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10 Breathtaking Indonesian Islands That Will Make You Say “WOW”

The archipelago of Indonesia contains a sum of 17,504 islands that are formally recorded. The moderate environment that is plainly outlined as wet season and dry season without any limits of one or the other summer or winter makes it ideal as a travel destination. With pretty much 6000 islands occupied, this archipelago is home to three of the world’s greatest islands to be specific Java, Sumatra, and Borneo.

The archipelago has probably the most gorgeous sea shores, energetic culture, oriental cooking, and fascinating volcanoes that make this an extremely pursued travel destination for individuals from everywhere the world. Extensively, there are six significant Indonesia islands that are worth focusing on – in particular, Sunda Islands, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Maluku Island, and New Guinea. Be that as it may, the genuine gold mine lies in a portion of the more modest pockets. We should bring a plunge into the rundown of Indonesian islands to find out.

10 Breathtaking Indonesian Islands

Indonesia is a unique destination in the southeast district, is popular for eye-satisfying scenes and islands. Assuming you are considering the number of islands in Indonesia and searching for a trip to some of them, here is the ideal rundown of Indonesian islands that you ought to explore. Investigate!

1. Ubud

Searching for the best Indonesian islands to visit-The social center of Bali, Ubud has been home to the regal groups of Bali and is one of the most outstanding places to explore in Indonesia. With the astonishing scenes, grandiose mountains, and thriving workmanship and specialties focus, this place is a must-visit for each traveler.

Instructions to reach Ubud: To reach Ubud, take a trip to Denpasar Airport and afterward take a transport from that point.

Best time to visit Ubud: July-September

Places to stay in Ubud: Champlung Sari Hotel, Ngurah Hostel Ubud, and The Junjungan Bungalow

Best eateries in Ubud: Uma Cucina, Blanco Par Mandif, and Padi Fine Dining

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2. Bali

Bali is one of the most pursued travel destinations on the planet for being home to assorted scenes, timberlands, exquisite sea shores, and dynamic otherworldly culture. Oriental societies have a delightful pith that separates them from the remainder of the world. Furthermore, that substance can be experienced at its best in Bali. The way of life of this dirt is the image of the tripartite idea called Tri Hita Karana which implies a wonderful concordance between man, God, and the climate.

This delightful comprehension of life is at the center of the way of life that they clutch even today, Bali has, at equivalent pair advanced with time to be at standard with the remainder of the world in each viewpoint. Likewise, if you need to explore eateries and bistros here, bistros in Kuta Bali ought not to be missed!

How to reach Bali: Take a departure from your country to Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar Airport in Bali to reach the destination.

Best time to visit Bali: June-August

Places to stay in Bali: Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa, Halaman Depan Hotel, Hotel Restu, and Hanging Gardens Of Bali.

Best cafés in Bali: Restaurant Locavore, Mamasan Bali, and Spice Mantraa Indian Cuisine

3. Mount Batur

Thinking about the number of islands in Indonesia that are there, is very clear for all travelers. There are numerous yet one of the most well known is Mount Batur. Perhaps of the most visited volcanic site, the traveling trip to the highest point of Mount Batur is overwhelming as well as worth the effort for the sheer perspective on the still-dynamic spring of gushing lava. To have the option to be on the top during dawn or dusk will be an extraordinary experience.

Instructions to reach Mount Batur: Take a trip to Denpasar Airport and afterward take a transport from Ubud to Kintamani to reach Mount Batur.

Best time to visit Mount Batur: May-July

Places to stay in Mount Batur: Volcano Terrace Bali and Triangle House Mount Batur

Best cafés in Mount Batur: Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant and The Amore Bali

4. Gili Islands

One more heaven for scuba jumpers and honeymooners the same, Gili Islands have collected a ton of name and notoriety among travelers from everywhere the world. Gili Trawangan and Gili Air are the biggest of the multitude of Gili Islands and have developed to be one of the most mind-blowing locales for surfing, scuba plunging, and unwinding while Gili Meno has been an unequaled number one as a heartfelt destination. Gili Islands is an ideal spot for the individuals who are searching for a destination where they can invest energy with their beloveds.

How to reach Gili Islands: The most ideal way to reach Gili Islands is to take a trip to Lombok’s air terminal and afterward take a taxi to the destination.

Best time to visit Gili Islands: September-November

Places to stay in Gili Islands: Vila Ombak Hotel, Les Villas Ottalia Gili Meno, and Aston Sunset Beach Resort.

Best restaurants in Gili Islands: Kayu Cafe and Karma Kayak

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5. Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Islands fall under the Papua locale of Indonesia and includes in excess of 600 little, individual islands with four significant isles to be specific Waigeo, Misoo, Bantana, and Salawati. Being one of the significant locales most popular for its biodiversity, this is one of the famous spots for scuba jumping, swimming, and bird watching. All in all, when are you going to swim around perhaps of the best island in Indonesia?

How to reach Raja Ampat Islands: Take a trip to Sorong and afterward take a ship to Waisai in Raja Ampat Islands.

Best time to visit Raja Ampat Islands: October-April

Places to stay in Raja Ampat Islands: Papua Paradise Eco Resort and Kri Eco Resort

Best cafés in Raja Ampat Islands: Warung Cahaya Bone Waisai Raja Ampat, Warung Prasmanan Raja Ampat, and Rumah Makan Pondok Lesehan.

6. Flores Island

The striking wonders of nature in its full appearance can be experienced on Flores Island. Arranged in one of the lesser Sunda Islands, Flores gives the best perspectives on the scene. Likewise the most well known way to deal with the Komodo National Park which gives the tourist a slip look into the regular home of the Komodo mythical serpents. The other attraction on Flores Island is the changing shades of the water in the cavity lakes on Mount Kelimutu. This is the justification for why Flores Island has had the option to pack the title of perhaps of the most gorgeous Indonesian island.

Ways to reach Flores Island: Reach Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali and from Denpasar you can take a non-stop trip to Labuan Bajo.

Best time to visit Flores Island: Mid-April – Mid-October

Places to stay in Flores Island: Cinnamon Guesthouse, Bintang Flores Hotel, and Eco Tree O’tel

Best eateries in Flores Island: La Cucina and Happy Banana Komodo

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7. Bunaken

Home to the most extraordinary Bunaken National Marrine Park with 70% of the whole fish species hold in the entire of Indo-Western Pacific Ocean, Baunaken Island is constant at the highest point of the outline for scuba jumpers and swimmers. This place is additionally renowned for its neighborhood alcohol named Cap Tikus. All travelers who love chilling with their companions while partaking in the neighborhood rarities ought to this island.

Instructions to reach Bunaken: Arrive at Manado and require a 50-minutes boat ride to Bunaken Island.

Best time to visit Bunaken: June-October

Places to stay in Bunaken: Mamaling Resort Bunaken, Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort, and Froggies Divers Bunaken

Best cafés in Bunaken: Mougie Restaurant and Restoran Nelson Bunaken

8. Bangka-Belitung Islands

The most perfect sea shores are to be found in the Bangka-Belitung Islands. The virgin sea shores are yet to experience the deluge of weighty tourism-directed people to damage their perfect excellence. A portion of different features remembers the pug characteristics of Dutch imperialism for its architecture and beacons worked in the nineteenth 100 years.

How to reach Bangka-Belitung Islands: You will initially need to reach Jarkarta, Singapore, or Malaysia from where you can take a non-stop trip to Tanjung Pandan in Belitung.

Best time to visit Bangka-Belitung Islands: February-March, October-November

Places to stay in Bangka-Belitung Islands: Menumbing Heritage Hotel, Hotel Santika Premiere Beach Resort, and Novotel Bangka

Best cafés in Bangka-Belitung Islands: Restaurant Dynasty and Rumah Makan Fega

9. Banda Island

Banda Islands, quite possibly of the best island in Indonesia in South Maluku, is known for flavors, especially nutmeg. Long periods of unfamiliar strength by the Portuguese, Dutch and British have given its way of life an interesting mark. It is likewise the seat for the most noteworthy top in the entire of Indonesia Gunung Api. Similar as some other island, it is renowned for different climbing and other water sports like surfing, swimming, and scuba plunging.

How to reach Banda Island: To reach Banda Island, you will initially need to reach Ambon from where you can take a quick ship and reach the destination in 5-6 hours.

Best time to visit Banda Island: November-March

Places to stay in Banda Island: Cilu Bintang Estate, Allan Bungalow, and The Maulana

Best cafés in Banda Island: Mukusu Restaurant and Green View Restaurant

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10. Wakatobi Islands

One more ocean side destination that is yet to experience weighty footfall of tourists is the little archipelago of the Wakatobi Islands. It is perhaps of the best island in Indonesia that is known to be the most famous plunging destination. The best among the part is Pulau Tomia which offers a slip look into its stunning marine life and Pulau Hoga for its dynamic coral reefs

How to reach Wakatobi Islands: Fly to Jakarta or Bali first and afterward take a trip to Wangi Island. From this island, you can take a ship ride or a private boat to the destination.

Best time to visit Wakatobi Islands: March-December

Places to stay in Wakatobi Islands: Tomia Villa, Wakatobi Patuna Resort, Labore Stay, and Wakatobi Dive Resort.

Best cafés in Wakatobi Islands: Wasabinua Hotel and Dive Resort, Ampupu Beach Resort, and Warung Makan D’Bantea

This rundown of Indonesian islands can’t be missed and you ought to put them on your list of must-dos. Currently eager to go on an outing to Bali? Try not to stand by any longer. Get pressed, book your trip to Indonesia and travel immediately!

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