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10 Best Hotels In Japan: A Traveler’s Experience

Japan is among the most creative places around the globe famous for its futuristic designs, kitssch style, and its rich and traditional past. It’s a place where contrasts are evident in its style of design in its hotels and places to stay. On one side you’ll be in a minimalist, Zen-like Ryokan, while on the other hand, you’ll be in a fun hotel that is run by robots. We had a blast. experience of 10 days in Japan was an incredible adventure through all of the extremes.

I’ve joined forces with bloggers to present some of the top hotels located in Japan. We wanted to highlight the most distinctive places to stay, which cover various styles from innovative Boutique hotels as well as traditional Ryokans as well as capsule hotels. This is our selection of the most distinctive hotels that are located in Japan.

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10 Amazing Hotels in Japan

1. Henn na Hotel, Tokyo Bay

If you want to experience the ultimate modern Japanese hotel experience If you want to experience the most futuristic Japanese hotel, you must visit the Henn na Hotel which is run by robots. Robotic multilingual dinosaurs run the check-in desk. An automated trolley transports the luggage you need to your room and every room comes with its own robot Churi who can assist guests with anything you need.

There are times when things don’t go as smoothly and you might be able to call the hotel’s staff members to help however, the idea is a great concept. The hotel is located next to the popular theme parks Huis Ten Bosch near Nagasaki which makes it a fantastic place to go to with a visit there.

Tariff: Rooms begin at $90

2. Sakaeya, Shibu Onsen

Shibu Onsen is a traditional spa town located near Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park. It has nine onsens. It is believed to bring luck to visit each one. However, only residents and those living within the town can have access to them all.

We were staying in Sakaeya which is a traditional ryokan in which we were handed keys to nine onsens and robes with plush, soft, and wooden clogs which we explored the town in. There is a stamp to collect at each. We stayed in a brand new room, with a Kotatsu (a heated table surrounded by a blanket) which is incredibly warm, as well as a look out over the mountains. The dinner was also an absolute delight and was being served in a private dining area. It’s a truly unique place where you can stay while in Japan.

Tariff: Rates Rooms start at $330.

3. Nine Hours Hotels, Nationwide

A stay in the capsule hotel is a uniquely Japanese experience The Nine Hours brand is an excellent choice that ticks all the boxes of modern contemporary design, sleek design, and simple functionality. For the place of a room, guests are given an area with a locker as well as a capsule that comes comprising a mattress a pillow and a blind that blocks away the light (but not the sound) from the other guests. There are also bathrooms that are shared with showers. The rooms are bigger than they appear and people who are 6 feet tall will be able to lounge in their capsules. Nine Hours is a small collection of capsule hotels located in Japan that are mostly within and around Tokyo as well as Kyoto.

Prices: Capsules start from $40 per night. (You can also lease the capsules for naps)

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4. Hotel Public Jam, Osaka

Another traditional Japanese accommodations experience is to stay in the love hotel or a love hotel – hotels that rent rooms by hours (or the night) and are devoted to getting you into the mood and often featuring a range of themes. They were traditionally popular with young couples seeking privacy away from their home and secret lovers or hookups late at night, but now they’re also popular among travelers and even single female travelers. In Osaka, the hotel Public Jam situated in Osaka is an excellent example, with rooms that are themed with a range of rooms, from a wood boat cabin or suite with cars inside. We did not stay in one while we were in Japan However, some of our friends have said they’re not as shady as they seem!

Tariff: Rooms start from $100.

5. Chapel Christmas Hotel, Tokyo and Osaka

Enjoy Christmas all-time at Chapel Christmas Hotel. Chapel Christmas Hotel. Think of tinsel, Santa Claus, baubles, and Christmas trees as well as fairy lights. Be careful not to believe that this is an all-inclusive hotel It’s really an adult-only hotel. The reception area is equipped with an image board that shows each of the rooms it’s illuminated and indicates that it’s accessible. It is possible to find Chapel Christmas Hotels in Osaka and Tokyo near Narita airport.

Rates: Rooms start at $54 for a night.

6. Shojoshin-In, Koya-san

It is Shojoshin In a gorgeous temple situated in the beautiful mountaintop town of Koya-san. It is the heart in Shingon Buddhism. There are numerous temples in Koya-san where you can spend the night and have a glimpse into the life of a Buddhist monk, but this was the most distinctive one we could find. It is located next to the town’s eerie graveyard, which is the site of Oku-no-in an obelisk for the man who founded Shingon Buddhism. The Tatami mat rooms are spotless and comfortable, with some of them offering balconies with views of the mountains. Breakfast and dinner are included in the cost and all temples offer Shojin-ryori, a Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. If you are staying in the temple, don’t miss the early morning services where you can listen to the monks singing (it commences at around 5:45 am).

Tariff: Prices begin at $145 for a person.

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7. Hotel Gracery, Shinjuku, Tokyo

In the wild and wonderful world that is Tokyo, it can sometimes feel like you could ask for anything, regardless of what it is, and it may be in the air. It’s not a surprise that Tokyo has a Godzilla-themed hotel! Its Hotel Gracery located in Shinjuku has Godzilla-themed rooms and a Godzilla sculpture on its roof. It also has Godzilla-themed desserts as well as a huge Godzilla head that is displayed in the lobby. There are a few rooms that are Godzilla-themed, so if an avid fan, be sure to reserve one of the Godzilla view rooms, which includes a variety of unique Godzilla food items.

Tariff: Rooms start from $100 per night.

8. Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo

At first look at first glance, it appears that the Keio Plaza Hotel appears not be one that ought to be included on this list. However, underneath the classy four-star hotel shimmer is a selection of rooms with a Hello Kitty theme with an assortment of Hello Kitty paraphernalia. The fans of the cartoon cat are sure to love the place. There’s an outdoor pool located on the 7th level and a karaoke bar located on the 47th level. Also, because the hotel is high it has stunning views of the city from many all of its rooms.

Rates: Rooms start from $110 for a night

9. Park Hyatt, Tokyo

If you’re heading to Tokyo and you’re dreaming of the scenes of Lost in Translation then the Park Hyatt will be at the top of your list. It’s the place where Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson are seen in the bar of the hotel that overlooks the city. Even even if you’re not a huge movie buff The 52-story high-rise hotel is among the most luxurious buildings in the city. Certain rooms have a panoramic view of Mount Fuji in the distance. It’s a well-known hotel to be among Japan’s best hotels located in Japan.

Rates: Rooms start at $320 per night.

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10. Shiki Shima Train

Japan has already got the world-renowned Shinkansen bullet train. And in 2017, it introduced Shiki-Shima, a luxury train. Shiki-Shima is already considered to be among the top luxury trains around the globe. The 17 suites have lofts and bathtubs made from cypress The train also features a piano bar Michelin-starred restaurant, as well as two observatories made of glass. The train can only accommodate 34 passengers in the train at any time and you can reserve tickets for two-day excursions. It’s the highest-end luxury Japanese hotel experience.
Tariff: Rooms from $3000 – $10,000 for an entire trip

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