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10 Best Honeymoon Spots In Jamaica For Romantic Moments!

Jamaica — a Caribbean island country overflowing with culture, completely clear blue water bodies, rich green mountains, and rough shore makes an ideal honeymoon destination for a romantic couple. The best honeymoon spots in Jamaica — must-visit places for couples — let you take a look inside nature, watch romantic dusks from a precipice, wet your feet in the turquoise water of the Blue Hole, or sail on the Rio Grande River.

Head down any path, you’ll wind up encompassed by the tropical excellence that will blow your mind and will make you need to remain on this island for eternity.

10 Romantic Honeymoon Spots In Jamaica

1. Negril Beach: Of sun-kissed white sand, purplish blue ocean, and shining sea

Otherwise called Seven Mile Beach, this is one of the most unblemished and lovely honeymoon spots in Jamaica. The turquoise ocean lined by a sizzling white sand ocean side and the most attractive dusk see attract love birds, while the shore humming with bistros and cafés makes the honeymoon considerably more enthusiastic and intriguing.

Romantic things to do at Negril Beach: Exploring the coolest bistros around, sunbathing on the sandy ocean side, and swimming alongside the waves

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2. Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay: A romantic getaway

Disregarding the beautiful Montego Bay, Doctor’s Cave Beach is named after a seaside cave, which was obliterated by Hurricane in 1932. This is a piece of Montego Bay marine park, subsequently a home to different marine life forms, including delightful corals. By and by, this is one of the most amazing honeymoon spots in Jamaica, regularly visited and visited by recently wedded couples for the best romantic experience.

Romantic things to do at Doctor’s Cave Beach: Beach walking, swimming, and swimming together

3. Martha Brae River: For the romantic euphoria

Martha Brae waterway is one of the most amazing honeymoon spots in Jamaica for experience and nature-cherishing couples. Partake in the peaceful and pleasant excellence of wide open Jamaica while boating in a customary boat, and exploring the lovely tidal pond and rich green woods. One can likewise walk and explore Martha Herb Garden to see a few well-known Jamaican helpful spices, visit the keepsake shops and unwind at the bar, all situated in the dike region.

Romantic things to do at Martha Brae River: Taking a 3-drawn boating tour and swimming in the emerald green water

4. The Blue and the John Crow Mountains National Park: Amidst nature wonders

Shimmering cascades flowing down the verdant slopes and energetic verdure make the entire reach look entrancing, that is The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park of Jamaica. This biodiversity park contains tough slopes of St. Andrew, wonderful Holywell Bay, and trails to Blue Mountain Peak, which is the most elevated top in Jamaica.

Romantic things to do in The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park: Hiking, going for nature strolls and spotting jeopardized birds and butterflies

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5. Rio Grande River: Bamboo rafting with your sweetheart

The fantastic Rio Grande River courses through the rich green tropical rainforests of the island. This is one of the most mind-blowing and effortlessly attractive honeymoon places in Jamaica to explore with your adored. Absorb outright sentiment while the raftman takes you through the wandering stream and partake in the encompassing scene and elevated extravagant green slopes.

Romantic things to do at Rio Grande River: Rafting with your better-half

6. Port Antonio: For precious private moments

Popular as a beautiful fishing town between lavish green mountains and the sky-blue ocean — Port Antonio takes the core of millions of honeymooners with its quietude and excellence. Exploring the spellbinding Navy Island, Frenchman’s Cove, and Fort George and partaking in the awesome vista of the ocean from that point while going through a few comfortable private minutes can keep honeymooners occupied the entire day.

Romantic things to do at Port Antonio: Swimming in Blue Lagoon, scuba jumping, swimming, and wilderness climbing

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7. Rainforest Bobsled at Mystic Mountain: Love with some adrenaline

If both of you are partial to nature strolls through timberland trails, sentiment in peacefulness, and surprising experiences, then, at that point, Rainforest Bobsled at Mystic Mountain will be one of the most amazing Jamaica getaways destinations for you.

Romantic things to do at Rainforest Bobsled at Mystic Mountain: Enjoying the dazzling verdant vista overhead Explorer — a chairlift to partake in the stunning perspective, attempting Bobsled — an exciting ride — through the backwoods and tree shades, sprinkling on a water slide or vastness edge pool with your sweetheart, or joining the tranopy tour

8. Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs: For extreme rejuvenation of psyche and soul

Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs are among the best honeymoon spots in Jamaica for nature fans. From shining cascades, and plunge pools, to colorful biosphere holds, the rundown has everything to make the visit commendable. Encircled by Dolphin Head Mountains, this is a definitive place to unwind and revive with your dear.

Romantic things to do at Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs: Chilling in riverside gazebos and drenching yourself in the mineral spring water

9. Blue Hole: For the love of serenity

The reviving turquoise plunge pool shaped by a progression of entrancing cascades flowing down the mountains known as Blue Hole is one of the most mind-blowing honeymoon spots in Jamaica. It is presumably perhaps of the most un-famous place in the association, however, it is likewise quite possibly of the most romantic place in Jamaica to go through a quiet night together.

Romantic things to do at Blue Hole: Taking a reviving dunk in the blue dive pool and swimming the entire day

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10. Black River and YS Falls: For romantic moments by the nature waters

This place is adored by harmony sweethearts as well as experience addicts. Dark River is the biggest waterway in Jamaica, which is fixed with rich woods while the connecting YS falls offer huge grand excellence and are not really swarmed. You can loosen up in the water or evaluate an experienced exercise with your accomplice to make you occur.

Romantic things to do at Black River and YS Falls: Enjoying a boat safari in Black River, taking the thrilling shelter rides, waterway tubing, and rope swing in YS Falls

There’s sufficient in Jamaica to keep you stunned and blissful the entire day. Get your darling’s hand and take them to these best honeymoon spots in Jamaica and make this romantic excursion vital.

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