you from the heat and humidity but will also let you discover your winter wonderland during the famed Sapporo annual snow festival. If you don’t like the gardens, the massive snow sculptures will surely take your breath away! It is among the most beautiful places to visit when visiting Japan!

Most Popular Attractions:

  • Moerenuma Park
  • Former Hokkaido Government Office
  • Mount Moiwa Observation Deck

The Best Things to Do:

  • Go to The Sapporo Beer Museum
  • Party in Susukino
  • Enjoy local delights on the Curb Market

Hotels to stay in:

  • The Stay Sapporo
  • Relief Sapporosusukino Hotel
  • Tmark City Hotel Sapporo


  • Gotsubo Oyster Bar
  • Hyousetsu No Mon
  • Sapporo Beer Garden

9. Osaka – A Cultural Delight

With the top food and shopping malls, restaurants with amazing food, and the best nightlife hotspots within the capital city of Osaka, Osaka can be considered one of the top places to visit in Japan. It will not just delight the foodie or party-goer within you and the committed tourist who is awed by the beauty of each place that he or she goes to. This is one of the most popular places for you to visit in Japan for people who are just starting out.!

Most Popular Attractions in Osaka:

  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Osaka Castle
  • Dotonbori

The Best things to do in Osaka:

  • Go to the Kaiyukan Aquarium
  • Go to Hozenji Temple. Hozenji Temple
  • Enjoy a beer tasting experience and then a party in the evening

Hotels to stay in:

  • Hotel Taiyo
  • Hotel Fine Garden Juso
  • The APA Hotel Osaka Higobashi Ekimae

Food places within Osaka:

  • Osaka Tacos
  • Giga Rabbit
  • Curry Yakumido

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10. Yakushima – Naturally Given

A magical island with waterfalls! An island located in Kagoshima Prefecture. Yakushima is well-known for its cedar forests, wildlife, and waterfalls. If you’re a person who enjoys going out into the wild to have an experience that will last a lifetime This most popular place you can visit in Japan is well worth the time.

The Top Attractions:

  • Senpirono Falls
  • Jomon Sugi
  • Mt. Miyanoura

The Best Things to Do:

  • Canoeing or kayaking on the Anbo river
  • Take a look at the Oko-no-taki Waterfall
  • Be on the lookout for Loggerhead turtles lay eggs.

Staying in hotels:

  • Seaside Hotel Yakushima
  • Guesthouse Yakushima


  • Yakushima Curry House
  • Panorama
  • Wakadaisho

If the tech-savvy beauty of Japan’s island nation could not be awe-inspiring we’re sure these top places you can visit in Japan will! Which one do you want to visit first? You can plan your trip to Japan and enjoy the most memorable holiday ever! Take an extra set of clothes to ensure that you decide to visit these places alter your mind or you want to prolong your trip to Japan!

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