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10 Best Things To Do In Brunei To Explore The ‘Oil-Rich Sultanate’

The little oil-rich Sultanate of Borneo has a portion of Asia’s best Islamic architecture, a virgin rainforest, and a great many monkeys. Here are the top things to do in Brunei, from visiting wonderful mosques and seeing wildlife to finding out about the nation’s oil industry.

Brunei is a mix of custom, innovation, and flawless virgin rainforest. The capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan, has the greenest space of any Southeast Asian capital. You can go from its cutting-edge downtown area to sitting on a boat, completely submerged in a mangrove forest in 10 minutes or less!

Presently we should learn about the best and most dazzling things to do in Brunei that you should explore with your travel ally for a rare experience!

10 Interesting Things To Do In Brunei

1. See some of Southeast Asia’s most famous mosques

Brunei is popular in Southeast Asia for its perfect mosques and Islamic architecture. Exploring remarkable mosques is among the top things to do in Brunei. In Bandar Seri Begawan, both the Omar Ali Saifuddien and Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosques are immense attractions. The primary stands close to the Brunei Stream and waterfront with an amazing fake tidal pond. The second holds the title of the biggest mosque in Brunei. Non-Muslims can enter outside of petitioning heaven time.

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2. Take a selfie with the dynamite Bornean sunset

Why don’t love to take a selfie during the splendid sunsets? Borneo’s sunsets are probably the most awesome on the planet, which makes it among the interesting things to do in Brunei. The tenacious mists towards the skyline make plenty of reds, oranges, and purples as the sun plunges concealed. Very much like the seashores in Sabah and Sarawak, you can observe this extraordinary peculiarity in Brunei. We propose visiting either Penanjong or Muara Oceanside.

3. Lose yourself on the planet’s biggest floating village

Stand on the waterfront and appreciate the rambling unnatural structures across the stream. Ships and speedboats zoom between the central area and Kampong Ayer. Known as the ‘Venice of the East’, the water village houses around 13,000 long-lasting residents. However, the wow factor broadens further: the settlement comprises around 40 separate villages with schools, mosques, and eateries. Take the ship from the waterfront and walk around the labyrinth of abandoned promenades and neighborhoods.

4. Explore Brunei’s Virgin Rainforest

Dissimilar to adjoining Malaysia and Indonesia, Brunei’s wilderness is free of deforestation. The seaward oil reserves have made the Sultanate affluent without the need to hack down trees for wood or palm oil plantations. Ulu Temburong National Park gives visitors an opportunity to visit a part of this virgin rainforest. Just 1% is unguarded with rigorously directed admittance. Visiting the national park offers one of the most mind-blowing ecotourism-related exercises to do in Brunei.

5. Pay a visit to the free museums

Starting around 2018, a considerable lot of Brunei’s attractions are free to enter. Why not make use of and explore a portion of the museums in Bandar Seri Begawan? We prescribe the Imperial Formal attire to study the King and his extreme way of life. The Brunei Museum covers normal history, and ethnography, and shows their English pilgrim days. Visiting museums probably won’t highlight everybody’s rundown of things to do in Brunei, however, it offers an opportunity to find out about this semi-secret country.

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6. Attempt to detect proboscis monkeys

Proboscis monkeys, named after their uncommon nose, are endemic to Borneo. The unusual pot-bellied primates like to sit in the mangroves. In the event that you’re in Bandar Seri Begawan, you can take a safari looking for the monkeys. Or on the other hand, head to Taman Persiaran Damuan Park and attempt to detect a few in the trees on the waterway island. This species of monkey is rare in the world, and you must experience this exciting thing to do in Brunei.

7. Feast Like a Local at Pasar Gadong

Pasar Gadong, or Gadong Market, sits a couple of kilometers north of the waterfront. Consistently at 4:00 pm, many slow down to serve local food. Situated under the tent-like rooftop, you can find an assortment of rice and noodle-based dishes. Different top choices incorporate satay (Malaysian-style kebabs), barbecued and grilled fish, and meat. For an elective feasting experience contrasted with eating at an eatery in Bandar Seri Begawan, look at the night market.

8. Experience Brunei’s Wild Side at Andulau Forest Reserve

The Andulau Forest Reserve is roughly somewhere between Sarawak’s Miri and Bandar Seri Begawan. With an organization of sloppy streams, cascades, and many monkeys, a road trip to this piece of the nation vows to be a treat. Either visit as a visit while passing between Miri and Brunei or take a tour from the capital. Tours for the most part join a trip to the reserve with visiting the close by Iban longhouses.

9. See the nodding donkeys

Nodding donkeys are the unusual contraptions used to remove underground oil. The unassuming community of Seria along Brunei’s northern coast was the birthplace of the country’s thriving oil industry and is covered with structures. A landmark honors the creation of Brunei’s billionth barrel of oil as well. This isn’t one of the more traditional things to do in Brunei, however, it will assist you with understanding the business driving the nation’s abundance.

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10. Take advantage of the low tax

Due to Brunei’s lower tax levels, looking for hardware and different items is frequently less expensive than in adjoining nations. With moderately solid cash and a predominately working-class populace, the residents request the most recent innovation. In the event that you’re in Bander Seri Begawan on a visit, look at the shopping centers and see what deals you can find.

Brunei is truly a tourism gem when it comes to exploring some of the finest attractions. If you are here, you must attempt these interesting things to do in Brunei to have a true travel experience. What do you think about this country? Tell us in the comment section!

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