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10 Adventure Activities In Bosnia and Herzegovina To Get Thrilled!

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a gold mine for thrill seekers looking for adventure activities in The Balkans. At the present time, with still a basically inconspicuous status past Mostar, that implies epic climbs into the group free wild and white water rafting with well-disposed price labels.

Of course, the Albanian Riviera is promoted as the following large ocean side destination, and Kotor in Montenegro appears to be on the way to turning into the following Dubrovnik, yet Bosnia and Herzegovina so far appears to have kept away from the majority of the spotlight. Trust me when I say, however, soon this nation all’s best pieces are found. I’ve made no mystery that BiH is one of my number one nations on the planet, and I truly trust you’ll make the visit to find the reason why.

10 Adventure Activities In Bosnia and Herzegovina

Try not to misunderstand me, there are many motivations to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina past the untainted nature, however in the event that you’re a junkie to adrenaline or hankering new mountain air with a dash of history and culture tossed in, then, at that point, maybe this Balkan country ought to be your next adventure holiday. This is what’s in store.

1. White water rafting on completely clear waters

What better place to begin your Bosnia and Herzegovina adventure than in my #1 modest community of The Balkans; Konjic.

Coating the banks of Konjic are a small bunch of visitor houses and several lovely Mosques, however minutes away along the Neretva stream you’ll track down seething white water rapids that then, at that point, unwind into serene waters, so clear you can see the base thus perfect, I’d say it’s drinkable.

Visit Konjic has quickly become one of the head adventure action providers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I strongly suggest the half-day rafting with a bar-b-que lunch on the way. You’ll partake in a blend of adrenaline and unwinding and the perspectives on the manner in which down the stream back to Konjic are genuinely fantastic as these photographs demonstrate!

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2. Skiing without burning through every last cent

Bosnia and Herzegovina is, as I would see it, an optimal Ski destination for various reasons.

One, the closest ski resort to Sarajevo, is a little more than a 40-minute drive away, and besides, the cost is much more satisfactory here than in any semblance of focal Europe. This makes it engaging for both the people who need to raise a ruckus around town and those that simply need a blanketed mountain air escape.

The two biggest resorts in the province are Jahorina and Bjelasnica, hitting a pinnacle height of around 2000 meters.

3. Mountain hiking and ethnic villages

The mountains all through Bosnia and Herzegovina are staggering, and I viewed them as shockingly absent of any trace of explorers even in the late spring.

Adhering to the semi-established way to go is the smartest thought here, however, as landmines are as yet being found in pieces of the country, a shocking sign of the country’s moderately late past. If you have any desire to truly sort out your boots, employ a nearby manual for partaking in the best roots.

Once more, I went with Visit Konjic along the course through Lukomir, one of the final ethnic villages in the country. Not a long way from Sarajevo, the basic stone houses and a cultivating lifestyle in the mountains offer knowledge into a more traditional lifestyle.

4. Cycling across borders and antiquated train lines

The CIRO cycling course is an amazing task, and I’m genuinely astonished it hasn’t had more inclusion in European news.

The old Austria-Hungarian railroad, which went through the nation is a distant memory, however the course it followed now connects Mostar with Dubrovnik in adjoining Croatia. To pedal across the two borders, you ought to intend to do to some degree part of the course which takes you past unexpected, yet invaluable treasures and shocking the open country.

My undisputed top choice piece of the course goes through Zavala. You can probably count the populace here, on one hand, however, the old train station has been changed over into a shop B&B and between the religious community on the slope, fantastic star looking, neighborhood wine, and the Vjetrenica caves, it makes for an incredible short-term cycle stop.

5. Exploring caves with interesting biology

Situated in Zavala, the Vjetrenica caves are a must-visit in the event that you end up traveling close by.

The Vjetrencia caves are the biggest in the nation, extending north of 7000-meters into the stone face, yet with about 2000-meters open to people in general. The developments of these caves have a couple of significant characteristics. Right off the bat, the stack-like openings all through the caves make a miniature environment and steady breeze and wind, while novel natural life, for example, the ‘human fish’ with four legs hides away in the cavern’s waters.

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6. Canyoning lesser explored lands

Throughout the mid-year months, the Rakitnica stream plays host to gatherings of adventure darlings who need to head Canyoning into its rough waters.

Taking off from the village of Kašići, you can drift along the furious waves through little rough holes and canyons. Proficient staff and guides are an unquestionable requirement here.

The profound rough chasms, with green overgrown sides, make for an incredible setting, and keeping in mind that the water is sensibly cold lasting through the year, a wet suit and feeling of adrenaline will ward the chills off.

7. Insane bridge jumping for the sake of tradition

The popular Stari Most, the old bridge in Mostar which has been remade, plays host to an extraordinary tradition.

For many years, young fellows have taken the almost 25-meter jump from the highest point of the bridge, fully intent on dazzling young ladies. These days that tradition has died down, and you’ll all the more frequently see individuals taking the leap for cash, with cap assortments occurring before local people dive into the water beneath.

For the people who are adequately valiant, you can take on this (perilous) Mostar bridge bounce yourself. The Mostar Plunging Club can give help and prepare before the leap, given certain individuals cause serious injury, and passings have been accounted for, it is clearly prescribed to do this under nearby watch. While it will be over in minutes, it’s a cool adrenaline rush and story to recollect your trip to Mostar by.

8. Mountain Biking epic landscapes

Taking it a step up from the more relaxed CIRO cycling course, the individuals who need somewhat of an adventure challenge can explore the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina on more weighty-hitting bicycles.

There are a lot of places to make a beeline for Mount Biking, well-known areas incorporate Bitovinja and Zlatar, albeit the course around Bjelašnica and the village of Lukomir I referenced above are maybe one of the most scenics in the nation and furthermore mixes in that social and verifiable touch.

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9. Tubing, boating, and jet skiing

With such countless unimaginable lakes, streams, and cascades in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can fit your adventure activities to suit your degree of chill or rush.

Kravica Cascade gives a loosening up setting to relax around in the water, while Scit lake, with its cloister in the center, is a shocking spot to recruit one of a handful of the nearby Jet Skis.

Truly, road-tripping this nation will take you through many unimaginably hued water spots, so albeit the shoreline of Neum is small in Bosnia and Herzegovina, water adventures are definitely in!

10. Skydiving at Banja Luka

In the event that you extravagant taking to the skies and getting an ethereal perspective on Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are a couple of places you can do this.

One of the most famous is the Banja Luka skydiving club, and given the breathtaking wide open you’ll be high above, it isn’t business as usual.

The club has been around for quite a long time and was where the first Skydive in Bosnia and Herzegovina occurred. Your leap will give a higher perspective of the rich green open country and multi-shaded tones of greens and blues from the numerous lakes all through the mountains.

Bonus Travel Tip:

Proceed with the canyon road trip to Montenegro. On the off chance that you are road-tripping through the Balkans, I strongly prescribe proceeding with your excursion to Montenegro, particularly the dazzling north of the country. Presently across the boundary is Pluzine, and the course connecting the two nations takes in some shocking rafting areas including the amazing Tara Canyon.

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