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10 Fun Things To Do In Uruguay You Should Experience

Most travelers who land in Uruguay go no farther than the varied capital, Montevideo. Yet, assuming you look past the city’s horizon, you’ll likewise find an untrampled country with rambling farms, natural beaches, tricky untamed life, and a rich wine industry. From postcard-commendable provincial towns to normal underground aquifers, here’s our pick of the best things to do in Uruguay that brings to the table.

10 Interesting Things To Do in Uruguay

1. Meander around Colonia del Sacramento

Uruguay’s beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site is a cut of frontier Portugal roosted on the edge of the incredible Río de la Plata. Walk around the cobbled roads of Barrio Histórico, dropping into the low-ceilinged wine basements and the flighty bistro El Pharmacy on the way. It is one of the best things to do in Uruguay.

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2. Attempt surfing in Punta del Diablo

One of the adventurous things to do in Uruguay is surfing. Throughout the mid-year months, this easily bohemian fishing town on Uruguay’s east coast is spilling over with hikers who are anxious to ride the profound grows that run into the brilliant beaches. Bring a board, set up a shelter, and take a shot at handling probably the most noteworthy waves on the landmass.

3. Find treasures in Montevideo’s business markets

Uruguay’s capital is the place to go for delicious steaks and strange trinkets. Drop by Mercado del Puerto to find a choice of the urban communities’ individually parrillas selling hamburger that is superior to any you’ll track down in Argentina. After a token of your trip? Visit the Mercado de Los Artesanos, loaded with nearby handiworks, or Sunday’s rambling Feria de Tristán Narvaja to get a conventional mate and silver bombilla.

4. Eat good food in José Ignacio

José Ignacio, Maldonado, Uruguay

Every traveler’s backlist includes delectable cuisine. If you are a foodie then it becomes among the top things to do in Uruguay. When a sluggish fishing town east of party town Punta del Este, José Ignacio is currently causing disturbances on the global foodie scene because of a blast of high-end foundations on the coast. Attempt the acclaimed La Huella (which presently has a station in Miami) for fire-barbecued octopus and champion caipiroskas.

5. Mooch around at Playa Chihuahua

While Uruguay probably won’t have the white sands and transcending palms of adjoining Brazil, it has similar daylight. Assuming you’re after an all-over tan, go to the country’s popular nudist beach, Playa Chihuahua. Here you can expose everything close by tanned sun-admirers from adjacent Punta del Este.

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6. Witness history in Rocha

The abandoned sands and easygoing towns of Rocha are a desert spring on the eastern line of the country. From stowed-away tidal ponds to rough outcrops sprinkled with safeguarded birds, the division’s wilds stay untamed. Get away from progress without electric Cabo Polonio, warm up to fur seals in La Pedrera, or journey through the sand ridges in La Paloma. If you are history lover, then you must explore this this one of the amazing things to do in Uruguay.

7. Do hiking in Minas


The nearest thing to a mountain in Uruguay is Cerro Arequita in Minas, around two hours upper east of Montevideo. Pack a couple of strolling boots and set out on a hike through the slope’s legendary Ombú woodland, or go to detect a large number of bats in the Cretaceous-age Gruta Colón or Columbus Cavern.

8. Get loaded in Carmelo

The frontier town of Carmelo merits a visit in itself, yet the genuine draw is the store wineries that enclose it. This region, referred to by grape fans as the Uruguayan Tuscany, is home to five family-run grape plantations: Familia Irurtia, Almacen de la Capilla, Campo Tinto, El Legado, and Narbona. Email ahead to arrange customized tours and tastings with the actual winemakers.

9. Spot whales at Piriápolis beaches

For half of the year, between June and November, Atlantic southern right whales breed off the shoreline and become one of the most explored things to do in Uruguay. Punta Colorada and Negra, close to the curious ocean-side town of Piriápolis, have the absolute best post spots all over the coast. Begin early when the waves are quiet and post for circumnavigating gulls to have the most obvious opportunity with regard to spotting whales skipping in the waters.

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10. Rule the waters in Salto

The waters of Salto’s termas, or underground aquifers, pour in from the Guaraní Spring – perhaps the biggest submerged repository in the world. With a high mineral substance and soothing temperatures coming to 46°C (114.8°F), they’re an ideal place to enjoy a little R&R. Sprinkle out on a day at Arapey Warm Resort and Spa – the best and far-off natural aquifers complex in gaucho country.

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